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An Independent Kurdistan

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An Independent Kurdistan

By de Andréa

Opinion Editorialist for

Posted October 11, 2017   

Talking and writing about human rights maybe simple, but when you are talking or writing about the human rights of a forgotten nation, it is completely different. The Kurds are the largest nation in the world without a state, it numbers 45 million people divided between Iran, Iraq, Syria and Turkey.
The Kurds have experienced every kind of death — in prisons, by bombs, while fighting for freedom and dying fighting against terrorism on behalf of the U.S. Allies and the entire world.

The Kurds are a curious nation of people, claiming to be Muslims and yet are the only sect of Islam that accepts other religions.  Something totally contrary to the Islamic Quran. After more than twenty years of Middle Eastern and Islamic studies I truly have to say these people baffle me. Maybe that’s why the rest of the Islamic nations hate the Kurds. Maybe that's why Obama hated the Kurds.  Ya Think? 

The Kurdistan areas are rich. They are replete with oil, gold, aluminum, mercury, iron, gas and more. Iraq, Iran, Turkey and Syria have no intention of giving up such wealth.

The following excerpts are from an article I published 10 years ago on October 28 2007 titled Turkey Enemy of U.S.
Doesn’t being an ally of Islam make Turkey the world’s enemy as well? In addition, we, the United States of America, who is at war for our very survival against an enemy that has vowed to destroy western culture; is supporting our enemy’s allies. Now one more dot…AGAIN, WE ARE SUPPORTING THE ENEMY THAT THREATENS TO DESTROY US. Did I miss something here???
 Does this really make any sense, U.S. ally Turkey and U.S. archenemy Iran have formed a military alliance to drive opposition Kurds, [these might just be the good guys] from bases in northern Iraq that they have used since 2004 to launch guerrilla operations against Iran, said Kurdish leaders at a secret base in the Qandil Mountains. Is Kurdistan possibly our real ally?
We really should learn to separate our friends from our enemy, this should be elementary my dear Watson.
The U.S. military sent liaison officers to meet and talk with PJAK in 2003 and again in 2005 to discuss Iranian efforts to infiltrate Iraq, but have not pursued discussions further, PJAK officials said. I can’t help but ask why??? This Iranian interference in the Iraq war is exactly what has caused this war to go on and on. If we would have helped the Kurds, back in 2003, and followed their lead on the rest of the Iranian border, as well as the Syrian border, the war would likely be over by now. But then, reason and logic may be just too much to ask of a tolerant politically correct government who is just too busy trying to figure out which of our enemies to support next.

In another article published in February of this year titled More Evidence Jihadist Obama Did Not Want To Win The War Against ISIS.  I wrote:  


For years I have been writing about the Kurd’s who were murdered by Saddam Hussein in Iraq. All through the first war against Saddam Hussein the Kurd’s were up in the border triangle, in the mountains called “no-man’s-land” where Turkey, Iran and Iraqi borders come to gather, trying to stop the flow of Iranians and supplies to al-Qaida from pouring into Iraq without any help, support or recognition from the U.S. and its so-called allies at all.

Why has this war gone on for 15 years, and why were the Kurd’s ignored by the Bush and the Obama Administrations?

Two totally different reasons.

First: The Bush family is part of the useful idiots controlled by the International Central Banking Cartel that support and finance all wars.

Second: Obama is a sleeper infiltrating Terrorist Jihadist Muslim who has committed treason more than 120 times in his subtle support of terrorism and destabilization of the entire Middle East.

This is the SWAMP that Trumped said needed to be drained in his campaign.  Let’s pray he can do it without getting assassinated like Lincoln, Garfield, McKinley, Kennedy and other statesmen who were murdered for the same reason.  They all wanted to drain the swamp of corruption by the Central Banking Cartel.

How It Began: the Sykes-Picot Agreement For years I have been writing about the Kurd’s who were murdered by Saddam Hussein in Iraq.  All through the first war against Saddam Hussein the Kurd’s were up in the border triangle, in the mountains called “no-man’s-land” where Turkey, Iran and Iraqi borders come to gather, trying to stop the flow of Iranians and supplies to al-Qaida from pouring into Iraq without any help, support or recognition from the U.S. and its so-called allies at all.  

The Sykes-Picot Agreement, officially known as the Asia Minor Agreement, was a secret deal brokered in 1916 between the United Kingdom and France to which the Russian empire assented.
Sykes-Picot defined their mutually-agreed spheres of influence and control in southwest Asia and was based on the premise that these parties (known as the Triple Entente) would succeed in defeating the Ottoman Empire in World War I.

The agreement profoundly influenced the Kurds — perhaps even more than all the other peoples who were negatively affected by the agreement. It left them scattered over parts of Iraq, Turkey, Iran and Syria – countries in which the Kurds are treated, to this day, as if they never belonged.
All things Kurdish are forbidden – to have a flag, to support liberal causes, to be a Peshmerga freedom fighter. Even trying to talk in Kurdish with your students as a teacher in school…all is forbidden.

The fate of Kurdish leaders and civilians in recent history is even worse:
Abdulrahman Ghasemlou, the leader of the Kurdistan Democratic Party of Iran (KDPI) from 1973, was assassinated in 1989 by agents suspected to be from the Iranian regime.
Said Sharafkandi, a Kurdish political activist and secretary-general of the (KDPI), was assassinated in Berlin in 1992 also by agents suspected to be from the Iranian regime
Abdullah Ojalan, a Kurdish nationalist leader and one of the founding members of the militant Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK), was arrested in 1999 by Turkish agents. Ojalan now says he has abandoned military solutions and believes the conflict should be solved through political means.
More than 220 of East Kurdistan’s Peshmerga fighters and party members were assassinated in Iraqi Kurdistan between 1985-2000.
The Halabja chemical attack (also known as the Halabja Massacre or Bloody Friday), was a massacre against the Kurdish people by Saddam Hussein in 1988. The attack took place during the closing days of the Iran-Iraq War in the Kurdish city of Halabja in southern Kurdistan just 48 hours after the town fell to the Iranian army. It killed 3,200-5,000 people and injured 7,000 to 10,000, most of them civilians. The Halabja attack is the largest chemical weapons attack directed against a civilian-populated area in history.
Al-Anfal Genocide, a campaign by Saddam Hussein that killed between 50-182,000 Kurds in northern Iraq between 1986-89. (The Halabja chemical attack was part of this campaign.)
And the list continues in Iran. In Gharna, Ghalatan, Serchinar, Pawe, Sanandaj, Mariwan, Indirqash, more than 20,000 Kurdish men, women and children were killed by the Iranian regime. Just a couple of details:
In Ghalatan, West Azerbaijan Province, Iran (on Sept. 2, 1979), 59 young people were “disappeared” by Iranian authorities never to be heard from again.
In Sardasht, West Azerbaijan (June 28, 1987), Iraq dropped what Iranian authorities believed to be mustard gas in two separate bombing runs on four residential areas.

This is the story of a nation without land, without a government, without international rights – a nation that is now fighting for democracy,  for freedom; a nation that fights international terrorism (in fact, the Kurds have been the most successful fighting force in Iraq against ISIS to date). And yet the U.S. and its allies all but completely ignore them.

In Syria, more than 50 percent of the Kurds live without an ID card. The Syrian regime says they are not from Syria and want to have the option to throw them out whenever they want.
In Turkey, more than 213 Kurds have been arrested by the regime of Islamist strongman Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

In Iran, Kurds are imprisoned: Mohammad Nazari (sentenced to 25 years in jail), Omar Faghipur (20 years in jail), Loqman and Zanyar Moradi (brothers waiting to be executed), Khalid Faraiduni, Said Shirzad, Sahar Faizi, Asrin Aminzade, Hajar Piri, Najibe Salehzade, Ferzaneh Almasi and Truske Waisi are some of the more well-known names among the 2,000-plus Kurds sitting in Iran’s jails.

THE BOTTOM LINE: Now a part of Kurdistan (in Iraq) wants to be independent. The Kurds are a true friend of America and the free world. They are committed to democracy, human rights and gender equality. They are a foil to Iranian and Turkish hegemony in the region and we give them virtually no help or credit at all.

As I said earlier I really don’t know what to make of these people that claim to be Muslim but don’t seem to want to follow any of the aggressive, militant and barbaric teachings in the Quran. They seem to have no desire to conquer the world for Allah and subjugate all people under Sharia. Maybe we are really missing the boat here, maybe we should get behind this part of Islam that is in fact really’ a peaceful nation.   
Isn’t it time that the free world finally helps the Kurds in their legitimate bid for independence?

Thanks for listening my friend. Now go do the right thing, pray and fight for truth and freedom. 
- de Andréa
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