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Obama’s History Revision

Obama’s History Revision
We changed, Islam stayed the same…

By de Andréa
February 16, 2015


Beware my friend the Newspeak of False History, this is historically typical of tyranny…

The lies of Islamic Taqiyyah we’ve heard:
Our president recently lectured us about Islam. President Obama said, 
“Here in America, Islam has been woven into the fabric of our country since its founding.” True enough, Mister President.
 Taqiyyah is “True Lies”.

However the rest of the story is, Muslim pirates were an impetus only for the growth of the United States Navy and the creation of the US Marine Corp. The Corp got its nick name as “Leathernecks” when they fought the so-called “Peaceful Muslim” pirates along the Barbary Coast of Tripoli with pistol and cutlass for attacking our ships. But of course President Obama implied a different more positive relationship.

The use of an un-named implication is part of the current politically newspeak that seeks to hide the truth rather than reveal it. The truth is we’ve fought Muslim slavers and pirates since the United States was formed. Islam has not been reformed. That was the nature of Islam, and that remains the nature of Islam. We have changed, Islam has been and has remained the same for more than fourteen hundred years. Moreover it will definitely continue to remain the same until we have another world crusade.

Recent events:
So far this year, devout peace loving Muslims, just to name a few, have murdered editors and Jews in Paris, Jews in Copenhagen, and Egyptian Christians in Libya. The imams who attended the murderer’s funeral praised the murderers as devout Muslims. Muslims are’ who they say they are, not who President Obama says they are.  Obama is a lying Muslim apologist and terrorist supporter.

Our Recent reactions:
After the first attack in Paris, President Obama lectured the American people and the UN that 
“The future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam”. Way to go, Mister President. That sure showed the world your stern resolve. Evidently the president’s comments were too nuanced to stop the terrorist…as was his suggestion that the US should provide jobs for terrorists.  And when the 20 Christians were “peacefully” beheaded in Libya Obama headed to the golf course.

We should not expect more from President Obama. Once a Muslim community organizer…  Always a Muslim community organizer.  (Note: Community Organizer is tyrant speak for COMMUNIST and Muslim is Jihadist speak for terrorist).

The reactions of terrorists:
The terrorists heard our Muslim Community Organizer in Chief. Obama told Muslim terrorists he will do nothing…until the terrorists attack is at OUR door. Then Obama will blame right wing extremists and wait six months for a government report to officially identify the attackers…or not. Hey, that ‘delay and deny’ approach has worked for Obama many times before. The Muslim attack in Benghazi is only one example. You’ve probably already forgotten the others.
Our response:
Unfortunately, our Muslim Community Organizer in the White House is not really fighting Islam. The terrorists can’t be bribed with midnight basketball. Islamic terrorists don’t need Obama’s money since they already get millions a day from Middle East petro dollars, which of course comes from you and me. What is a Chicago politician to do?

The Muslim agenda:
Islam is in a war with the west. I know that is inconvenient for the political donors who want Obama to continue to rob the US treasury for them. I can’t imagine Obama saying, “Sorry, old boys, but this little existential threat has come up and your usual graft will have to wait.”

Jihad won’t wait. Islam does not need our permission or our recognition to continue their war against us. But of course according to Obama we are not at war with Islam” Maybe that’s the problem, ya think? While the western media plays games with newspeak, Muslim soldiers destroyed the Mosul library which held over 8 thousand ancient manuscripts. That of course is no loss to Islam. For those of you who forgot, or never knew, the name of the Islamic terror group Boko Haram, literally in Arabic means “western education is forbidden.” The prophet tells them all they need to know…just as MSNBC tells the American Communist party faithful all they need to know.

Our nation’s capabilities:
Islam has remained the same. Our Muslim Community Organizer wants to continue to play politics and cover up the threat of Islam. And our partisan media will encourage him. We should not be surprised at either Islam or at Obama, as they are one in the same. Reminiscent of the reverend Martin Luther King, we hired our current president for the color of his skin, and his ability to read convincingly from a teleprompter. We did not hire him for the strength of his character.

President Obama did not change his character any more in the last six years than Islam has changed in the last fourteen hundred. The news media can deny that Islam hates the west. The media can deny the character of our Muslim Community Organizer in Chief. The media can pretend that ordinary Presbyterians are the real right wing radical extremist terrorists. A sensational headline like that will keep the average channel surfer from flipping to the next program during the commercials.
Some things never change:

Yes, Mister Stealth Jihadist President, we’ve always had Islam. The “Religion of Peace” continues to murder and destroy at will. Our Muslim Community Organizer doesn’t want ‘YOU’ to recognize Islam for what it is and has been. Our president employs “strategic patience” instead. Obama negotiates Iran getting atomic weapons while he continues to hand out political favors at home.  This behavior is right out of the Jihadists Handbook called the Hadith.

I hope for your sakes, the future generations of America are strong enough to withstand Islam and the damage this president has done…

Please God ‘heal our land’…Amen!

Thanks for listening – de Andréa

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