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Which Presidential Candidate Should Christians Vote For?

"Of all the dispositions and habits which lead to political prosperity, religion and morality are indispensable supports. In vain would that man claim tribute to patriotism who should labor to subvert these great pillars of human happiness -- these firmest props of the duties of men and citizens. . . . reason and experience both forbid us to expect that national morality can prevail in exclusion of religious principles."  George Washington

Which Presidential Candidate Should Christians Vote For?

By de Andréa,
Opinion Editorialist for
Published October 30, 2016   

The most important general election in American history will be upon us before we know it. For the last one hundred years this country has been leading up to this cross road. We can chose to stay on this path to tyranny that we have been on, or we can turn right and get back on the road to the Constitutional Republic and prosperous Christian nation that this country was designed to be. The decision will be solely up to you my friend…

It appears that a large minority of Evangelical Christians are sticking with Donald Trump, despite the mainstream hate America media’s relentless attack on him. But they all should stand by the Republican nominee regardless of what the media says.  First because there is no perfect candidate.  Second the media lies like a ‘Muslim Prayer Rug’. And then, and if for no other reason, because Christians need to prevent Hillary Clinton from ever occupying the White House.

Ultimately, the election in November comes down to a choice between freedom and tyranny, and no other considerations matter.
The point is the contrast between these two candidates is huge.  I suppose it depends upon what kind of a world you want or foresee, what kind of an America you want, how your conscience will allow you to vote. Because here's the bottom line – barring something really unusual happening, all things being equal between now and November, on November the 9th, one of the candidates will have been elected commander-in-chief of the military armed forces of America and the CEO of America's economy and borders. Either Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump.

Now, you can say what you wish about either one of them, neither one of them are perfect candidates. We might have had some in history that people could deem to be more desirable than others. But we've never had a perfect human being as a president, not even Ronald Reagan was perfect. So my point is, let's be reasonable for a moment.
Christians have a responsibility to safeguard the national interests of the United States, because it was designed to be a Christian power and an important pillar of the faith worldwide.

I am a born-again, Bible-believing, Jesus-loving Christian.  My first loyalty is to the Kingdom of God regardless of who is in charge or what happens to this nation. But that being said, I also recognize this is the largest Christian nation the planet has ever seen since the birth of the church. We were a constitutional republic founded upon Judeo-Christian biblical principles. If you know your history, that is undeniable.

I know that my freedom, happiness and prosperity that I have enjoyed, is the result of living under that kind of Constitutional Republic and the life of freedom that it affords.  The choice in November is a binary decision between Trump's Federalism and the Global Tyranny of Clinton which has been revealed in recently released emails and transcripts of speeches as an explicit supporter of open borders and anti-Americanism 

On the one hand, we have Hillary Clinton, who is an avowed globalist.  She has spoken against Second Amendment rights, she has spoken in favor of perpetuating the abortion holocaust, she has spoken very clearly about her desire to bring in more Islamic refugees, and has spoken in favor of the borders staying porous and loosening the immigration laws. I could go on and on.

Clinton is at the very least   partially responsible for the consequences of the Obama administration's foreign policy, which has seen the rise of Islamic Jihad, destabilization of the Middle East and the widespread persecution of Christians.
She's participated in the Obama administration as secretary of state.  She helped to bring about the Arab Spring, which birthed ISIS, which has birthed the entire turmoil in the Middle East. So you have more of that – or you have Donald Trump.

Trump has showed dedication to evangelical causes through the team he has assembled around him. Trump has for example, selected a Christian conservative Mike Pence as his vice president.

He has picked as a potential vice president an outspoken evangelical Christian. He has put around him an outspoken evangelical Christian advisory council. He's put an amazing coalition of Christians around him. Has Hillary Clinton done anything like that? No, she has done the exact opposite.
One thing I can tell you for sure, and that is Trump's patriotism and love for country is sincere.

Trump has made promises.  “I want to make America great again. I want to build a wall until we get a grip on this thing. I want to tighten up the restrictions on who comes in and who doesn't. I want to do some vetting. I want to make sure ISIS isn't coming across our borders to kill us, to destroy us from within, the 'Trojan Horse' scenario that ISIS brags about.

Trump wants to bring industrial operations back to America, lower taxes so those people who have the infrastructure and the wherewithal can create good jobs and strengthen our economy. He says he wants to strengthen our military … the bottom line is he’s much more of a Constitutional federalist and Clinton is much more of a globalist autocrat.

However I have heard from many Christians who say they can't vote for Trump because of their "conscience. While I understand the position, Christians can't opt out of their responsibility to do all they can to put the best choice we have in the White House? This is what they did in the last two elections where 68 percent of registered Christians didn’t vote and look where that got us.  After all, they will also be responsible to their conscience if Hillary Clinton is in the White House in a year. And I derided the idea that there is some "perfect person" that evangelical Christians can write in to be commander-in-chief.

We're not electing a pastor or a pope or a priest or a Sunday school teacher.  We're electing the person who is going to sit across from Putin and look him straight in the eyes and tell him what for. Someone who instead of encouraging the enemy of the free world to pour into this country like vermin turning this country into just another Islamic sewer, will stop the invasion of this foreign ideology of Satan from poisoning our Christian culture.  You want to talk about your conscience? What are you going to do when you wake up on November the 9th and you didn't vote or you voted for a third party who had no chance of winning and effectively gave a vote to Hillary Clinton? You wake up and she's president-elect. The globalist autocratic agenda is in full force. Obama's last eight years will be on Communist steroids for another four or eight years and beyond. What are you going to say to your children and your grandchildren when the America we knew is gone? When the Constitution, First Amendment rights, Second Amendment Rights, Fourth and Fifth Amendment rights, and all the rest of those are gone? What are you going to say about your conscience then, my friend?

Trump is hardly likely to solve all the concerns of evangelical Christians in the United States. But I believe that on issues such as the Supreme Court Justices and religious freedoms, Trump will give Christians the breathing room they need to rebuild the culture.

There is nothing in the decades of Hillary Clinton's public life that indicates she is some kind of friend to constitutional law or evangelical Christianity.  Whereas Donald Trump has been a friend to Americanism and Christianity. And as I said, he at least had the guts to pick an evangelical Christian for his vice presidential candidate.

Thanks for listening my friend!
- de Andréa
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