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Still Can’t Call It What It Is


By de Andréa

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Posted October 5, 2017   

Panic returned to the streets of London after terror struck the British capital once more  on September 15.
Reports so far say no one was killed but the psychological effects of the attack on a London Underground train will be far reaching.
Clarion’s National Security Analyst Ryan Mauro tells Fox News viewers they must be vigilant regarding the terror threat. He also offers his thoughts after two Muslims were arrested in connection with the Parson’s Green Underground terror attack in London on September 15 – the fifth serious terror attack in the UK in 2017.
Note that in the video of Ryan Mauro he refers twice to the “Extremist Ideology” instead of the Islamic Ideology and if that is not enough avoidance of calling the enemy who he is, this report referred to the bomber as a “migrant” rather than a Muslim Jihadist.  They just can’t seem to bring themselves to tell the whole truth.
So even the so-called right wing conservatives who think they have all the answers, and are the only informed people on the planet, are suffering from the politically correct brainwashing of the biased alphabet soup media.
As long as the ignorant politically correct west continues to avoid the truth about who this enemy is we will be fighting a war against Extremists instead of Islamic Ideology and migrants instead of Muslims.

Question: So what happens after we get rid of all the extremist migrants as they are identified?   
Answer: We will have gotten rid of all the extremist migrants, but not the terrorists and certainly not the satanic Islamic Ideology that drives them. Because we are not a war with the real enemy. 
As long as the ideology is believed to be extreme and not just plain Islamic, we will never win this war.

Proof that, that is the truth is simply that we have been at war with this miss identified enemy for more than 230 years.  Gleaned from an earlier article I wrote:

In 1784 before the United States was even officially the United States, the confederate congress or confederation of states had appointed Thomas Jefferson, John Adams and Benjamin Franklin as peace commissioners to negotiate treaties of amity and commerce with the Barbary Islamic States in North Africa. The commissioners quickly learned that the Europeans made so-called peace with the Muslim powers through treaties that involved annual payments of a tribute (called the Jizya in Arabic) but was politely or ignorantly called annuities by the west. The merchant vessels of any country without such a treaty were at the mercy of the state-sponsored maritime marauders politically correct known as the corsairs, the truth is they were jihadist pirates, and even with the treaty the Muslims continued to attack our ships.  

Shortly after Thomas Jefferson’s inauguration in 1801 the U.S. attacked the Muslim Jihadi pirates at Tripoli.  We went to war with terrorism and after more than 230 years we are still at war with terrorism, in the meantime Islam is wining because the enemy isn’t terrorism my friend, the enemy is Islam, and its barbaric ideology from hell. Oh well it took the Crusaders 300 years of being ignorantly subjugated by the Muslims in Europe before they realized who the enemy really was, we have 70 years to go, maybe we still have a chance.

THE BOTTOM LINE: So if stopping the extreme migrants is the objective in this war then so be it. But can anyone tell me just how that will stop Islamic Jihad? Is hasn’t in 230 years.  

Thanks for listening my friend. Now go do the right thing, pray and fight for truth and freedom. 
- de Andréa
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