Tuesday, January 27, 2015

He Got 18 Months For Saying “Islam is Evil”


He Got 18 Months For Saying “Islam is Evil”

Wow…that means I’ will eventually get the death penalty.

By de Andréa
January 27, 2015

I guess it’s not just the Islamic terrorists who hate free speech. Apparently, it’s also the
governments of the so-called free Western nations.  I don’t know if you are brain dead, but I can assure you that I am not.  This tells me, as it should tell you, that most Western Nations such as Canada and shortly the U.S. U.K. France, etc. are already controlled by IS Sharia Law.  Because this certainly is not the law of any Western country that I know, this my friend is pure and simple barbaric Sharia Law.

Like me, Eric Brazau has long been an opponent of Islam – but he has never committed any physical act of violence against anyone. In fact, he has never even suggested that violence be done to anyone else… ever. But the Canadian government recently arrested Brazau for saying Islam is evil, and charging him with a “hate crime.”   Well it is…evil that is. 
What crime did he commit? He was arrested and then denied bail for saying that he hated Islam.
Things got even worse when Brazau went before a judge…
The wise guy judge told him, “You had a ticket to ride, not a pass to harass.” Judge Lapkin sentenced Brazau to 18 months in prison, and an additional 2 years’ probation when he’s released. He even added a weapons ban to these 2 years’ probation, because in Lapkin’s point of view “…words are weapons too.”  What about banning the words “Hate Crime” Judge!  You’re using those words as a weapon against a free people.   Oh! I forgot only tyrants are allowed to have weapons.

This is actually Brazau’s second arrest for this “crime”… (Honestly, it pains me to even pretend that it’s reasonable to call any kind of speech a “crime” especially this speech.)
More proof that the West is becoming an Islamic State: Has a Muslim ever been arrested in any western country for Hate-Speech for saying he hates Christians and/or Jews?  NO!  WHY? Because my friend, we are under Sharia Law and Islam controls the West. 
The right to free speech and free expression is inalienable… not just in American culture, but in Western culture in general.
I don’t know how Western nations like Canada, France and Britain could pretend to rally around Charlie Hebdo… and in the same breath prosecute their own citizens for saying things that may offend other people. It’s completely absurd and hypocritical.
If the government will not allow us to express the things we believe because other people may be offended, then we are not truly free. It is oppressive Sharia Law.  It is not any government’s job to protect our feelings and it is not the government’s job to dictate our beliefs. Folks, if we wish to be free and be able to speak freely, it means that we MUST protect all speech. Even speech we don’t like, maybe ‘especially’ speech we don’t like.
THE BOTTOM LINE: Just how long do you think it is going to take until this IS Sharia law creeps south of the Canadian border? Well, as I said earlier if your brain hasn’t died yet, you will know it already has in one way or another.  And like the evil cancer that Islam is, it will destroy us.

Thanks for listening – de Andréa

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