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Trump Releases Some’ of The JFK Files

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Trump Releases Some’ of The JFK Files


By de Andréa

Opinion Editorialist for

Posted October 28, 2017   

Is this the long-awaited treasure trove of secret files on the killing of President John F. Kennedy offering intriguing new insights into events surrounding not the only'… but one of the most infamous presidential assassinations in history? Or will this just further confuse the issue?
Is this part of Trumps promise to “Drain The Swamp”???
While many of the 2,891 records released late Thursday by the National Archives were raw intelligence and uncorroborated, they were almost certain to reinvigorate theories about the November 22, 1963, slaying of JFK in Dallas, Texas.
A CIA plan to recruit the mafia to kill Fidel Castro, FBI foreknowledge of the plot to murder Kennedy's killer, and Kremlin suspicions of a homegrown rightwing conspiracy were among the highlights, even as some files were withheld for so-called further review on so-called national security grounds.
Whatever is actually in all this pile of random papers, do you really believe it contains the truth? Why would the Shadow Government commit the murder of a president, cover it all up and then include it in the Warren report only to box it up an keep it a secret? 
One document from 1975 detailed how in the early days of Kennedy's presidency the CIA offered $150,000 to Italian-American mob boss Sam Giancana to organize the killing of Cuban leader Fidel Castro. Do you think Kennedy knew or ordered this? I don’t believe Kennedy knew squat about the details of what the CIA was doing, that’s why he and his brother Bobby were trying to shut down or clean up the CIA because it had become a loose cannon and a tool or puppet of a Shadow Government.
Another document included a transcript of a November 24, 1963 conversation with then FBI director J. Edgar Hoover, who said his agency informed police of a threat against the life of Kennedy's alleged killer Lee Harvey Oswald the night before Oswald was murdered. Police, however, may have been instructed to fail to act.
Reminiscent of the Lincoln assassination, the Warren Commission, which investigated the shooting of President Kennedy,  determined that Oswald, a former Marine sharpshooter, using a 19th century Italian rifle with a 2 power scope and at a moving target, miraculously carried out the Kennedy assassination acted alone.
Riiight’… and I once shot the beak off a duck on the wing with a 22 caliber rifle at 500 yards.  Yeah!  I was good but not that good.
The released files are vast in number and scope, covering everything from FBI directors' memos to interviews with members of the public in Dallas who came forward trying to provide clues after that unforgettable moment in US history.
Trump said in a memorandum, that he had agreed with the FBI to hold back for further review some records relating to the killing following pushback from several intelligence agencies.
"I have no choice — today — but to accept those redactions rather than allow potentially irreversible harm to our nation's security," he saidMmmm!
Trump gave agencies six months — until April 26, 2018 — to make their case for why the remaining documents should not be made public.
Yeah… 6 months to redact all the truth or suspicious information.
The 2,891 records approved for release in compliance with a 1992 act of Congress are viewable on the National Archives website, in full and unreacted form.
"The president wants to ensure that there is full transparency here," an official said, but "there does remain sensitive information in the records." JFK Files Reveal FBI Warning on Oswald, Mafia Plots.
Two days after killing Kennedy Oswald was fatally shot by Mafia hired nightclub owner, Jack Ruby, whose real name was Mafia associate Jack Rubinstein, as he was being transferred from the city jail. Jack Rubinstein knew he was suffering from terminal cancer and died of that disease in January of 1967.  
The Warren Commission's formal conclusion that Oswald killed JFK has done little to quell speculation that a more sinister plot was behind the murder of the 35th US president.
Hundreds of books and movies such as the 1991 Oliver Stone film "JFK" have fed the industry, pointing the finger at Cold War rivals the Soviet Union or Cuba, the Mafia and even Kennedy's vice president, Lyndon Johnson. Or, as I do, believe that the Mafia, FBI the CIA and the Secret Service etc. were just the useful idiots of the Federal Reserve Bank owned by the Rothschild’s International Banking Cartel who was the puppet master and money behind it all. President Kennedy had already signed an executive order to abolish the F.E.D. and had the Treasury Department print more than 40 billion dollars of real U.S Treasury Notes backed by silver. As I have said in previous articles, the Rothschild’s will and have killed anyone that threatens their agenda of world economic control. Read my previous two articles, available in the archives.
THE BOTTOM LINE: People who think the recently released JFK files will have the solution to the case that everybody can settle on are going to be disappointed.
Watch and wait…
Thanks for listening my friend. Now go do the right thing, pray and fight for truth and freedom. 
- de Andréa
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