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UK Ambassador Says Russia Didn’t Hack The DNC

"All governments are run by liars and nothing they say should be believed."
-I. F. Stone
UK Ambassador Says Russia Didn’t Hack The DNC
He’s right.  The NSA did it, they don’t like Hillary either.  They know she can’t be trusted with State secrets.  

By de Andréa,
Opinion Editorialist for
Published October 24, 2016

It is simply a lie. The Communist media and the Clinton Mafia have totally fabricated this easy scape goat of Russian hacks, just to identify Trump with Putin and take the focus off of the Clinton Criminal Mafia.  
Former British Ambassador Craig Murray is an ally and friend of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange.  He visited Assange in the Ecuadorian Embassy last Wednesday to discuss his ongoing plight. What Murray learned from Assange “could have a huge impact on the American 2016 election, if only the American people were allowed to hear it.”

Did you read that???  A British bureaucrat knows that America’s media is just as controlled and phony as the USSR - KGB - TASS news media was during the cold war.  “…If only the American people were ‘allowed’ to hear it.”  He says.

This is something that happens only in an autocracy and it is nothing short of mind control.

One of the main arguments the Communist media has for people, is not to give credence to the criminal DNC Clinton emails.  They are saying that this is a deliberate attempt by Vladimir Putin and Russia to impact our electoral process. The narrative goes something like this; Russia illegally hacked the DNC and are now trying to steal the election from Clinton. So Republicans shouldn’t use the ill-gotten information, and the media shouldn’t report on it, and the American people shouldn’t pay any attention to it. In that way, we’ll be standing up to the tinpot dictator Putin who is a friend of Donald Trump. The only problem with this attempted cover-up is that it means we should all completely ignore the criminality and corruption at the DNC and in the Clinton campaign Mafia!
Even though it is a flat out lie that Russia has hacked the DNC, it’s become so prevalent that even some brainwashed conservatives are parroting it.
Here’s the thing… there’s absolutely no proof or evidence that Russia did any of this. They’ve never admitted to it, and according to our intelligence community there is no proof of it. It’s simply a fabricated lie that the Communist media and the Clinton Mafia have promoted as fact. Moreover if you don’t believe it…well…”you’re just one of those deplorables.”
Well, Ambassador Murray is here to dispel the rumors and to clear the air. Vladimir Putin and Russia had nothing to do with hacks on the Democrat Commies, nor with the release of the hacked emails.
Here’s what Ambassador Murray had to say from his personal website:
I left Julian after midnight. He is fit, well, sharp and in good spirits. WikiLeaks never reveals or comments upon its sources, but as I published before a fortnight ago, I can tell you with 100% certainty that it is not any Russian state actor or proxy that gave the Democratic National Committee and Podesta material to WikiLeaks. The claim is nonsense. Journalists are also publishing that these were obtained by “hacking” with no evidence that this was the method used to obtain them.
The control of the Democratic Party machinery deliberately to unfairly ensure Clinton’s victory over Bernie Sanders is a matter of great public interest. The attempt by the establishment from Obama down to divert attention from this by a completely spurious claim against Russia, repeated without investigation by a servile media, is a disgrace.
The over-close relationship between the probable future President and Wall Street is also very important. WikiLeaks has done a great public service by making this plain.
The attempts by the mainstream media to portray WikiLeaks as supporters of Trump and Putin because they publish some of Clinton’s darker secrets is completely illogical and untrue in fact. The idea we must pretend Clinton is a saint is emetic.
But the key point is that WikiLeaks is a publisher. It is a vehicle for publishing leaks, and is much more of a vehicle for whistleblowers than for hackers. It does not originate the material. I have often seen comments such as “Why has WikiLeaks not published material on Israel/Putin/Trump?” The answer is that they have not been given any. They publish good, verifiable material that they are given by whistleblowers. They are not protecting Israel, Putin, or Trump. Nobody has given them viable material.

Did you get that?
  1. Russia did not get/give WikiLeaks any of the leaked emails/data.
  2. The media says the info was “hacked,” but WikiLeaks has never said that the information was gathered in that manner. Meaning, it could have been leaked by a whistleblower at the NSA.
  3. The same people who “stole” the Democrat nomination from Bernie Sanders are now trying to shift attention from their corruption to Russia.
  4. Obama and the media are complicit in both the corruption and the cover up.
  5. WikiLeaks doesn’t have a “dog in the fight;” they simply publish the information that is given to them by whistleblowers.
Ladies and gentlemen, please don’t buy the Communist media/establishments spin on the WikiLeaks releases. This isn’t about Russia, or hacking, or anything like that –
This is all about how the media has been complicit, not only in the crimes of the Communist Democrat Party, but in covering up their crimes as well.
This is all about how liberal Communists will literally do whatever it takes to win, the end justifies the means, (Carl Marx). In their minds the ends always justify whatever dastardly means must be employed to ensure victory.
This is all about how the American people continue to have their rights stripped away from them by a bloated and corrupt government that continues to overstep their authority.
Don’t let them get away with it - anymore!
THE BOTTOM LINE: That all being said --  If Trump loses this election, it won’t be just because of the criminal DNC and the lies and fraud, the loss will also have to be borne by the stupid selfish RNC elites.  You will notice that even though many Communist Democrats don’t like Hillary they support their nominee. It at least appears that they respect the one their party constituents have nominated.  Even Bernie Sanders whom Hillary has demonized is stumping on her behalf.  On the other hand the stubborn snob elitist of the Republican Party have abandon their candidate because…well…he’s just not one of them.  He just doesn’t smell like a Republican President. But the thing I hope the American voters can read between the lines…is that…WELL!  That’s the whole idea, isn’t it???  The Donald is not one of them, he’s one of us regular people, warts and all.


There is only 16 days left to decide to keep America Free!

Thanks for listening my friend!   
- de Andréa
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