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“No One Guides Me But Allah”

“Yes, the time is coming that whoever kills you will think that he offers God a service” (John 16:2).

No One Guides Me But Allah

By de Andréa

Opinion Editorialist for

Posted September 25, 2017   

So says the Muslim who beheaded the woman in Oklahoma:

 "I beheaded her because I read the Quran... It's Easy To Understand... “

The words in the title are the words that Alton Alexander Nolen a Islamic jihadist said to police and the FBI when they asked him whether or not beheading an oppressor was acceptable in Islam. And even after he told them, the police and the FBI were still scratching their heads trying to determine a motive.  This typifies the willful ignorance that Americans possess.
If you recall, in September 2014, Alton Alexander Nolen stabbed and beheaded Colleen Hufford and stabbed 43-year-old Traci Johnson with the same knife before he was shot by Oklahoma County reserve deputy Mark Vaughn while Nolen was actively attacking Johnson.
The Muslim terrorist beheading happened at a food-processing plant in Moore Oklahoma.
The mosque that Nolen attended taught what every mosque in the world teaches and those are the very things the Quran teaches. How could it teach otherwise and remain Islamic, the Quran is the foundation of Islam.
The imam also called for the destruction of Europe, America and Israel.
What also comes as no surprise to me’ is, your Muslim president Obama, who didn't even mention or recognize the victims in the attack, but made sure to have a personal letter hand delivered to the mosque, which only served to show again and again who Obama actually is, a lying Muslim Jihadist and traitor to America.  During a prayer service at the mosque, the imam read to his congregation the words of president Barrack Hussein Obama.
Here is what your Muslim Jihadist Ex-President Obama wrote praising the example of the mosque in the wake of the barbaric bloody beheading.
"Your service is a powerful example of the powerful roots of the Abrahamic faiths and how our communities can come together with shared peace with dignity and a sense of justice,"
So according to your Muslim President the Islamic Jihadi beheading was done with shared peace and dignity and justice.  That is Islamic Jihad my friend.  I can only wonder why Americans are so blind to tolerate such treason in our midst, and where is Congress in calling up the militia to deal with these people?
While so many of these "law enforcement" people governments, media and others continue to lie and deny the obvious, Muslim terrorists tell the truth about what their motivation is, it's Islamic Jihad, the religion from Hell.
When are we going to tell the courts in this country to go suck an egg and to stop their tyranny of circumventing the law and deport all those that identify with Islam back to where they can all legally practice murdering each other.  We either have to expose and defeat this ideology, or exterminate them all, or contain them until they exterminate themselves.  Those I am afraid are the only choices.  Reread a previous article titled “Islam Is Not Compatible With America.
Texas Police News reports:
“Murder defendant Alton Alexander Nolen told Moore police and the FBI that he beheaded one woman at a Moore food plant because he felt oppressed by her and tried to behead another for disrespecting him.

“That’s what Allah said in the Quran,” he told the interviewers.
The jury at his murder trial Wednesday were listening to recordings of two statements the Muslim convert made in the days after the Sept. 25, 2014, attack.

Nolen began the first interview by stating “I’m a Muslim,” after he was read his rights. He ended the first interview by saying he is going to Heaven.

“I feel, you know, you know what I’m saying, if I was to die in five or 10 minutes I’m going to Heaven,” he said. “That’s all that matters to me.”

The statement by his court-appointed defense attorneys are asking the jury to find him not guilty by reason of insanity. They have told jurors he is mentally ill and believed what he was doing was right because of delusional misinterpretations of Islamic teachings.”

I can personally guarantee that neither the attorneys nor the Jury have ever read the Quran.  His attorneys said, he is mentally ill and believed what he was doing was right because of a “delusional misinterpretations of Islamic teachings.” This is what these ignorant people brainwashed with lies, lies, and more lies are saying.
Here my friend is the truth and the proof, this is right straight out of the very Quran that taught him to murder infidels.  Moreover, I dare anyone, that’s ANYONE to prove me wrong. In the Islamic Quran chapter 9:5 it clearly says “Fight and kill the disbelievers wherever you find them, lie in wait and ambush them using every stratagem of war. Fight them until all opposition ends and all submit to Allah.” This my friend, is exactly what this brainwashed man did.  Not insane, demon possessed, probably- but not insane. Is it the man, or the ideology that is the enemy? Is it the terrorists’, or the Satanic ideology that is the head of the snake? How can one misinterpret that?  Buy a Quran and read it for yourself.
When he was interviewed at the hospital, he first told the FBI that he watched beheading videos on.... wait for it... “YouTube”.
Yes, the same YouTube owned by Google that is censoring conservative sites for content that actually tells the truth about Islam. We have freedom of speech except if you tell the truth. If one tells the truth it’s classified as HATE SPEECH.   This is the same YouTube my friend that is shutting down videos, not of beheadings, and invitations to go fight with ISIS, but of conservatives talking about what the Quran actually teaches and exposes the lies of the media and the so-called public education system in the U.S... Take a second and go to the top of this article and take a look at the four words that have always been directly under my banner. This is the process of brainwashing my friend.
When the FBI asked if there was anyone guiding him or teaching him that beheading an oppressor was acceptable, Nolen responded,Uh, no. I read the Quran. Like I say, the Quran is easy to understand. … No one guides me but Allah.”  “No one guides me but Allah” he said
“She just, you know, wanted to bring me down, like I couldn’t be me as a Muslim,” Nolen said during the interview about Ms. Hufford. “She want to bring me down low to the ground.”
He then went on to say that Johnson was oppressing him by telling police and the FBI,  “She’s the one who tried to make, like, I was trying to jump on her.” Nolen had been suspended from his job because Ms. Johnson had complained about comments he had made.
He told the interviewers, referring to the human resources office, “You know, ‘forget it,’ “when I left H and R, you know, ‘I’m a slave for Allah and this is what I’m supposed to go do.’ And that’s, that’s, what I went and did.”
Guess what? That’s the truth! He gave up his soul as a slave to the god of Hell.
His own Prophet Muhammad after coming out of the cave in Mecca after being visited by Allah, ran to a cliff and was about to throw himself off because he believed he had become possessed by a demonic spirit. But his friends and wife stopped him. And guess what? That’s also the truth! Moreover he was in fact possessed by a demonic spirit. And if you again want to challenge me, then bring it on, I know my Islamic history.
THE BOTTOM LINE: How many times do the people of America need to hear the truth before they are convinced that it is in fact the truth?  It is very interesting to me that they hear a lie once and it becomes gospel.  Maybe it is because if one knows the truth one becomes responsible for it, but one can remain apathetic as long as one can remain ignorant by promoting a lie.
Real justice should be served upon this man as well as Islam in the streets of Oklahoma with the people conducting it.  In fact, this whole trial is a farce. The Muslim Jihadist admitted guilt to the murder and has voiced his motives. According to law there shouldn’t even be a trial.  Why are we wasting time and money on this man? I’ll tell you why.   We just can’t seem to get our head around the fact that it is the evil ideology of Islam that these people voluntarily decide to follow.  And the despotic court system that is trying to get him off with an insanity plea. This is pragmatism my friend not insanity.
If we ignorantly continue to make war on terrorists we will never win this war because we will never run out of terrorists.  But if our governments, educational system, and the media would get behind the people and expose the truth of Islam for what it really is, - the war of Islam and its agenda of subjugating the world under Sharia Law by any means necessary, - the head of the serpent would be severed.
Then’, and only then, after 230 years of war with Islam since Thomas Jefferson was president, can we ever hope to win this war…  Or do you think we need to continue to 300 years of Islamic supremacism, like the Crusaders in Europe did before they woke up and attempted genocide of the Muslims.

The truth is sometime ugly and distasteful - don’t ya know! 

Thanks for listening my friend. Now go do the right thing, pray and fight for truth and freedom. 
- de Andréa
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