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Do You Know What Your Kids Are Being Taught In Public Schools?


Do You Know What Your Kids Are Being Taught In Public Schools?


By de Andréa

Opinion Editorialist for

Posted September 9, 2017   

I think if I was a betting man, that it would be a safe bet that few, unless directly involved, have any idea that this is what is going on in their children’s public school.

Using Common Core (CC) and the Public Broadcasting System (PBS) The agenda of the DeepState Shadow Government that Trump calls the swamp that is deeply imbedded into the U.S. Federal Government –is using the illegal and unconstitutional U.S. Department of Education to build and train a future army of Islamic Jihadists. And I can prove it my friend, so please read on.

The American Federal government run public indoctrination system is notorious for spending lots of money on each student, but it fails to produce educated kids, we are now 17th in the world, and along the way, it is coming up with lots of really bad ideas about education.  One of the worst but very telling ideas of the DeepState agenda is inviting Muslim Indoctrination/Brainwashing madras into the schools that is demonically disguised as being in the interest of multicultural "tolerance" and "awareness."

Religious studies are generally unwelcome in public schools, with of course, the exception of the new American unconstitutional national religion of Islam.  If they actually taught the truth’ about Islam instead of the fabricated white washed version that the Communist news Media are such experts in, perhaps parents of children all over America would rebel and pull their kids out by the thousands.  But there are those in the indoctrination system who think that a fabricated spoon fed understanding of Islam will make it easier for Americans to rationalize and accept the barbaric acts of mass murder.  But there is also another ignorant goal:  making all religions morally equivalent, such as Chrislam, so that no specific religion can be considered superior to any other.

This really’ shows the ignorance of America’s grasp of Islamic ideology because the word "Islam" itself means "submission" to the superior religion of Islam.  Moreover the word Jihad means “my struggle.” Well guess what the Nazi book written by Adolph Hitler called Mien Kampf means? Yes… “my struggle. “ Struggle for what? You should ask…  Well the struggle of all good Nazis and Muslims to bring the whole world in to subjugation and submission to the superior ideology of Islam and Nazism. And that is no coincidence my friend as Nazism was patterned after Islam.  All Muslims in their books, the Quran, Hadith and Sunnah, (buy them and read them), are commanded to wage war against the Kaffaar/unbelievers until they submit to Islam and the entire world becomes the Islamic (Ummah), the world nation of Islam.

The U.S. is unfortunately at war with Islamic terrorists instead of the ideology of Islam, but they are
nevertheless willing to fight to the death to destroy the American way of life.  It is obvious (to thinking people) that these homicidal maniacs and their enablers should not be teaching classes in your American schools. But then some parents’ have already become non thinking robots.
Have you ever had someone smile in your face while stabbing you in your back?

Should the reader be skeptical of the information in this article, I have fully sourced all the examples of the reports that the American Federal government, instead of trying to win the so-called war against terrorism, is in fact promoting it by turning government public schools into Islamic indoctrination academies and terrorist training institutions, turning your children into the next generation of domestic Islamic Jihadists.

And in case you think this is all there is, I have stacks more about every public school district in the United States.  America is just a camel’s hair away from becoming just another Islamic State.  Muslims will never assimilate into the American culture, American culture will’ and is’ assimilating into Islam.

Has Islamic Indoctrination Overtaken American Schools
There is an insidious program featuring a white-washed and thus untrue, version of Islam that has permeated our educational institutions, beginning in kindergarten, winding its way through the 12th grade, and into our universities.  In indirectly slick ways, the Saudi government, an ally of the U.S. Shadow government, has managed to introduce its own faux version of Middle Eastern culture disguised Wahhabism, history, and strictly positive views of Islam upon millions of American students, thus indoctrinating them to a biased, pro-Islamic position when the full truth is, that it is the most satanic evil barbaric ideology that has ever been made known to humanity.

Islam as a cult is a progressive ideology, meaning one is not taught what is at the core of Islam until one reaches a certain level of indoctrination/brainwashing and has been mentally and psychologically prepared to move to the next step.  By the time the new convert is exposed to the real fundamentals of Islam he/she has become so robotically programed that they have no rational, or mind of their own to question the barbaric satanic ideology that they have been indoctrinated with. They have been conditioned to accept it as their new belief. 

Christianity on the other hand is just the opposite. Not being a cult, it is up front and not progressive, meaning that if one is instructed in the Christian faith one is taken right to the core of Christianity.  Because there is nothing to hide’ and everything to gain’ by knowing and understanding the fundamental truth about Jesus Christ.

College Professor Sounds the Alarm:
Palestinian Propaganda is 'Infiltrating' American Education.  Originally published in Legal Insurrection and reposted in the pro-Israel outlet called “The Algemeiner,” the political science instructor Miriam Elman decried how content, such as the Arab World Studies Notebook that a Massachusetts high school praised as providing a "balanced perspective," is anything but.  According to the American Jewish Committee, the textbook consists of an "overt bias and unabashed propagandizing," such as demonizing Israel as the antagonist in every Arab-Israeli war, and praising Muslim fighters for their "gentle treatment of civilian populations." I guess they mean like they did in Syria, murdering and burning alive anyone and everyone that opposed them.

Boston Public School Teaching Islamic Conversion Prayer to Elementary Students
In Revere, Massachusetts the public school district there, is not only requiring students to learn about Islam but is teaching these children the Shahada which is the Islamic conversion prayer. As you can see in the news reports below, one dad is rightly upset, but liberals have no problem with it (after all, it is Boston). What many of these parents do not understand - is - that in Islam, the simple recitation of Shahada means a conversion to Islam.

Some parents may scoff at such a notion but make no mistake; there are Muslims who certainly do not. In the same way that the Ground Zero mosque was intended to be about conquest, so too is forcing non-Muslim children to recite the Shahada. This by the way makes them a target for execution if they deny their Muslim conversion at a later time, they become apostates, and Muslims take this very seriously.

Watch a video from the U.S. Department of Education proselytizing Islam for the purpose of conversion.

Sharia law in American public Schools/Islamic Madrassas
According to Sharia law New York City high school won't serve prom food until 9PM due to Ramadan.  Brooklyn Tech seniors will gather at Pier Sixty for the prom on June 3, but not all their classmates will be able to attend the big bash at the hot spot billed as the largest waterfront venue in Manhattan.  The party this year falls during Ramadan, a month-long time of religious fasting and prayer for observant Muslims.  "Obviously the date wasn't the best date," said senior Pakeza Sahbbir, who will be not attending.  "You're not supposed to listen to music during Ramadan, so that's why it's not really allowed."

Prom night conflict pits Muslim students vs. education officials.  Students at an elite New York City high school petitioned to change the date of their senior prom — scheduled for June 3 — because it conflicts with the Muslim observance of Ramadan, but the school has denied the request, the New York Post reported.  "I think it's kind of unfair because there's a major population of Muslims at Brooklyn Tech," Pikeeza Shabbir said.  The annual holy month for Muslims requires that observers consume no food or drink from sunrise to sunset.  The Brooklyn Technical High School senior prom starts at 7 p.m. — while the sun is still out.  The dance was planned months in advance, New York education officials told CBS2, so it will not be rescheduled.  Dinner is expected to be served after sunset, at 9 p.m.

San Diego:  Ground Zero for Islamic Indoctrination in American Public Schools.  
The San Diego Unified School District (SDUSD) history of accommodating the demands of Muslim students began in 2007.  That year, Carver Elementary School in East San Diego ignited controversy when 100 Somali Muslim students transferred from a closed charter school.  To accommodate these new students, the school rescheduled its recess periods to allow a 15-minute break each afternoon for Muslim prayer.  The school also added Arabic to its curriculum and removed pork and ‘all’ non-halal food from the cafeteria.  The outcry forced the school to rescind the break, but it simply shifted the lunch hour to accommodate the Muslim prayer.  SDUSD wasn't as accommodating to a Christian student in 1993 and was successfully sued when it denied a high school student's request for a lunchtime Bible study group.  This past week, SDUSD, in collaboration with the Council on American Islam Relations (CAIR), instituted an anti-bullying campaign aimed specifically at protecting Muslims students. Muslim students were not included in the instruction.

PBS Islamic Lesson Plan Encourages Students to Identify with Radical Jihadists.  
A PBS high school lesson plan encourages students to empathize with young Palestinian terrorists who want to become suicide bombers to achieve martyrdom and suggests they would rather die because Palestinians have less land and are restricted.  The "Dying to Be a Martyr" multimedia lesson plan is available free of cost to teachers and students at PBS Learning Media, reports Justin Haskins at the Heartland Institute.  It utilizes videos titled "Martyrdom," "Suicide Bombing," and "Israel and Palestine," as well as internet sites and primary sources "to examine the roots of the Middle East conflict."  Students are asked to be able to understand "why individuals and groups sometimes turn to tactics of terrorism.

A Georgetown University Professor Condones Rape And Slavery Under Sharia. 
Until approximately eight years ago, Georgetown University of Washington D.C. was a historic Catholic University, but the administration mistakenly accepted funds from Saudi Arabia, and it is now a Muslim Madrassa.

In a lecture at the International Institute of Islamic Thought (a Muslim-Brotherhood-linked group) and in subsequent questions and answers following his talk, Georgetown Islamic Studies professor Jonathan Brown, a convert to Islam, declares:  "It's not immoral for one human to own another human."  He waxes poetic about the great life a slave has under sharia law (versus slavery under white men in the South) without actually defining that life.  Perhaps, as Clarion Project has done, he should get his information from a Yazidi girl from Iraq.

Slavery and Non-Consensual Sex OK, Says Muslim Georgetown Professor.  
That slavery and non-consensual sex can be okay is not a sentiment you expect to hear from someone employed in politically correct academia — but it obviously is acceptable when a politically correct kind of person says it.  This appears the case with Georgetown Islamic Studies professor Jonathan Brown, who stated in a recent talk that it's "not immoral for one human to own another human."  A 39-year-old convert to Islam, Brown reportedly expressed the above beliefs in a Feb. 7 lecture at the International Institute of Islamic Thought in Herndon, Virginia.  Titled "Islam and the Problem of Slavery," the professor apparently believes there's only a problem with slavery when it's not governed by Islam.

THE BOTTOM LINE: As I said I have stacks more examples that the U.S. Public School System has become nothing more than “Islamic Terrorist training institutions” to insure the future of the “Islamic State of America”  

So If I have convinced you to at least look into this charade of the public school system and the treason committed by the Department of Education, and have made you aware of the non-thinking robots in your local school districts that blindly carry out the instructions of those in the system, then you might wonder, well…what can I do about it.

You can contact your Federal Representatives HERE and tell them to abolish the illegal unconstitutional Department of Education. And your state Representatives HERE and your School District HEREAnd if you do not get any satisfaction, then pull your kids out of school and home school them.  If everyone did exactly that, they would have to listen or close the schools which may be a good idea anyway.  After all I learned everything I needed to know from my ‘Dog Cooper’.   

Remember the words of Abraham Lincoln who once said, “The philosophy of the classroom in one generation will be the philosophy of government in the next.”

Your kids are not only the future of this nation, but the director of their own future.

Thanks for listening my friend. Now go do the right thing, pray and fight for truth and freedom. 
- de Andréa
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