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The U.S. Gov. Says The Bible is Trash, But The Quran is Holy

“The enemy of my enemy is my friend”. The proverb is Arabic in origin ‘عدو عدوي هو صديقي' ('Adu 'Aduyi Hooweh Ssadikki - My enemy's enemy is my friend)
The U.S. Gov. Says The Bible is Trash, But The Quran is Holy

By de Andréa, Opinion Editorialist
for ‘THE BOTTOM LINE’:    
Published October 11, 2015

The Judeo Christian Bible is replaced by the Quran and the Constitution is being replaced by Sharia!
Under the pretext of Christianizing Afghanistan and the rest of the Middle East, the U.S. federal government is Shariaizing America.  Makes sense…well it depends on what your agenda is.
The Government and the media came down hard on preacher Terry Jones of Bradenton Fla. when he burned hundreds of Qurans calling it intolerant and blasphemous.  And yet the U.S. military burned hundreds of Christian Bibles in Afghanistan calling them trash and insightful.   
So why are the left wing communists so-called liberal progressives promoting Islamic ideology, Islamic Jihad and Sharia in America? Are they really interested in turning America into an Islamic State? No not really, but the Fabian or Stealth Marxist create useful idiots, those brainwashed programed human robots that no longer have the ability to think as an independent entity.  Stupefied, mesmerized, sheep if you will…and use them to fight the real enemy as they see them. 
So who is the real enemy you might ask?  Pure and simple in one word…Christians.  The enemy of Communism/Nazism/tyranny/despotism, or any anti-American subjugation - are the values, laws and principals of Christianity.  It has always been, from its beginnings in the Middle East.  From the Jewish Pharisees to the Roman Empire.   
If you remember the Jews sought the alliance of ‘their enemy’ the Romans to kill what they thought to be their greater enemy Jesus Christ.  “The Enemy of my Enemy is my Friend.”  Today instead of the Jews alliance with the Romans, it’s the Fabian Marxists that are pursuing an alliance with the Muslims to destroy Christianity, Freedom, and the historical American culture and society.
THE BOTTOM LINE: It all starts with ignorance, today being promoted under the guise of public education, media, and the philosophy of political correctness.  If one is kept ignorant enough he/she easily becomes deceived by the useful idiots of the Fabians and they become useful idiots themselves.  The indoctrination is blindly carried on and on, from generation to generation.  They ignorantly become enablers of their own destruction.  
The common enemy of both Autocracy and Islam are Christians and the God they serve.  So the Fabian Marxists masquerading as progressive Americans ally themselves with Islam, the enemy of the world to destroy their common enemy the Christians who strangely enough, are allied with Jews, if for no other reason than… again the enemy of my enemy is my friend, even though it is more than that, both Jews and Christians serve the Same God.
Marxists/Nazis don’t as you might think deny the existence of a god but they as Muslims serve a different god.  Muslims serve Allah/Satan the antipode of God who has been the self-appointed god of this world for at least 6000 years, only to make himself known as Allah since 610 AD. The autocracy of both Nazism and Marxism on the other hand, serve the god of Government from which they believe all power and control come from.   
“THE ENEMY OF MY ENEMY UIS MY FRIEND” therefore the Marxists running the U.S. Government say the Bible is trash but the Quran is Holy!
So while the threat to American Freedom appears to be Islamic subjugation of the Kaffaar, it is the Fabians that are behind them… Both the Muslims and the Fabian Marxists are the useful idiots of  Allah. Because Allah/Satan is the ultimate Driving Force behind all the destruction to Gods Creation. 
Christian Freedom is the enemy of both Marxism and Islam.         
There is only one way to Save America from certain death and destruction and that is to turn it back to the great country it once was.  
A Constitutional Republic, and one Nation under God for which it once stood, with liberty and justice for all.
Thanks for listening – de Andréa
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