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ISIS Terrorists Raheel Mahrus Ubaydah, Gives Terrifying Warning to America!

   In a time of universal deceit, the truth is a revolutionary act”George Orwell

ISIS Terrorists Raheel Mahrus Ubaydah, Gives Terrifying Warning to America!

You might want to pay close attrition to this…

By de Andréa Opinion Editorialist
The Bottom Line March 19, 2015

20-year old Christopher Cornell, or the Muslim name he goes by, Raheel Mahrus Ubaydah, was
recently arrested in an FBI sting in Kentucky, attempting to buy two rifles and 600 rounds of ammunition for an attack he was planning on Washington, D.C.
Cornell’s reasons for the attack are all religious ideology in nature. He says that he a Muslim ISIS convert, and that “America deserves to be punished for its terrible actions against Islam.”  I would like to ask him: WHAT ABOUT ISLAMS TERRIBLE UNPROVOCET ACTIONS AGAINST AMERICA!
That in and of itself should be a wakeup call…
After Cornell/Ubaydah, (A profile note on the facial hair) who is from Ohio, was arrested in Kentucky, he made several phone calls to the local TV station WXIX. Over the course of their interview/conversations Cornell said some very scary things.
Cincinnati News, FOX19-WXIX TV “I got orders from the brothers overseas because I’m with the Islamic State. My brothers over there, in Syria and Iraq, gave me specific orders to carry out jihad in the west, so I did so.  There will be many, many attacks. Like I said, we are ready for the battle over the Capitol.
When his interviewer asked what he had planned to do after buying his rifles and ammo, Cornell told her he was headed straight to Washington, D.C.

“What would I have done? I would have took my gun, I would have put it to Obama’s head and I would have pulled the trigger. Then I would have released more bullets on the Senate and the House of Representative members, and I would have attacked the Israeli embassy and various other buildings full of kafir [non-Muslims] who want to wage war against us Muslims and shed our blood. That’s what would happen.”
Like any other cowardly terrorist, he also had no desire to take the blame for his own actions. Instead, he laid the blame for his planned violence at the feet of the USA and of Israel.
“Yes, they might say I’m a terrorist, but we see the American troops as terrorists as well, coming to our lands, invading, stealing our resources and killing our people, raping our women. Have you seen the photos and videos of the innocent children being killed, bodies upon bodies, stacked inside the back of a truck? You know, that’s what’s happening to our kids. America is funding and giving weapons to Israel. Israel is using these weapons to kill our children in Palestine every single day.”
Perhaps the scariest bit of info that Cornell had to share with WXIX was that ISIS was already here in the US and they were getting ready to wreak havoc… in every state across the country.
“We are pretty strong. Yes, yes. In every state like I said. We’re in Texas. We’re in Ohio. We’re in New York City. We’re in Washington, DC. We’re in every single state you can name, just about.”
THE BOTTOM LINE: When will America learn that the dual threat of illegal immigration and Islamic terrorism must be faced and must be dealt with?  Along with all the illegals crossing our borders, there are hundreds of OTM’s crossing into the U.S. every day and among these are members of ISIS.  This of course is just part of your Muslim president Obama’s Jihad against America.  And I will not apologize for that statement. If you want proof of that, then just read all of my stuff.  As they say it in there! At least enough evidence to warrant a Grand jury investigation for treason.  
Moreover this 20-year old Christopher Cornell, / Raheel Mahrus Ubaydah, is a home grown American, so this satanic disease is contagious as well, and will eventually infect a large part of our own population.   Cornell/Ubaydah says “America deserves to be punished for its terrible actions against Islam.”
Our young people who are easily confused by all the lies and apologetics about Islam and its so-called peaceful religion are sympathetic toward this evil murderous group of hate, because they can’t understand why we are making war against such a peaceful people.
When the President lies, and the media lies, and their school teachers lie, and maybe even their parents lie out of ignorance, then these young people haven’t got a chance against this wall of deception.    
Spread the truth, hopefully it won’t be too late…

Thanks for listening – de Andréa

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