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Who Is Loretta Lynch?

Who Is Loretta Lynch?
Moreover, is she pro-Muslim?

By de Andréa
January 30, 2015

The question in the title might be one for the new Senate to consider in their confirmation hearings of Obama’s Attorney General Nominee Loretta Lynch, which has already begun. Maybe that is because Chuck Schumer has already declared that Lynch “is a consummate professional, [who] has a first-rate legal mind and is committed in her bones to the equal application of justice for all people.

So what is the real truth and what is Lynch’s position on Islamic jihad and its religious underpinnings? In the 2012 terror plot to bomb New York’s JFK Airport, Lynch, as U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District, weighed in on the sentencing of 66-year-old co-conspirator Kareem Ibrahim, who was given a life sentence. According to the Associated Press (via the Seattle Times.

Lynch said in a statement that “Ibrahim, a Shiite imam from Trinidad, “abandoned the true tenants of his religion’ by participating in the plot.”  In 2007 Lynch was already making excuses and covering up what Kareem Ibrahim attempted to do at Kennedy Airport in NY.  Worse than that she lied as Obama lied when he said “ISIL is not Islamic” covering up the true agenda of Islam.  And why is Obama and members of his regime the only ones to identify the IS as ISIL?  Because he is a Muslim and hates Jews, the reference to ISIL supports that.   

As Robert Spencer (An expert on the history and ideology of Islam) grimly quips at Jihad Watch:
“Yes, I am sure that Loretta Lynch knows so much more about the true “tenants” of Islam than does a 66-year-old Shi’ite imam.”

Lynch’s defense of Islam’s true nature are compatible with those of the president and members of his regime, who have said variously:
·        Now let’s make two things clear: ISIL is not “Islamic.”  No religion condones the killing of innocents…  Said Barack Obama

Uh-oh, he’s going to blame ISIL on the Jews and Christians! 
·        ISIL does not represent Islam and Islam does not condone or honor such depravity.” Said Secretary of State John Kerry.

Lynch seems to be a perfect fit with your Muslim President Barack Hussein Obama— which makes her a less than perfect fit for the role of the nation’s top cop.

Attorney General nominee Loretta Lynch belonged to a student group that brought Jew-hating Palestinian terrorists to Harvard Law School every year she was a member.   Lynch belonged to the Harvard Black Law Students Association (BLSA) from 1981-1984 when she was a student.

During those years the radical black group brought representatives from the Palestinian Liberation Operation (PLO).
The group’s leader, Mohammed Kenyatta, called for the “liberation of Palestine” and expressed support for the terrorist organization.  The BLSA defended bringing the terrorists in a letter to the editor of the Harvard student newspaper, The Harvard Crimson.
Jewish student organizations protested the speeches, especially in 1984. Liberal professor Alan Dershowitz joined the anti-PLO protests.  The Harvard Crimson condemned the response of Lynch’s organization in 1984.
The Black Law Students Association (BALSA) committed an unjustifiable and discriminatory violation of student liberties last week when it denied Jewish students an opportunity to participate in a campus forum featuring a representative of the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO).
More than 30 Jewish Law Students Association (JLSA) members attended the panel discussion, outnumbering members of BALSA and the Third World Coalition, the event’s sponsors. But after opening the forum to questions from the floor, BALSA moderator Muhammad I. Kenyatta refused to recognize any of the white hands raised in the audience. BALSA and TWC members were to be given priority, he announced, proceeding to call on a Black student who hadn’t raised his hand.
We defend the PLO’s right to appear in an open forum at Harvard. All groups have a right to present their views; had Kenyatta permitted all students to challenge the speaker with critical questions, the ensuing discussion might have provided a constructive exchange of ideas and opinions.
By stifling debate, however, Kenyatta reduced the event to little more than a propaganda platform for a terrorist organization that has pledged to destroy the State of Israel. His refusal to open the floor to all students’ views showed a glaring disregard for the principles of free discussion that are vital to an enlightened academic community.
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