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Christianity Is Why America and the West Exists

Christianity Is Why America and the West Exists

By de Andréa
January 17, 2014

I know the liberal atheist Communists out there are going to say “don’t confuse me with the truth or the documented historical facts”, but those who argue that Christians shouldn’t be involved in politics, or that faith should be kept separate from public policy in America, either misunderstands, disregards, or rejects historical facts that explain Biblical Christianity’s influence on America’s existence... or’ are just plain willfully ignorant.

In fact historically, Christianity has had a positive influence on the western world more than any other faith or ideology.

Some examples:
The western world orders time based on biblical order. Night and day, 24 hours, seven weekdays, and how time itself is organized follows Biblical creationism. Even the year 2014 represents 2,014 years after Jesus Christ’s birth. Order was intentionally designed because all of creation and life has value.

As a result, Biblical order implemented through a political system, the family, and the church seeks to restrain evil and promote good. More than 2,000 Bible verses teach civics, providing examples of good and evil kings, judges, and political authorities. These instructions on civics are informed by approximately 500 verses on salvation, 400 on hell, and 250 on heaven—with the overall foundation that right Biblical living and values best leads to a peaceful, and flourishing society.  Something that cannot be said for Islam.

Six of the Ten Commandments specifically define civil law. The western concept and definition of murder, manslaughter, theft, assault, marriage, birth, and other civil and criminal matters are defined and ascribed judicial punishment by Mosaic Law. Religious freedom and self-governance such as our Republic are defined in the First Commandment, family governance in the Second, and private property rights in the Fifth, and having a fair trial with witnesses are addressed in the Sixth.  

Our whole U.S. Constitution is based on Biblical’ not ‘political’ philosophical principles and values. And certainly not on Sharia law.  

THE BOTTOM LINE: So those that want to separate Christianity, or as the Godless atheists ignorantly like to say - is the so-called Constitutional Separation of Church and State that no one is able to find in the U.S. or any state Constitution, are deceived by their own willful ignorance and are enabling the destruction of this once amazingly prosperous and free society.

You can progressively move forward to an Islamic society and enjoy all the benefits of the oppression and barbarism of Sharia law, or you can go back to a peaceful and free society that we one enjoyed under Constitutional law.

For your own good, and the good of your country, go back, retrace your steps, and find the right road.  Because the one we’re on, leads to Hell my friend…

Thanks for listening – de Andréa

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