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France Secures Its Borders


France Secures Its Borders

By de Andréa, Opinion Editorialist
Published November 14, 2015

You have heard the saying: “They closed the barn doors after the horses have escaped. France has tightened security at its borders after they invited the Murdering Muslins Jihadists into their country.

153 dead, countless injured.
While my heart goes out, and my prayers go up, for the friends and family of those killed and/or injured by these Muslim terrorists…I must say the government of France is as much to blame as the attackers because they willfully and ignorantly invited these Muslim Jihadists into their country. 
Riminisent of early January this year, two gunmen attacked the Paris offices of the French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo, killing 12 and wounding 11, as well as an attack on a Jewish deli
Now last night while thousands of Paris residents and tourists were socializing and fans were enjoying a soccer match between France and world champion Germany, horror struck.
Muslim Jihadi Terrorists — some with AK-47s, some with bombs strapped to them — attacked  a restaurant and concert in an auditorium in the French capital and the stadium where a soccer match was underway.
Scores were killed in the coordinated attacks late Friday, leaving a nation in mourning and the world in shock.
At least 153 people were killed in the Paris and Saint-Denis shootings and bombings, French officials said. Among the victims, 112 were killed at the Bataclan concert venue, according to the Interior Ministry.
Deputy Mayor Patrick Klugman told CNN the death toll in the attacks is going to rise significantly. “We are facing an unknown and historic situation in Paris,” he said.  Historic…? Maybe, unknown? Only because of willful ignorance.
Hollande called the events “unprecedented terrorist attacks” and added, “This is a horror.” In a tweet, he said, “Faced with terror, this is a nation that knows how to defend itself, how to mobilize its forces and once again, knows how to overcome the terrorists.”
It’s confusing to me why he would call the attacks “unprecedented.” As if this has never happened before. Or’ it was unexpected.  And he said: “this is a nation that knows how to defend itself.” The truth couldn’t be more obvious, France and every other nation in the world, hasn’t a clue how to defend itself against these murdering sons of Satan. The West has been blinded and deceived by the demonic power of the Nation of Islam.  We have no defense because we refuse to face who and what Islam really is.
French radio reporter Julien Pearce was inside the Bataclan Theater when gunmen entered. Two men dressed in black started shooting what he described as AK-47s, and after wounded people fell to the floor, the two gunmen shot them again, execution-style, he said. The two men didn’t wear masks and didn’t say anything. The gunfire lasted 10 to 15 minutes, sending the crowd inside the small concert hall into a screaming panic, said Pearce, who escaped. He said he saw 20 to 25 bodies lying on the floor.
One of the explosions at the Stade de France outside Paris appears to be a suicide bombing, a Western intelligence source receiving direct intelligence from the scene told CNN’s Deb Feyerick. A dismembered body, consistent with the aftermath of an explosion from that type of device, was found at the scene, the source said.
At this hour, there is no credible or specific threat in the United States, according to a U.S. government official.  (Bear in mind this is spoken by someone who is willfully ignorant or brain dead.)
Hollande, in an address to the nation, said he had declared a state of emergency, possibly meaning borders will be closed. “We have to show compassion and solidarity and we also have to show unity and keep our cool. France must be strong and great,” he said.
Counterterrorism officials around the United States have convened secure conference calls to try to gather information and to assess whether there is any indication of threats in the U.S, according to two U.S. counterterrorism officials. Immediate suspicion for the events in Paris falls to so-called returnees — “people who have traveled to Syria and Iraq and have returned,” the officials said.  (Meaning terrorists have returned)
THE BOTTOM LINE: Are the governments of the West all brain dead?  Are the Muslim Jihadists in Europe any different than the Muslim Jihadist in America? Come on…they read the same play-books, they have the same ideology and agenda.  To murder and subjugate the Kaffaar, establish the Caliphate and the Nation of Islam in all the world.  

One would think that to be successful at winning the ignorantly so-called war on terrorism one would want to eliminate the problem. But instead, in the face of a tragic murderous attack such as this, we hear the words: “Faced with terror, this is a nation that knows how to defend itself, how to mobilize its forces and once again, knows how to overcome the terrorists.” 

KNOWS HOW TO OVERCOME THE TERRORISTS???  No government in the West has any idea how to “OVERCOME THE TERRORISTS if this is what is called overcoming the terrorists.
What kind of defense is this?  I have a novel idea to eliminate terrorism in the West that apparently no one has thought of… ELEMINAT THE TERRORISTS - STUPID!
And stop inviting them into your country…
Thanks for listening – de Andréa

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