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American History Erased


American History Erased


By de Andréa

Opinion Editorialist for

Posted May 2, 2017

New Orleans is Ground Zero for War with BLM and ‘Take Em Down NOLA’ to Erase Southern Heritage

The city of New Orleans, Louisiana has become ground zero in the effort by out of state Neo-Nazi organizations to remove the history of the Confederacy from the southern states.
Whether one believes that this part of American history is distasteful or not, it is still part of our history and should never be forgotten.  The quote by Churchill comes to mind, “The farther back one looks the farther foreword one can see”.  Or the one by Santayana who wrote (in The Life of Reason, 1905) “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” Is this what the blind fanatics of the BLM want?  Probably not, but it is certain that this is what Nazi War Crimes George Soros wants.
First let me explain the fact that black lives do not matter to the BLM.  They do matter to to me, but they don’t matter to the very people who are involved in the BLM movement. If they did matter they would stop killing each other in places like Chicago and L A and New York and in Washington DC etc.  It isn’t the white police that are killing black Americans.  It is black Americans that are killing black Americans.  Black Americans first have to matter to themselves. 
That being said, once again minorities are being used by the Fabians and the Nazis to carry out their agenda.  The black Americans must stop being the ‘useful idiots’ of the anti-Americans and the Shadow Government.  
This is only the starting point for the despotic Shadow Government to use groups like Black Lives Matter and its splinter group ‘Take Em Down NOLA’ (TEDNOLA) to erase all evidence of the existence of the Confederacy in southern states and eventually all American history. If they are successful, you can bet that the removal of all distasteful information from text books and literature will be next.  This is what all totalitarian regimes have done throughout history in order to erase any trace of freedom and liberty.
These groups are as extreme as they get. rivaling ISIS. They have promoted and participated in violence in many areas of the country since their conception. The BLM supported by Nazi George Soros has been busy stirring up riots, civil unrest, and damaging millions of dollars’ worth of property since the bussed in Ferguson Rioters, continuing completely through the last presidential election process with countless acts of violence.
In my opinion the BLM and TEDNOLA should to be declared a domestic terrorist group of the worst kind.
New Orleans Mayor, Mitch Landrieu an extremist hate America Leftist Frenchman has welcomed extremist groups in an effort to destroy the heritage of the city. What if we were to get rid of the French heritage of the City, would he appreciate that? Maybe he never quite got over the ‘Louisiana Purchase’.  What’s this? Look it up!

Landrieu has also made sure his efforts to remove Confederate Monuments from New Orleans goes without opposition, via appointing well connected Monument Removal supporters to key city positions.

Almost since the formation of BLM and TEDNOLA, Landrieu has had contact with Soros and these groups in preparation of ultimately removing the history of NOLA. In 02/2016, TEDNOLA filed a brief in support of the removal of Confederate Monuments.

Most residents of the city of New Orleans and the state of Louisiana are opposed to the removal of these monuments and recent outside extremist groups coming to the city and state demanding the removal of southern heritage.
Understandably so, since quite a few people here have family members buried in many areas who fought for the Confederacy in the Civil War. The erasure of Confederate Monuments as well as the history behind them degrades every single individual who fought for the Confederacy (which was indecently about states’ rights not about slavery, slavery did not end with the Civil war, but States rights did.) during the Civil War and should not be tolerated by the thousands of native southerners who have family ties to the Confederacy.
It is time for all Americans who value the constitution and respect US history as a sovereign nation to reject the demands of these extreme Nazi Leftists whose ultimate goal is to remove all evidence of the US as an individual country for absorption into a New World Order.
Ever since the presidential election process began, we have had organized efforts across the country to disrupt, disband, and physically harm those in support of Donald Trump. Support for these organized groups and events has mainly come from George Soros monetarily and those in power during the Obama Administration have handled the orchestration and logistics of the organizations.

More and more violent Leftist groups like BLM and TEDNOLA are being formed each day with a specific goal of scaring Conservatives, Patriots, and overall Trump supporters into not gathering publicly, voting, or even expressing themselves favoring the President. Such extremism and violence has to be met with the same as it personifies.
THE BOTTOM LINE: The time will come when real American Patriots, Conservatives, and Constitutionalists of the Republic will have to give these groups and organizations exactly the same as they have been giving us. If this means taking their violence to them, then so be it. The time of being pushed around by these Nazis is over, we must think about pushing back.  It’s called self-defense my friend.

Thanks for listening. Now go do the right thing and fight for freedom. 
- de Andréa
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