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Hamtramck Michigan: A Muslim Controlled Government

Hamtramck Michigan: A Muslim Controlled Government

By de Andréa, Opinion Editorialist
Published November 7, 2015

The first U.S. city to become a Muslim majority government – and the American Fabian Communist Media is DEAD SILENT.

And so the camel’s nose under the tent continues.  I hate to be an “I TOLD YOU SO” (no I don’t) but I did tell you years ago, and now I am going to rub it in.

This Islamic agenda of making America an Islamic State began decades ago, it is just now becoming obvious. I also said that when it became obvious it would be too late to stop it.  Moreover, as I also predicted, our hate America communist media is continuing to be SILENT about the inevitable takeover of America, city by city.  If the Quran and Hadith were required reading by those in government, this would not be happening.  The step by step process of deceiving a culture is in their books.

Watch a video of the three Stages of Islamic Jihad as taught in their two books.  Note: this narrative is given by someone that lives in Detroit Michigan and has been tried and found guilty in a Detroit court of violating Sharia law.  Detroit will be one of the next Muslim controlled American cities.  

City by City!

As if America was feeling a little left out of all the Muslim control in Western nations like Britain and Australia , we just wanted our fair share of Islamic Jihad and tyranny as well.  Well America your willful ignorance has served you well…

And so, a suburb of Detroit has stepped up and elected the first Muslim majority city council in American history. The once circa 1900 Polish settled town of Hamtramck, Michigan elected four Muslims in the six member city council, in what is obviously a reflection of the town’s changing demographics. It wasn’t even that close. Muslim Jihadists were the top three vote getters.

This is the same city that saw no problem with letting the camel’s nose under the tent, voting unanimously in 2004 to allow the mosques to broadcast live and loud, the Muslim call to prayer all over town. Look, I’d love nothing more than to report this as a great step for new immigrants in America who reflect constitutional ideals. Unfortunately, last I checked the Quran, this is still the same so-called ideology whose highest leadership defines its faith on the tyranny of Sharia Law and the destruction of American freedom.

Beside the questions about empowering people of a dangerous and violent faith, despite their deceptive fraudulent individual integrity, there’s the issue of so-called diversity. Of course, don’t tell these deceived TV reporters that there’s a diversity problem. As they ramble on about Hamtramck’s new reflection they seem to be happily and willfully ignorant of the fact that the city council’s “diversity” is now more than 71% one faith and ethnic background. Don’t even get into the question of political diversity.  There is no diversity in Islam, there is only one set of laws…Sharia! And only one way of life, dhimmitude and subjugation.

Apparently, ethnic majorities are only a problem when we’re dealing with Caucasians and/or Christian or Jewish males.

Between 2007 and 2010 I wrote several articles about the systematic Islamic takeover of America city by city, Hamtramck and Detroit were just the beginning. Read a few of those articles here.
Thanks for listening – de Andréa
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