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Pervert Ca Schools, By Any Means Necessary


God who gave us life gave us liberty. Can the liberties of a nation be secure when we have removed a conviction that these liberties are the gift of God? Indeed I tremble for my country when I reflect that God is just, that His justice cannot sleep forever.– Thomas Jefferson
Pervert Ca Schools, By Any Means Necessary


By de Andréa

Opinion Editorialist for

Posted September 15, 2017   

UC Berkeley and the Marxist Fabian Communist Plot to Kill Free Speech ‘By Any Means Necessary’ BAMN.  

Note the Fabian shield at right - depicts a wolf wrapped in a sheep skin, the proverbial ‘Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing’. This is the ideology that California has ascribed.

Yvette Felarca,  National Chair of BAMN, a Marxist organisation that derives its name from Karl Marx belief that “The End Justifies The Means,” is a middle school teacher at Berkeley California’s Dr Martin Luther King Middle School and leads the violent Communist rallies against Free Speech.  Moreover, among others BAMN is affiliated with the perverted paedophile organisation of NAMBLA.  

Why are you sending your kids to California Public Schools???

Among all the anti-American California schools, Berkeley has — since the 1960s — held the title as the most radically liberal Communist school in America. Hailed as “the birthplace of Free Speech,” University of California at Berkeley, the town from which it draws its name has long been a seedbed of Communist ideology. Moreover with that Communist ideology having now come of age in the California legislature, Berkeley has become the deathbed of Free Speech and the true reflection of the Communist State of California.  It should secede, it no longer holds American values or  identifies as part of the Republic of America.

Americanism is not allowed in Communist California Schools.   

My hope is that none of you have kids in the California Public Schools of Communist brainwashing, Islamic Jihadists training centres and dens of sexual perversion. That is unless you want your children to grow up to be little Communist or Jihadist Terrorists or perverts.     

The Cal University campus and the surrounding town have erupted into chaos and riots recently over even the idea that conservative speakers would be allowed to present their views on the campus. And not surprisingly, the communist presence in the protest is visible, despite the supporting anti-American media attempts to ignore this influence. Consider, for instance, the www.revcom .us (Revolutionary Communist Party) sign shown in this Associated Press photo at an April 15 Berkeley protest; the AP identified the protesters as “antifascist,” without mentioning “communist,” in the information provided with the photo.

For a campus that claims’ to   value diversity in thought, the attack on free speech is more than hypocritical; it is telling. One thing that can be said of communists is that they are consistent in their tactics. In the current “Free Speech” battle, as in other times and places, the communists say one thing and mean another. Touting “Free Speech” to get their message heard, they immediately shout “hate speech” and “fascism” to silence their ideological opponents as soon as they have enough influence to do so. When shouting isn’t enough, they use violence or the threat of violence.

As The New American reported last week, that tired old play was used — with success — again to prevent conservative pundit Ann Coulter from speaking on the campus Thursday. The university’s cancellation of Coulter’s speech followed a familiar pattern. When Coulter was booked by conservative groups on campus, radical groups — who had used violence and the threat of violence to quash previous speeches by conservative speakers — began publicly planning and promoting riots. With the recent violence fresh in the minds of school administrators, the principle of Free Speech was jettisoned in the name of placating the radical groups responsible for the violence.

It is Typical of the Communist left to portray themselves as something they’re not and then take on the very role they accuse the opposition of. 

When Milo Yiannopoulos, who was at the time an editor for Breitbart, was scheduled to speak at UC Berkeley in February, those same radical groups — operating by the communist playbook — organized violent riots that caused an estimated $100,000 worth of damage to the campus and resulted in several people being injured. Fires were set, property was destroyed, citizens and police officers were attacked. The riots led the UC Berkeley officials to cancel Yiannopoulos’ speech less than two hours before it was to begin.

If they cannot rationally debate an issue they simply destroy the opposition.

Even the cancellation of the Milo speech was not enough to quell the violence, which spilled over into downtown Berkeley. In all of the violence, destruction, and lawlessness, one person was arrested. One. For “failure to disperse.” Why were the police so light-handed when all hell was breaking loose? Because it appears they had been told to stand down. That order seems to have come from Berkely mayor, Jesse Arreguin. His call for police to treat the subversive rioters with kid gloves is no anomaly; Arreguin has allied himself with those who planned and executed the violence on the city he is supposed to lead. For his part, Arreguin denies making that call, saying, “The strategy deployed by the police was not my decision, but the decision of the department based on professional judgment of the police department.” Of course, left out of his statement is the simple fact that the chief of police works for him. Passing the blame down the food chain is a diversion. Here’s a tip for Arreguin: The first rule of leadership is that you are responsible.

One of the groups responsible for terrorizing the campus and the city for the purpose of silencing any conservative voice is the Hate America Marxist BAMN (By Any Means Necessary). The group — which takes its name from a line in a famous speech by Malcolm X, a Black Muslim who also drank deeply from the poisoned well of Marxism — uses social media to promote its agenda, which includes violence and the threat of violence to bring about a rash of Marxist policies. Arreguin — it appears — is their man on the inside.

Arreguin had joined the BAMN Facebook group until it was reported that he was a member. He then removed himself from the Facebook group and issued a statement saying, “On social media, following or liking pages does not mean you support what that group is doing." He went on to say that he had joined the Facebook group to keep up with what they were doing, adding, “I did ‘unmember’ myself. I forgot that I had liked the page, honestly.” Perhaps. Or more likely, Arreguin — being politically savvy enough to run for and be elected as mayor of one of the nation’s most liberal cities — knew enough to know that a mayor being a member of a radical, violent, Marxist group would be interpreted by the other members of that group and the public at large exactly the way it was: as an endorsement.

Adding to the likelihood that his membership of the BAMN Facebook page was by design and not mere curiosity is the significant fact that he was also Facebook friends with Yvette Felarca, who — besides being a middle school teacher — is the Marxist radical leader and notional organizer of BAMN in Berkeley. Felarca not only advocates violence, she is an active participant. As can be seen in the video below, in June 2016, Felarca was involved in violently attacking a man in Sacramento for exercising the “Free Speech” her city is famous for supposedly giving birth to.

Warning: This video contains language some readers my find offensive.

When asked about why having Yiannopoulos speak to the 500 people who had bought tickets, Felarca throws up a smokescreen rife with references to fascism, white supremacy, and Donald Trump. While she claims that she and her group are defending the rights of people, they are actually denying people the basic right to say and hear things that she finds disagreeable. She claims to be concerned that people will hear something and be offended; the reality is that she seems concerned that they will hear something and be convinced. Ideas — good and bad — have consequences, and the Felarcas of the world are determined to disallow certain ideas while demanding that others are all that can be heard. That is a sure sign of a weak position.

Marxists of every stripe resort to violence when the weakness of their argument fails to win the day.

As the “man on the inside,” Mayor Arreguin certainly has the right credentials. He was involved in the communist-on-its-face Occupy movement and an active participant in Black Lives Matter (BLM) “protests.” While many easily recognize the Marxism of Occupy, BLM is no less Communistic, as this writer illustrated in a previous article.  And all bought and paid for by Nazi George Soros and other hypocrite wealthy America haters.

Arreguin — having spent his political career allying himself with radical Marxist subversives — has helped create a situation where “Free Speech” is not free; it has to paid for in blood fire and violence. But then Berkeley is not alone with a Communist government, the entire California legislature led by Governor Jerry Brown, the Communist moon beam himself, is a promoter of Marxist tyranny.
Karl Marx would be so proud.

THE BOTTOM LINE: The very fact that California public schools are still full of kids, proves that either Californians are completely ignorant of what is going on in their children’s schools, or they are so apathetic that they really don’t care, or they are Communist America hating perverts themselves. 

 And if you think I am just making all this up or I am exaggerating then educate yourself my friend if you dare.

Sexual perversion in California schools. 
Common Core teaches Islamic Jihad
Proof that America is becoming Islamic
Communist California  

Thanks for listening my friend. Now go do the right thing, pray and fight for truth and freedom. 
- de Andréa
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