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Syrian War Perpetuated By Obama

"All governments are run by liars and nothing they say should be believed."
-I. F. Stone

Syrian War Perpetuated By Obama

By de Andréa,
Opinion Editorialist for
Published September 12, 2016

U.S. alphabet soup Fabian Communist media is silent as the Security Council accuses Obama of war crimes

The main reason I am writing this article is because I no longer believe anything coming from government or its puppet so-called mainstream media.  While I can’t find any absolute proof that would hold up in a court of law, it sure does make sense, and answers a pile of questions such as, why the most powerful country in the world can’t seem to win this war against these 7th century monsters.  Could it be that the U.S. Government is actually perpetuating it? And if so, why would they do that?

Right now, the clock is ticking. World War III is not only on the horizon, but it seems imminent. As if that isn't scary enough, Americans who are relying on the mainstream media for their "news," have no clue, because the mainstream media doesn’t report “news.” They relay “propaganda.” It’s like Michael Snyder said in a recent post: “War is coming, but unfortunately most Americans are completely oblivious to what is about to happen.”
Just this week, as a result of Obama’s unsubstantiated claim about the Russians allegedly hacking the American electoral process and the DNC, Putin signaled he’s had ENOUGH of Obama’s nonsense. In response to the accusation, the Russians have deployed nuclear missiles into Kaliningrad, along the border with Poland, and they are aimed directly at Berlin. 

In the video below, I review recent events leading to where the U.S. finds itself right now, and I ask the question, “Where the hell is the mainstream media?” Is every single solitary “journalist” in America assigned to watch Trump’s Twitter account all day, every day? Is there not one outlet that can assign even ONE person to report ACTUAL “news?” Do both Obama and Clinton belong in prison, or as Ted Nugent suggested, executed after being found guilty of treason.
Diane Marshall of STATE OF THE NATION Reports:
“How long will our congress and senate and pentagon ignore Obama’s international war crimes?  The clock is ticking and WWIII is on the horizon if Obama and his administration are not reigned in and dealt with legally by the American governmental processes.  It is now evident from world leaders and our own councils that the administration has been directly responsible for toppling nations, creating and funding ISIS terror organizations and destabilizing the Middle East.  It is now clear that Hillary Rodham Clinton was one of the architects of the Arab Spring and an accomplice in international war crimes.
Russia has had enough and their patience has worn thin waiting to see when and if America acts on ridding their government of its warmongers in the wake of the U.S, airstrikes on Aleppo in Syria.
President Assad is not accepting the U.S. statement that the recent United States airstrikes on Syria were an accident. He let it be known that it was not one airplane, it was four that came to do a planned attack and killed over 60 people. “Attacking for over an hour, curving around is not an accident.” he stated.
UN Security Council looking into the matter stated that after investigations into the Syrian Airstrikes, it was their conclusion that the U.S. committed a direct act to fly into Syria and perform an airstrike.  It was not an accident
What can Americans do to stop the misuse of executive powers of the Obama administration when the congress and senate are turning a blind eye on the matter? These are premeditated criminal acts of war that have already taken place. Not just some back room plans that were found out before any harm was done.  This is very serious.
Indictment and removal from office is in order for all involved.  Americans have been lied to about the entire war on terrorism and fed false news propaganda about the Syrian government to justify war with Syria.  The entire Arab spring leading to deceitful nation toppling were Obama and Hillary led?
If we don’t act to indict this administration for their international war crimes…Russia will.”
THE BOTTOM LINE: As I said at the beginning of this article: The main reason I am writing this article is because I no longer believe anything coming from government or its puppet so-called mainstream media… it sure does make sense, and answers a pile of questions…”  It could be that this is the rest of the truth or it could be that this is the real truth.  But what I do know is that what is coming out of Washington is a pile of lies propagated by the alphabet soup media. And that ISIS was created by Obama and Hillary Clinton.  I have written many well documented articles on this subject, here are just a few.

As to why would evil people like Clinton and Obama do this?  Well that is an easy answer, they both hate the American Constitutional Representative Republic, or what is left of it.  It has been systematically torn down by the Global Socialists, beginning as far back as 1913.  Shortly thereafter the Fabian Communists infiltrated the West using whatever means they can find to destroy the Republic and everything it stood for.  Until we have a populous where most don’t even know that America was not created as a Democracy. The Framers and architects of this once Great Nation were deathly afraid of Democracy because they knew that it was just a disguise for a Socialist Dictatorship, something akin to what they had just escaped from.

The present Constitutional government structure must be demonized and destroyed in order for the citizens to accept autocracy as an alternative.  So it is presented as old fashion, a system that doesn’t work anymore.  And as an evil, selfish, unbalanced system, that demonizes wealth and independence.  What they are not told is that they will also lose all their rights and freedom.  But then Freedom is over rated isn’t it???  

The following are a group of videos that prompted the writing of this article.  Although some are rather lengthy it will give you a perspective on what may be going on in this government, and why Trump no matter what way he says it or how outrages his narrative is or what the opposition dredges up on him he still has diehard followers, proving that there are still some real Americans left in this country and even if trump is brash, outspoken and unpolished, he is certainly better than what we have had to choose from since Ronald Reagan who by the way was also an outsider not brainwashed by the Washington Fabian elites.  

Please take the time to watch these few videos they will give you a whole different prospective on the news and will at least cause you to think for yourself. And began questioning everything that the Federal government vomits out all over the fruited plane and this once independent thinking country.  And if you don’t trust Assad the president of Syria then read this article that I published back in June 19, 2013 titled “Assad Saves a Few Christians From Obama’s Paid Terrorists.”

 Thanks for listening my friend!   
- de Andréa
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