Thursday, October 15, 2015

The Silent Invasion

The Silent Invasion
By de Andréa, Opinion Editorialist
Published October 15, 2015


The historical George Town Catholic University in Washington DC is not the only Collage to convert to Islam, now Wichita State University turns their Chapel into a Mosque so as not to offend Muslims. 

As a proclaimed Islamophobe and a Christian I am offended by the fact that Islam is converting America into Islam.

A decision to make the university’s chapel so-called “faith neutral” to accommodate Muslim Jihadists who vow to destroy a free America has created great anxiety in the nation’s Heartland after critics were accused of being Islamophobic. What the school has done to the chapel in the name of “TOLERANCE” should INFURIATE you!

Last May, WSU administrator Eric Sexton of Wichita State University, ordered workers to
remove all the pews and an altar inside the Harvey D. Grace Memorial Chapel. The pews were ripped from the floor to make room for Muslim prayer rugs.

The Goal -- to have an all faiths chapel that is welcoming to all religious groups on campus

This My friend is what the Islamic transformation of a nation founded on Judeo-Christian values looks like, folks. The Christian faith is removed while the Islamic faith is given accommodation. This is called tolerance.

But what happened at Wichita State wasn’t so much tolerance or even just accommodation, as it was a complete Christian cleansing. Anything remotely related to the décor of a Christian church was given the heave-ho.

The chapel’s stained glass windows are still intact – for now. But I would not be terribly surprised if they’re eventually boarded up – for the sake not being offensive to the Muslim Jihadists. You remember! Those are the ones whose agenda it is to kill all the Kaffaar, that’s you and me my friend. Moreover, I don’t apologize for being intolerant of that fact.

“That space was always viewed as an interfaith for lots of folks,” WSU administrator Eric Sexton said. “In the spirit of today – there was belief at the time this was discussed that the space was not as flexible for all to feel welcome and included.”

Nevertheless, the removal of the pews and altar was a step too far for alumni and donors.  “Why did they have to take out all the pews,” alum Jean Ann Cusick wrote on Facebook.

Student body president Joseph Shepard told the Wichita Eagle that the outrage over the renovation is “Islamophobia, it’s coming from off-campus, not from the students here,” he told a news reporter. “They say we’ve taken a place of Christian worship and turned it into what they call a mosque.”

The original renovation request came from a resolution presented to the student government association earlier this year.

The campus newspaper reported that the school’s roughly 1,000 Muslim students needed a space on campus to pray and the idea was to renovate the chapel “into a flexible, faith neutral space where the spiritual needs of all students, faculty and staff can be accommodated.” About 15,000 students attend WSU.

The proposal went on to describe the chapel as a “predominantly Judeo-Christian environment” — hence the need for a faith neutral makeover.

But now the makeover could be getting a makeover.
There was so much outrage President Bardo has ordered a committee to be formed to study possible changes. “I don’t think that change was undertaken with enough consideration of the feelings of all elements of the campus and broader community,” he said.

Meanwhile, Muslims students have presented a petition calling for the university to install Islamic-friendly plumbing. They want handheld bidets installed in restrooms around campus.

THE BOTTOM LINE: This is what the Islamic transformation of a nation founded on Judeo-Christian values looks like, folks. The Christian faith is trashed while the Islamic faith is given priority.

I documented this phenomenon in one of my latest articles titled “One Nation Under Allah.”

We are being force fed into TOLERATING people that seek the destruction of America?
When is this silent invasion going to become obviously louder and louder, and when is Islamophobia going to become politically correct …


Thanks for listening – de Andréa

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