Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Obama Is Funding ISIS

Obama Is Funding ISIS
Confirmed by an ISIS leader…

By de Andréa, Opinion Editorialist
Published September 16, 2015

You’re going to wonder how Congress who legally holds the purse strings in the U.S. government, could indorse this atrocity of supplying our enemy with everything it needs to defeat us.  

One word “Corruption”  

If America had a real Congress instead of a criminal Communist syndicate, the Islamic State (ISIS) would already be wiped off the map.

But we don’t. We have a Fabian Communist government bent on destroying America any way they can, including supporting the barbaric criminal renegade ISIS.  

Yousef al-Salfi, an ISIS leader in Pakistan has just confirmed during an interrogation, what I have been saying since we left Iraq and the Bengasi fiasco that ISIS is being FUNDED by the Obama administration! An the incredible story is now clearly evident.  

Salafi told the Pakistani government that the America Government has been paying $600 per ISIS recruit if they joined the fight in Syria against the West. 

The U.S. Congress says it is opposed to what ISIS is up to, but obviously hasn’t stopped the funding that is flowing from America to support the atrocities of ISIS. 

To try to kill these rumors, the Obama administration has supported air attacks in Iraq, but has avoided putting troops on the ground and avoiding the issue that Syrian ISIS is Muslim entirely.  Once again Obama is caught in a confirmed act of treason. 

It is shameful to learn America’s leaders are involved in the treason of supporting the most oppressive regime in recent history. ISIS wants to destroy the West and Christianity, while murdering all non-believers. In the Middle East, Christians have been slaughtered by the hundreds of thousands as ISIS fights to instill a Sharia regime. 

ISIS SHOULD BE DESTROYED, not funded by your tax dollars:As Theodore 

Shoebat reminded us:    (You will notice that the video of the media report has already been taken down by Obama’s Cyber Gestapo.)  

“The Obama administration funding ISIS should not surprise us. Let’s not forget that the Obama administration has refused to back Egypt in its destruction of ISIS, and is working with Turkey which [is] one of the main backers of ISIS. Let us also not forget that the USA supports the FSA and is working to continue to fund and train ISIS jihadists in Syria to overthrow the Assad regimen, an action that will only allow the Islamists, and ultimately Turkey, to dominate the Middle East.”

THE BOTTOM LINE: Obama is undoubtedly funding the revival of the Ottoman Empire.  I warned of this when he first ran for president, but few would listen. Now here we are facing the so-called benevolent acceptance of thousands of refugees from the Middle East and North Africa that has been infiltrated with ISIS terrorists.  

IF you know your Middle Eastern History the Lebanese did precisely the same thing when benevolently accepting Jordanian refugees into Lebanon which turned out to be the Hezbollah, a terrorist organization. Lebanon went from a peaceful Christian Democracy to a brutal Islamic Tyranny in less than 10 years.   

I hope you are prepared for the same kind of war ‘here’ that is now raging in Syria.
If not, you might want to buy a prayer rug and learn the five pillars of Islam, or better yet try John 3: 16…
Thank you for listening de Andréa

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