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Cops Take Bribes From Criminals For Gun Licenses


Cops Take Bribes From Criminals For Gun Licenses

More laws – More crime!


By de Andréa

Opinion Editorialist for

Posted May 8, 2017

U.S. Justice Department says police departments trade bribes for gun licenses

Among the criminal Communists in the American governments - local, state and federal - there is a growing cancer of destruction from the inside.  A feverish conspiracy to destroy the American Dream and the bill of rights, as well as to create a ‘Reichstag’ of riots and murder to provoke martial law.
For years I have been writing about the ‘Shadow Government’ and the infiltration of Communists and Islamic Jihadist into our American governments and security departments while the officials look the other way. Few listened, and now as I said it eventually would, it is reaching the point of no return.  The point in which the infiltrators begin taking over.

As they say: Everything begins in NY

Some greedy anti-American NYC cop infiltrators built an unofficial and illegal fast lane into the NYPD’s gun licensing office.  Creating a legally armed criminal force in the streets of New York City.

In some states and locales it is easier for a felon to obtain a license to carry a gun than a law abiding citizen.  But then isn’t that what the enemy of freedom wants?

New Yorkers, who want a gun license, know the process will take months, if not years, or never, as New York Police Department officers review their mental health and criminal histories, they interview them in person, and even though exercising ones God given rights isn’t based on need, they still work to verify, that in their opinion, they do actually need a firearm, in the mean time they are killed by a criminal with a license to carry. Or’ let’s call it what it is in some cases - A LICENSE TO KILL!

New Yorkers who know the right cop, can circumvent the whole process. Put a couple thousand bucks in the right hands, and it doesn’t matter if you’ve got a long rap sheet or multiple domestic violence reports in your past or even if you are a terrorists: You’ll get your carry license with the NYPD’s stamp of approval…

Such a two-track system has been operating for nearly a dozen years, federal and city anti-corruption investigators said on Tuesday. Investigators say they’ve been tracking the conspirators for last four plus years.

Under Federal Rico Statutes, the corruption investigators name four key officers in the NYPD License Division and multiple civilian “expediters” who they say acted as middle-men between their cop friends and their gun-thirsty criminal clients. The federal bribery and corruption charges detail a black market for official favors that is so stereotypically mobsterish that an HBO producer would laugh it off as too truthful for television.

Expediters sometimes paid cops in cash, but were just as likely to dish out favorshigh-end booze, hired sex workers at after-hours parties, free vacations to the Bahamas, and the liketo keep their NYPD colleagues happy, prosecutors claim. One of the cops allegedly took to even smaller-time fare: after getting a bagel shop owners permit through the system, he never paid for breakfast again.

The details of the conspiracyto which all but one of the men charged Tuesday has pleaded guiltyare humorous. But its costs are not.

 “They approved licenses for individuals with substantial criminal histories, including arrests and convictions for crimes involving weapons or violence, and for individuals with histories of domestic violence,” FBI agent Joseph Downs writes in one of the four criminal complaints.

One man who bribed his way to a gun license had multiple prior assault convictions, an arrest for rape, and several “domestic incident reports,” which are supposed to disqualify a person from getting a gun permit in New York. In one of the domestic violence incidents, he had threatened to kill someone.

The License Division cops did not limit their graft to approving initial applications for would-be gun owners—they also helped expediter clients keep their weapons when circumstances would normally have led the city to revoke a license, according to investigators.

One client, a liquor distributor, was arrested twice for violent incidents subsequent to the bribe-induced license to carry a gunepisodes that trigger an official review of the arrestees gun license. In both cases, cops involved in the conspiracy ushered the incident review through to re-approve the client’s license and made sure he got his gun back, even though he had brandished it at a customer in one of the incidents that led to an arrest.
The cops include retired Lieutenant Paul Dean, who was one of the two most senior officers at the License Division, and retired Officer Robert Espinel, who prosecutors identified as Dean’s primary henchman. The two men had long experience taking bribes from expediters like Shaya Lichtenstein, Frank Soohoo, and John Chambers, in exchange for passing applications through the system without doing any of the work required by New York City’s gun laws.

Tired of doing all the paperwork while the civilian middle-men got most of the profit, Dean and Espinel hatched a plan to retire from the NYPD and take over the entire license-expediting racket city-wide using their connections in their old office. That ambitious power-grab may have caused their downfall. Lichtenstein, who particularly enraged Espinel because his client rates were far higher than the bribes he paid, had started recording his conversations with NYPD co-conspirators.

It appears Dean and Espinel had two other officers inside the License Division helping them. Two of the civilian “expediters” they worked with had previously worked in city law enforcementone for NYPD and the other as a prosecutor in Brooklyn. With just a half-dozen men, investigators say, the group was able to pervert the 40-person License Division, which is supposed to be the front line of enforcing New York City’s relatively strict gun laws.

THE BOTTOM LINE: The leaders of the License Division have been cheating the system for years, in increasingly brazen fashion, no telling how many other states and cities have been doing the same thing.  As I said it always begins in New York.  The conspiracy undermines the integrity of gun licensing and incident investigations involving legal gun owners. All it took was some rich people who wanted protection from stringent sentencing laws for unlicensed firearms in New York, and a couple of cops willing to abandon their public responsibility for cash envelopes and top-shelf liquor.  This is what happens when an un-constitutional law is created. More Laws – More Crime.

There are more than 30,000 sworn officers in the NYPD. They routinely encounter people who have guns they should not have, according to city and federal law, and seek to punish those illegal gun owners accordingly.  But the same institution has been infiltrated and allowed a special-access tunnel to be built around those criminal laws, whereby the wealthy and connected can carry a gun without fearing the long tacked-on sentences that come with unlicensed firearms.

This my friend is what happens when we ignore the laws of the Republic that the original architects wrote into the U.S. Constitution.  “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.” 

Has it been infringed? 

The very idea the one must get permission and obtain a license to exercise ones right is an infringement, and nullifies that right, making it a privilege sold by the very government officials that are elected to uphold the constitution and the laws of the land.
So far, five states have repealed all or most of their unconstitutional illegal anti-gun laws following the lead of the state of Vermont which has never had a law against guns, not since 1776. NO LICENSE REQUIRED! And it has among the lowest violent crime rates in the country.  

That’s what happens when you respect Constitutional law…

Thanks for listening. Now go do the right thing and fight f or freedom. 
- de Andréa
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