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Obama’s Private War

Obama’s Private War
Obama wants to get out of Iraq and Afghanistan, why???  Because those wars are nearly won, not by the U.S. and its allies, but by al-Qaida the militant arm of the World Nation of the Muslim Brotherhood that Obama supported in Tanzania, Libya, and Egypt.  Now he wants to officially [come out] and support the Jihad in Syria, is Turkey next?

By de Andréa
June 17, 2013

Some say this is not our war.  Obama says we are not at war with Islam.  I would like to know then whose war is it, and who are we at war with?   

The tail is wagging the dog as the White House decides to ‘openly’ give military help to Syrian Jihadists.  The alphabet soup U.S. media are acting like this is all a new and sudden development, when U.S. involvement and the military buildup and increasing tensions in and around Syria have been well-known to the rest of the world since the Brotherhood takeover of Egypt.

On the heels of war-games conducted last weekend by the U.S. on the Jordan-Syria border, the United States and 18 other nations are beginning a 12-day series of exercises called "The Eager Lion Mission," which includes installation of Patriot missile batteries and use of F-16 fighter jets on the border.

Russia has protested the placement of U.S. missiles and the deployment of the fighter squadrons in the region.  Russian leaders have also disputed the White House's finding this week that the Assad regime has used chemical weapons against the rebels, dismissing it as a pretext by Obama for further military buildup.  They could be right about that, because that buildup has been secretly going on for some time.  For the past two years, the Jihadists in Syria have been getting aid from the U.S., which has smuggled surface-to-air missiles and other heavy weaponry into Syria through Turkey.

Along with arms, just as in Egypt, the U.S. has supplied fighters for the Syrian conflict, drawing mainly from al-Qaida-linked militias in Libya and elsewhere.

This operation was at the root of the attack in Benghazi, Libya, that killed the ambassador and three other Americans.  Obama has been working to cover up the facts about Benghazi not just because of the glaring incompetence of Clinton’s State Department, but because Obama has secretly allied itself with members of terrorist groups that we have been fighting in Afghanistan and elsewhere, for the purpose of carving out a Middle East legacy for himself among other International Islamic agendas.  There was always an opposition in Syria, but it likely would not have ever become a war without Obama's interference and manipulation of the so-called"Arab Spring" wave of rebellions across North African and Middle Eastern Islamic territories.

Outside the U.S., Obama's alliance with terrorists and manipulation of the situation in Syria is well-known, and Russian President Vladimir Putin has consistently been warning Obama not to ratchet up the tensions in the area.  Because Syria is a client state of Russia's, Putin has been increasing deployments of Russian personnel and materiel into the area.  Ultimately, any showdown with Syria will mean a showdown with Russia.

It will likely also mean Iranian involvement, as Iran is a close partner of both Syria and Russia.  Open warfare in the region could be an invitation for Iran to test its nuclear weapons technology.  The possible scenarios, should fighting break out, will start at bad, and go to far worse, culminating in nightmarish.

THE BOTTOM LINE:  This is the same Obama who campaigned on Middle East peace, and who contrasted himself to the "Warmonger Republicans”, who promised an end to the war in Iraq and Afghanistan.  Instead, he has broadened the regional conflict, engaging just about every nation with an advanced military, and now he has brought the U.S. to the brink of conflict with Russia.  This from our Muslim president who has from the beginning, supported the Islamic Jihad of the World Nation of Islam.  

Hanging in the balance will be the survival of America, Israel and the future restoration of the Turkish Ottoman Empire/Muslim Brotherhood and the emergence of the Islamic Caliphate, the Grand Mahdi of Islam, one in the same with the Judeao/Christian Biblical antichrist.  Whether one believes that or not, is irrelevant, because this is’ and always has been the agenda of Islam and they do not depend on what you believe in.  In fact, the more ignorant you are the easier it is for Islam to bring about the Ummah.  (A world controlled by the Nation of Islam).

Have you purchased your prayer rug yet…?

Thanks for listening – de Andréa

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