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Obama: I Don’t Need No Stinking Warrants

Obama: I Don’t Need No Stinking Warrants
Well, Obama can’t even make it through a whole week without breaking the law and creating yet another scandal.

By de Andréa
June 29, 2013

Just to let you know the good folks at Judicial Watch never rest, they announced yesterday that they have obtained records from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) exposing yet another Obama scandal.  Millions more of your tax dollars have been spent by the agency on the warrantless collection and analysis of ‘your’ private financial transactions.  You could be one of them.

Thanks to Showden it was finely made public that the NSA has been collecting warrantless information on your social life, your private phone conversations, and every kind of data they can get their hands on and storing it forever to be used against you later.  The IRS has been involved in discriminatory actions and gathering information on those that believe in the U.S. Constitution, God and life and using it against them.  The Muslim Brotherhood organizations collecting money for Jihadist terrorists can easily obtain tax free 501c3 status but the Tea Party, an American constitutional advocacy group is denied.  

Below my friend is an objective/excuse for the Obama Regime for breaking yet another constitutional law, there is always an excuse but I don’t believe it for a moment.  Remember information is POWER and Obama wants it all! 

The excuse for the CFPB personal financial data collection program is in a document obtained by Judicial Watch entitled “INDEFINITE-DELIVERY INDEFINITY-QUANTITY (IDIQ) STATEMENT OF WORK.” 

According to the IDIQ document’s stated Objective: “The CFPB seeks to acquire and maintain a nationally representative panel of credit information on consumers for use in a wide range of policy research projects…  The panel shall be a random sample of consumer credit files obtained from a national database of credit files.”  That may be what they are doing, but a wide range of policy research projects is not an objective.  The truth is the objective is more power and control folks.

To accomplish this so-called objective, the CFPB describes the scope of the program accordingly:  “The panel shall include 5 million consumers, and joint borrowers, co-signers, and authorized users.  The initial panel shall contain 10 years of historical data on a quarterly basis.  The initial sample shall be drawn from current records and historical data appended for that sample as well as additional samples during the intervening years to make the combined sample representative at each point in time.” 

The CFPB data collection program has been highly controversial since the April 2013 hearing, when Cordray disclosed elements of the venture at a Senate Banking Committee hearing.  At the time, the US Chamber of Commerce accused the CFPB of breaking the law by demanding the account-level data without a warrant or National Security Letter. 

Did you notice that no where in the so-called OBJECTIVE was there an objective, the reason, the goal, the purpose etc.  The document carefully avoided that, it only documented what they are doing, not why or what they are using it for.

Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton said,“the Obama administration’s warrantless collection of the private financial information of millions of Americans is mind-blowing.  Is there anything that this administration thinks it can’t do?  These documents show that the Consumer Financial Protection Board is an out-of-control government agency that threatens the fundamental privacy and financial security of Americans.”

THE BOTTOM LINE:  I can say it with much more gusto: The whole bloody government is out of control.  And why is’ that you might ask?  Because “WE THE PEOPLE” who are suppose to be in control’ of the government, are more interested in what kim kardashian is doing, than what the government is doing, that’s why!

Wake up and smell the garbage!

Thanks for listening – de Andréa

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