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What Ever Happened To The Pedophile Case Against Criminal Hillary?

"All governments are run by liars and nothing they say should be believed."
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What Ever Happened To The Pedophile Case Against Criminal Hillary?


By de Andréa

Opinion Editorialist for

Posted May 26, 2017

This is incredible my friend…

While the Washington Communists are on an unprecedented fishing expedition against the entire Trump family, the NYPD has had their hands on pervert Anthony Wiener’s laptop. Wiener, the estranged husband of former Clinton top advisor Huma Abedin, was of course just one of the many pedophiles infesting the upper strata of the Obama administration. And that laptop was chock full of incriminating information, from the evidence of visits to Jeffrey Epstein’s sex island in the Caribbean and even State Department classified emails.
I wrote about this scandal in December of 2016 check it out.  Also in case you are totally unaware of the criminal corruption in pedophile sex trafficking going on in the Swamp of the Deep Dark Communist State and Shadow Government of Washington DC then you can begin to educate yourself with the scandal the Alphabet soup media refuses to cover. Click on this.  Instead they are panicking about Trump’s intention of draining the DC Swamp, and they continue to fabricate accusations (one after another) against the entire Trump Family. This is why Trump fired Comey. He’s a criminal psychopathic liar and a Clinton media puppet.   “You do what you got’a do to protect your family,” my friend.
In the video, Right Wing News looks at what has been and has not been done ever since the seizure of the laptop. Sure, the Trump administration has been cracking down hard on the DC pedophiles, with thousands of arrests since his inauguration. Of course, this has gone largely unreported by the hypocritical mainstream media. However, the question remains: is what they are doing enough and are they really going after the pedophiles at the highest level?
“NYPD is doing the entire nation a great service,” according to Erick Prince, the founder of Blackwater and a retired Navy Seal. He is well known in military, security and law enforcement circles and has strong contacts within the New York Police Department. They are confirming some very serious and disturbing information that is leaking out about just what was on the Weiner laptop. Prince was interviewed on Breitbart radio on Friday.
According to Prince, “They found State Department emails. They found a lot of other really damning criminal information, including money laundering, including the fact that Hillary went to this sex island with convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein. Bill Clinton went there more than 20 times. Hillary Clinton went there at least six times.”
He said, “The amount of garbage that they found in emails, of criminal activity by Hillary, by her immediate circle, even by other Democrat members of Congress, was so disgusting, they then gave it to the FBI and they said, ‘We’re going to go public with this if you don’t reopen the investigation, you don’t do the right thing with timely indictments.”
Prince reveals that the NYPD wanted to hold a press conference and announce the additional arrests they were making and they received huge pushback to the point of coercion from the Justice Department. He said the Justice Department went so far as to direct them to charge an unrelated individual in the Eric Garner case of almost two years before. He says, “That’s the level of pushback the Obama Justice Department is doing against actually seeking justice in these email and other related criminal matters. He says in the unfortunate instance of Hillary Clinton being “elected” president there will be a constitutional crisis unlike anything since 1860.”
Prince says, “NYPD was the first one to look at that laptop. Weiner and Huma Abedin, his wife, the closest adviser of Hillary Clinton of twenty years, have both flipped. They are cooperating with the government. They see potential jail time of many years for their crimes.”
“NYPD kept a copy of the computer and passed a copy on to the FBI, which was what forced Comey to reopen the investigation.” He says, “NYPD has all the information and they will pursue justice, within their rights, if the FBI doesn’t.  And there is all kind of criminal culpability, there’s all of the emails they’ve seen, of that 650,000, including money laundering, underage sex, pay for play, and of course, plenty of proof of inappropriate handling, sending and receiving of classified information, up to SAP level special access programs.”
He quotes one of the NYPD Chiefs, saying, “As a parent, as a father with daughters, he could not let that level of evil continue.”
Recent stories on this topic with similar sources and conclusions can be seen at the following links. One with Doug Hagmann can be accessed by clicking this link and another featuring Dr. Steve Pieczenik can be found here.
If you happen to be someone who hasn’t looked into #Pizzagate at all, mainly because the very same people who’ve been lying to you about everything for years have told you it’s “fake news,” then I hope you’ll take the time to investigate for just 17:00 minutes and watch the video
Why not see and hear some of the evidence for yourself, and make your own decision as to whether #Pizzagate is worth looking into, rather than taking the word of a Communist rag who refuses to show you any of the evidence. That’s rather suspect, is it not?
Furthermore, if there was nothing to the story of pedophile rings and their connection to the DNC, how is it that over 2,500 child sex offenders have been apprehended by Trump’s administration in just the first 60 days alone??? Why did the previous Democrat administration do nothing??? If there is nothing to the story, and it’s just “fake news,” why did Jeff Sessions Tell Nancy Pelosi To Expect Pedophile Investigations to Begin, despite her threats not to?
Either #Pizzagate is “fake news,” and every arresting officer and agent involved in apprehending the 2,500 sex offenders did so knowing those people were innocent, or there is ABSOLUTELY something to the story. It’s one or the other. It cannot be both. Once you realize that, ask yourself who is more likely to lie? A handful of super elite politicians, or hundreds, if not thousands of men and women on the ground level making the arrests? 
You can help my friend by writing your representative HERE, and tell them to stop their fishing expedition and investigate a real Washington DC scandal where there is actual evidence.
 Thanks for listening. Now go do the right thing and fight for freedom. 
- de Andréa
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