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Another Reason You Might Need a Gun

A strong body makes the mind strong. As to the species of exercises, I advise the gun. While this gives moderate exercise to the body, it gives boldness, enterprise and independence to the mind. Games played with the ball, and others of that nature, are too violent for the body and stamp no character on the mind. Let your gun therefore be your constant companion of your walks.          --- Thomas Jefferson to Peter Carr, 1785. The Writings of Thomas Jefferson, (Memorial Edition) Lipscomb and Bergh, editors.

Another Reason You Might Need a Gun


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Posted October 19, 2017   

I’m often asked: “Why do you need a gun anyway”?  Now’, in addition to all the other reasons that I have given in the past, there is yet’ another.

National Rifle Association spokeswoman Dana Loesch said Sunday - that she has been forced to move from her California home after receiving death threats to her and her family from…hold on to your bullets now… “gun control advocates.”  Yes’, they want your guns controlled, not’ theirs.  Guess who they might be?  Hate America criminals with guns?  Naw!    
The NRA conservative commentator explained her reasons for moving in a series of tweets, relaying a few of the many threats she received, some made recently in the wake of the mass shooting in Las Vegas.  She said she included the hashtag “MeToo” to highlight the sexual harassment and threats she’s had to endure, particularly as a woman who supports the Second Amendment.
“Spent my weekend preparing to move due to repeated threats from gun control advocates,” she tweeted, attaching a picture of garbage bags filled with her belongings.
“One guy hunted down my private cell phone number, called when police were here, threatened to shoot me in my front yard,” she tweeted again.
“Another guy created a string of social media accounts, posted photos of my house, threatened to rape me to death,” she added in a third tweet.
Loesch continued on for several more messages, saying some people had threatened her kids. She also took the opportunity express some of her thoughts related to sexual harassment and abuse when it comes to conservative women.
“I’ve only ever discussed these issues kinda vaguely,” Loesch tweeted. “More I can’t discuss. I and other 2’nd Amendment women are sexually threatened regularly.”
Loesch also went on Fox News to discuss the issue, confirming her family was still in the process of moving due to the threats. She also explained her use of the “MeToo” hashtag and said the experience had solidified her reasons for carrying a firearm.
“I don’t hate anyone that disagrees with me,” said Loesch. “My advocacy for Second Amendment rights isn’t designed to magically put a firearm in the hands of someone else. I just want people to have that choice. And all of this has really underscored why I carry. It makes me so grateful that I can protect myself.”
THE BOTTOM LINE: Just another fine example of the hypocrisy of these hate America anti-Constitutional Fabians.  Isn’t it telling that an anti-Second Amendment anti-gun advocate, “…threatened to shoot me in my front yard.” Said Dana Loesch.

I can’t help having the feeling this Constitution hater didn’t mean he was going to shoot her with a ‘bean in a straw.’ No Just another elitist who believes he should be the only one to be allowed to have a gun.  Not unlike senator gun hater Di Fi who has bodyguards, not to mention the 38 in her purse ever since she was mayor of SF.
This my friend is just another example of why the Framers said possessing a gun was a basic necessity.  

“We need not fear the law abiding citizen ‘with a gun’, he is your protector. We need to fear the advocate of a citizen ‘deprived of a gun’, for he is your attacker.”  
de Andréa, October 2017.                                                                                 

Thanks for listening my friend. Now go do the right thing, pray and fight for truth and freedom. 
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