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Islam: The Religion of Satan

Islam: The Religion of Satan
It is described as the religion of peace, just where is there peace in Islam?
Hello! Maybe you didn’t hear my questionWHERE IS THERE PEACE IN 
ISLAM??? Where?

By de Andréa
January 31, 2015

One need look no further than one’s own front yard to understand that Islam is the ideology of hate, murder, mayhem and misery.  Bloody beheadings in Florida and Oklahoma and attacks and bombings all over America are just the beginning, it will get worse my friend, much worse.  Moreover, as long as there are Muslims, it will never stop.

West Africa
Earlier this month Muslims from the group known as Boko-Haram (war against-the forbidden) that’s you and me by the way …rampaged through the Nigerian town of Baga slaughtering over 2,000 people, (of the ha-ram).
U.S. counterterrorism officials reported that Boko-Haram utilized strategically and placed IED’s and firing squads to slaughter the majority of the town’s residents. And those that weren’t killed by these insidious tactics were tortured, raped, incinerated and or beheaded.   The religion of peace indeed!
After viewing pictures of the bloodlust of these so-called peaceful Muslims and the carnage of murder–there is no denying that Islam is anything but peaceful, it is in fact, the IDEOLOFY FROM HELL.  And yet we still blindly call it the “Religion of Peace”.
What in the *#@&^* is the matter with us. We must have a death wish in the West.  
Let’s face it– the reality is, that no matter where Muslims reside – hate, the carnage of murder, mayhem and misery always follow.

The Philippines
There is a report coming from The Philippines that 49 members of an elite police unit were killed early Sunday while attempting to enter an Islamic NO GO zone to arrest suspected terrorists.

Just last week, in the city of Mosul, Iraq– the IS executed 13 teenage boys for violating Sharia law. And what was their crime? They dared to watch a soccer match on TV.
Saudi Arabia
In a video that just went viral–religious police in Mecca, Saudi Arabia dragged a woman out of her home in broad daylight and then beheaded her in the street. And the Muslim cowards that carried out this nefarious act didn’t even bat an eye.
This woman (who was begging for her life) wasn’t even afforded an ounce of due process because under Islamic Sharia lawwomen are nothing more than vermin.
All this, while our Muslim president pals around with the new king of Saudi Arabia and at the same time he shuns the leader of Israel Netanyahu.  Well…one shouldn’t expect anything else from Obama, Muslims just hate Jews.  Moreover, Obama also had no time to join the leaders of 57 other countries in France after the attack on Charlie Hebdo and the Jewish restaurant by his fellow Muslim terrorist jihadists.  
Not convinced? Read this…
Of course, Islam’s vile footprint isn’t limited to third-world countries and desert fiefdoms. Sadly, Western Civilization has felt the wrath of this archaic and vile ideology from Hell, and still we are willfully blind to the truth of Islam. We are enabling the diggers of our own graves.
Lest we forget the thousands of innocent children who have been raped by Muslim so-called “grooming gangs” throughout Europe simply because under Sharia law they are considered to be “infidel sluts.”  
Not to mention the plethora of “no-go” zones that vitiate the European landscape from the UK to Sweden. These zones are breeding grounds for terrorists and other Islamo-thugs to hatch their machinations like the one executed in France against Charlie Hebdo.  
But we don’t have those NO-GO ZONES here in the U.S. Right!  Wrong…as I said “Let’s face it–no matter where Muslims reside – hate, the carnage of murder, mayhem and misery always follow.”  Take a look at the NO – GO ZONES in Dearborn Michigan.  Yes that’s a city in the state of Michigan, one of the 50 or so states right here in the U.S.. I telling you this just in case you attended one of the Nazi/Islamic anti-American government so called public schools of robotic programming and politically correct indoctrination.
And while we take the Ten Commandments out of our court rooms we have allowed Sharia law to take the place of U.S. law. Look at Sharia in a Texas court.  More on that tomorrow.
THE BOTTOM LINE: The murder, mayhem and misery of this so-called “Peaceful Nation Of Islam” is rapidly taking root and proliferating on our home turf just as it has in every country in the world, and it will continue to get worse unless we elect a president who is not a Muslim Jihadist for a CHANGE, CHANGE, CHANGE, and one who respects Constitutional Law rather than Sharia Law (particularly free speech and the right to bear arms “for the security of a free State” that Obama doesn’t want,)–but who also recognizes Islam for the evil barbaric refuse from Hell that it truly is.
And just for the record…I don’t hate Muslims, I hate h ideology of Islam. And furthermore, as some of you have been writing back to me… I am not a racists.   Just for the purpose of your education, Islam is not a race of people, most but not all are Arabs, and I have nothing at all against Arabs, and not all Arabs are Muslins some are more Christian than you.  Moreover, Islam is not a religion of peace or anything else. It is an Ideology like Nazism, only on steroids, bent on taking control of the entire world, using terror, infiltration, coercion, intimidation, murder or any other means available.  
That’s what Islamic Jihad is’ my friend… Read the Quran and the Hadith’s, it’s in there.
Thanks for listening – de Andréa
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