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The Conspiracy of Common Core

In a time of universal deceit, the truth is a revolutionary act”George Orwell
The Conspiracy of Common Core
Designer Children…

By de Andréa Opinion Editorialist
THE BOTTOM LINE: March 16, 2015

“Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it”. Proverbs 22:6

If you want to learn what the future of education is for your kids, then please read this including all the hyperlinks to videos and other articles.  It is a real mind opener about what “COMMON CORE” really is

Common Core is a test based robotic programming method rather than a research educational method.  In other words it teaches to “the test” rather than to develop a hungry mind.

Common Core is not only the dumbing down of America, but it is an indoctrination plan for changing the future of America.  Change, in and of itself, may not necessarily be negative.  But what does Common Core seek to Change America into?  Several second and third year students at George Washington University were randomly asked to name one U.S. Senator - not one could identify even one senator.  Current Political Science is not taught in Common Core Universities, there is no need for it in the future America…why?  There will be no need for Senators.   

Watch and Listen to a 12 year Collage educated mom of a fourth grade Common Core student describe a question on a Common Core math test.  The test answer required 108 steps to accomplish a single step answer.   Common Core has regressed into a caveman style of math that is only as advanced as the number of fingers and toes one happens to have.  

So can a parent easily opt his/her child out of Common Core? Read A Criminal C Core Public School Kidnaps Student 

Where did Common Core come from? Who’s behind it?  Who funded it? 

Common Core was born out of the failed “No Child Left Behind” program.

David Colman the author of Common Core from Wikipedia:
In 2009 the National Governors Association and the Council of Chief State School Officers launched an initiative to write Common Core State Standards for elementary through high school English Language Arts and Mathematics. The Common Core State Standards aim to prepare students for college and careers by identifying the skills students should learn from kindergarten through high school.[13] David Coleman was on the English Language Arts writing team, which was chaired by Student Achievement Partners co-founder Sue Pimentel. Coleman's friend and Student Achievement Partners co-founder Jason Zimba was a leader on the Mathematics writing team. As of June 2014, the standards have been adopted by 44 states.[14] Since Coleman's departure to head the College Board, Student Achievement Partners has continued to support implementation of the Common Core standards.[15]

What Common Core really is, is the federal governmental overhaul of our education system to create national K- 12 standards. The Common Core State Standards Initiative (CCSI) was created by progressive, private educational insiders in Washington, D.C.  Common Core was dangled as an incentive to the states by being tied to “Race to the Top” grants, and “No Child Left Behind” waivers.  The truth is, the power to set educational standards is constitutionally reserved to the states, but the federal government is essentially bribing the states with your money to relinquish their rights. No Common Core' no federal funds!

This “one size fits all” plan was never voted on by any legislature, so legally it isn’t law, and it lacks approval involvement by teachers, parents, and state and local legislators. The standards of Common Core can’t even be adjusted by state legislators or school boards. These estimated $16 billion dollar standards are opposed by prominent educators, bi-partisan policy-makers, teachers, parents and tax-payers. Common Core will also actively dumb down our schools by barely preparing students for low-level community college and vocational programs. The average high school student in the 1950’s was taught to higher standard than most college graduates are today.

History Revisionism.  Read about the new Common Core revised Mayflower Compact.  Similar to the USSR, Common Core will eventually completely rewrite American history or just eliminate it altogether.  

Changing History.  Read about the textbook revisions in the Constitution.  This is what your kids will be learning in the near future if not already.

What I usually like to do is follow the money.  So who financed this brainwashing of our students? Initially Bill and Malinda Gates Foundation gave 200 million to the project. To date the Gates Foundation has contributed more than 2.5 Billion dollars to Common Core, add the 14 billion from the federal government and you have more than a whopping 16 billion poured into promoting Common Core in the U.S. public indoctrinational systems called “Public Education”.  What is Bill Gates purpose in promoting Common Core? Marketing…  Changing the way people think in the future!  BRAINWASHING my friend.  Bill Gates made Windows the standard in the operation of a computer.  He initially gave it away, and with the exception of Apple computers Windows comes STANDARD on nearly all computers in the world. Today’s computers are designed around Windows.  It’s marketing my friend.  Create a platform for indoctrinating a Nation and you control it. Common Core designs children to conform to a robotic indoctrinational system.

Because of the controversy over Common Core’s so called State Standards they are now disguised and called the “Next Generation Standards.” Don’t be fooled my friend, a bad smelling rose by any other name is still a bad smelling rose, no matter how good it looks.

Common Core is not a partisan issue it is an ignorance issue.  Common Core is how America will be deceptively “Changed” into Despotism.

Then watch and listen to the Building the Machine of Common Core    

My suggested alternative is something like The Freedom Project. Try it, you might like it.  It’s Common Core Free…

Thanks for listening – de Andréa

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