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Polygamy: The ‘New’ Social Fad

Polygamy: The ‘New’ Social Fad
The gay marriage issue is now so’ yesterday; guess what’s on the horizon next ‘my friend’.

By de Andréa
June 26, 2013

This is a perfect example of what twisted minds and twisted spirituality can produce.  The Supreme Court is becoming worse than useless, moreover it is totally without vision!  

On the heels of the recent SCOTUS’ decision on DOMA, is the open door for legalizing polygamy, bestiality and who knows what’s next.

Thom Hartmann talks with Mark Henkel, a self-proclaimed so-called Christian from the State of Maine.  Hinkel is Polygamy rights advocate and founder of    FYI…their slogan is “bringing Christian Polygamy to the Christian Church.”  This is not Mormonism my friend, this is even more difficult for me to swallow than “Chrislam”.

Website:, who advocates the decriminalization of polygamy in the U.S.

So with the Gay Marriage Issue now settled by the useless “politically correct Supreme Court”, it will soon be a distant memory.  But the morally bankrupted growing minority who runs America will soon be embarking on yet another twisted bit of social garbage, ‘polygamy’.  Then in five or ten years what is to prevent the people of the dark from moving on to yet another tool of demonic influence, Zoophilia  or Bestiality

THE BOTTOM LINE:  I don’t even want to imagine what is next after that, but I am sure the garbage heads of society will dream up some kind of demonic nightmare.

Thanks for listening – de Andréa

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