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America: Fourth Largest Supporter of ISIS

   In a time of universal deceit, the truth is a revolutionary act”George Orwell
America: Fourth Largest Supporter of ISIS
The First is Saudi Arabia, Second is Syria, third is Iraq and fourth is the U.S.  -  ahead of Egypt.

By de Andréa Opinion Editorialist
THE BOTTOM LINE: March 23, 2015

One would think out of the top 10 supporters of the Islamic State (IS) in the world, they would at the very least, all be Middle Eastern Countries.  Well most of them are but not all.  On the other hand all of them are Islamic States, and they all support the terrorism of ISIS and are part of the UMMAH the World Nation of Islam, of which the U.S. is 4th on the list. 

For twenty five years my friend, I have been doing my very best to warn America and the West of the agenda of Islam to create the World Nation of Islam, (The Ummah).   For the most part the warning has fallen on the willfully blind and deceived.  And now twenty five years later America - along with most of Europe, is becoming a part of the World Nation of Islam.  While I know most, either don’t care, or do their best to ignore the truth, I believe most also know that something bad is about to happen but just don’t want to be reminded of it, or more importantly don’t want to deal with it. 

Well, by putting ones head in the sand isn’t going to make the inevitable just go away.  So how did this happen, you mean besides the fact that American citizens just ignored it?  Well…may I remind you once again about the message that is always located under my banner at the top of every article?   Ignorance – Deception – Enablement – Destruction. Look at it.  The willful ignorance has led to the deception that has led to what this article is about…ENABLEMENT.  And it will lead to the DESTRUCTION of the West.  

This article is not about the U.S. Government’s support of ISIS although that is also a factor.  This is about the American citizen’s support of these barbaric murdering demonically driven Muslims of ISIS.  American citizens are enabling and encouraging the expansion of ISIS.  The fourth largest supporters of ISIS in the world according to the Brookings Institute.  It is not surprising to me…read one of my last articles titled “One Nation Under Satan”.  I mean after all, we are now training our young school children to support ISIS by pledging allegiance to them.


This is about Pro-Islamic State Tweets and where they are coming from? Take a look at the Top 10 List — and prepare to be shocked by No. 4 and No. 9.

A new study released by the Brookings Institute on Friday show Twitter accounts from the United States make up the fourth largest group sending pro-ISIS (Islamic State) messages on the popular social media outlet.

The study, “The ISIS Twitter Consensus: Defining and describing the population of ISIS supporters on Twitter, was looking to “create a demographic snapshot of ISIS supporters on Twitter,” while establishing a base for future comparisons and to learn if the recent suspensions of accounts had a positive or negative effect on the supporters.

Reviewing millions of accounts, and whittling down the group of perceived pro-Islamic State tweeters to around 46,000 accounts, the actual number of accounts that were heavily analyzed totaled 20,000.
The Brookings crew noticed a few telling facts in all of the data.
Combining minimal geo-locating data (few supporters allow themselves to be tracked), but using time zone and location information in user profiles, Brookings created a list of the places where the pro-Islamic State tweeters were based.


As detailed in the above chart, Saudi Arabia leads all other countries with 866 pro-Islamic State Twitter users. Syria and Iraq, two countries the Islamic State considers to be at the center of its new caliphate, are second and third in terms of total numbers.  While the U.S. has the fourth highest number of pro-Islamic State accounts, in the Brookings study. Also worth noting, the only other English-speaking country among the top ten list of Islamic State-supporting Twitter accounts is the United Kingdom at number 9.
With eight out of the top ten countries supporting ISIS on social media based in the Middle East, it is also not a surprise nearly three-quarters (73 percent) of the accounts Brookings identified chose Arabic as a primary language, with English coming in second with 18 percent and French was third with 6 percent.
News of the Islamic State’s use of social media to push its message out across the world, forced Twitter to make changes to how the company handled users and posts.
Brookings reported, “A minimum of 1,000 ISIS-supporting accounts were suspended between September and December 2014, and we saw evidence of potentially thousands more.”
Suspended accounts may have helped to mute the message of the Islamic State, but the study also speculated it might have the opposite effect and “could increase the speed and intensity of ISIS support.”
 THE BOTTOM LINE:  I don’t know just what it will take to wake America up to the impending TAKE OVER, CUE DE TAUNT or whatever one wants to call it, of America by the IS. But unless we take immediate action to stop this agenda of Islam, America will' be a strategic part of the IS. 
This is certainly not the first time that I have presented independent proof of this fact.  And I am certain it will not be the last.   But one day my friend, it will be a moot point.
The most effective way to defeat a country is infiltration and deception from the inside, gently coercing and encouraging the acceptance of a new ideology, until it has strangled them completely...  
Thanks for listening – de Andréa

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