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Obama Shows His True Colors


Obama Shows His True Colors

Gun Confiscation!

By de Andréa, Opinion Editorialist  
Published October 13, 2015

One should focus on the substance of what Obama says. You don’t have to scratch very deep, however, to understand that like Hitler, what the president really wants to see in the U.S…. is total gun confiscation. 
Reiterating his support for gun control last week, Obama vowed, “I am going to talk about this, on a regular basis, and I will politicize it.…”
For once, we should take Obama at his word.
Clearly, Obama is infuriated with Congress and the American people for failing to adopt his gun confiscation agenda, but what is he actually promoting by way of solutions? His recent speeches have been long on vitriol, but short on specifics.
Just as clearly, the president has been unwilling to entertain any idea that mass murders can and should be addressed by means other than gun control.  Such as the reasonable and logical idea of arming campus personal and abolishing dangerous GUN FREE ZONES.
In his Oct. 2 remarks, for example, he dismissed talk of mental health reform, such as supported by the NRA. He insisted that anger, mental illness, and violence are problems that all nations face, but the U.S. is unique in its level of “mass shootings” and “gun violence.” That America has more gun violence than any other industrialized nation.  Moreover, because American violence more often involves firearms, firearms must be blamed.
Note: there are no statistical documentation anywhere for these claims, they are a total fabrication.  
Not surprisingly to me, Obama actually undermined the gun control movement’s current push for so-called “universal background checks.” According to Obama, “we can't sort through and identify ahead of time who might take actions like this….” Although it’s hard to argue he’s wrong about that, as the latest tragedy he is politicizing was once again committed, according to ATF, with firearms obtained through dealers, after successful background checks
Obama obviously has something more ambitious in mind, and he’s been consistent an blatantly obvious on this point for more than two years now. As he has time after time in the past, the president on Oct. 1 invoked Australia and Great Britain – what he called “countries like ours” – as models for the U.S. They “have been able to craft laws that almost eliminate mass shootings,” the president lectured. They prove “there are ways to prevent it.” 
What Obama is really proposing, despite some platitudes to the contrary, is the end of private firearm ownership for self-defense and the defense of a free state…how Hitleresque of him – which is essentially what happened in Australia and the U.K. 
 Here are summaries of those nations laws from the Library of Congress that make the point.
First, there is no constitutional right to keep and bear arms in Australia and Great Britain. These are socialist nations, they are not Constitutional Free Republics.
If you want to own a firearm in either country, you must first obtain the government’s permission, and you must prove to their satisfaction that you need it. Self-defense or the defense of freedom is neither a sufficient nor even legitimate reason to own a gun. 
The most popular firearms in America are banned in Australia and Great Britain, no matter what a person’s reasons for owing them. Australia bans AR-15s and other semi-automatic rifles. Great Britain bans handguns.  
After the bans were enacted, both countries forced residents to surrender prohibited guns to the government.
When Obama complains that America refuses to enact so-called “common-sense gun-safety laws” and rails against the ability of America to amass “arsenals” of guns and ammunition, confiscation is what he really has in mind.   To this end, he scoffed at the idea that more Americans should be armed or that anyone could in good faith oppose more gun control. “Does anybody really believe that?” he asked.
Obama has made it clear that he will continue to capitalize and politicize tragedies in order to push his despotic gun confiscation agenda.  That’s really nothing new.  What is new is his admission that what he really wants to do is confiscate legally owned firearms.  Rest assured, the five million men and women of the National Rifle Association and the 170 million armed citizens will continue to fight him every step of the way.  Moreover if pushed to the wall…with arms if necessary
Obama is the criminal…
Just a few weeks ago Obama quietly used executive action—one of his new favorite tyrannical pastimes—that has got free American gun owner’s feathers in a ruffle.  According to Obama’s newest unconstitutionally enacted law, healthcare professionals are now required to violate HIPPA privacy laws and submit medical data to the government.  The illegally obtained data is then used as justification for gun confiscation by the federal government.

Showing exactly the kind of man Obama is, and not having been able to pass these gun control laws through congress, Obama has unconstitutionally used executive actions to pass the laws he wasn’t able to through legal means.

In what some are interpreting to be a much bigger and devious than it seems,—a tip of the iceberg type deal—the government is mandating that healthcare professionals disregard their oaths and state law.  The government has mandated that patient’s medical data be submitted to the National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS).  After which the government will sort through and analyze any of those it deems not fit to own a weapon. Basically the government is starting out slowly and testing the water to see how the public will react to not only gun confiscation but a governmental invasion of legally protected privacy.

As we are supposed to be protected by the 2nd and 4th amendments, it appears that Obama is yet again, overstepping his bound. After all, our forefathers clearly included in the constitution that our right to bear arms, “shall not be infringed,” and, “The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated.”

Reading the words those men wrote all those years ago with extremely clear words that were written with such preciseness there is no other way to interpret them other than to take them at face value, it makes you scratch your head when you hear what the government is doing.

After all, if Obama and his cronies really loved this country and respected their citizens they might be doing more to actually get guns out of the hands of criminals rather than legal gun owners.

There will most surely be a drop in those who would have normally stopped into the doctor’s office for some prescriptions out of fear that the government is going to kick down their door and confiscate their guns.  But of course this is what Obama wants—after all the government that has been cramming anti-depression pills down the throats of Americans will now use them to disarm the public.

There’s obviously a reason Obama couldn’t pass this through Congress legally, and why he found the need to surreptitiously use the executive action of an autocrat. 

What do you think?

Here is what one reader said:
“My baloney has a first name, it's B-A-R-A-K,
My baloney has a second name, it's O-B-A-M-A!
Oh, I'd like to chuck him in the trash and if you ask me, Why? I'll saaaaaaaaaaayyyy....
'Cause Barak Obama has a way of messing up the USA!”
John Gillis 

Thanks for listening – de Andréa

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