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House Defunds The United Nations Arms Trade Treaty

House Defunds The United Nations Arms Trade Treaty 

This does not mean that the UN cannot destroy our constitutionally guaranteed freedom; it simply means that Congress is not going to pay for it.  Only you' can stop it and save what is left of your rights and freedom…

By de Andréa
June 20, 2013

Don’t be fooled because your favorite alphabet TV News Network hasn’t made this ‘Breaking News’, much less broadcast the truth about this fraud.  The proponents of this railroad job hope you never hear about these arms treaties until it is too late.

Last Thursday the House of Representatives passed next year's defense appropriations bill - the National Defense Authorization Act FY 2014 - with 315 yays and 108 nays; but at the same time they also agreed to defund the United Nations Arms Trade Treaty.  The amendment, was sponsored by U.S. Representative Mike Kelly (R-Pa), it passed unanimously and blocks all taxpayer dollars from being used to fund the Global Arms Treaty for the next fiscal year.

These treaties themselves would eventually disarm all American citizens, and ultimately disarm the Nations of the world giving all military power to the UN. 

On the House Floor, the Pennsylvania Rep. said that the treaty "undermines our Second Amendment rights by omitting the fundamental, individual right to keep and bear arms" through its language that imposes national "responsibility" to prevent so-called firearms "diversion.” 

Kelly also noted that the treaty infringes upon the sovereignty of the United States as nation.  These are code words used to avoid telling you that the treaty would ultimately disarm the American military as well as its citizens. 

Please understand that while this amendment is a step in the right direction and a signal that there is mounting opposition against the Arms Trade Treaty, the fact is, the House can't prevent us from walking straight into this United Nations power grabbing scheme ... all treaties are decided by the President and the Senate only! 

Once Barack Obama signs his name to this international agreement - something that Secretary of State John Kerry already signaled that he is itching to do - it is then in the Senate's power only, to ratify or reject this globalist agreement - a stepping-stone to total disarmament of individuals and nations worldwide.  We simply can not allow that to happen!  We must demand the Senate to choose the second option. 

Take action and sign the petition and send a message to your U.S. Senators free.

 So far seventy-two nations have added signatures to the United Nations Arms Trade Treaty since June 3rd.  All in the name of safety and stopping crime
remember Hitler successfully did the same thing. 

This said, it is only a matter of time before Barack Obama adds his signature to this international gun-control agreement. 

The good news is that Obama's signature is so far only symbolic without the consent of the United States Senate.  This is to say that even if Obama adds his signature to the treaty - something he and many gun-grabbers are anticipating him to do - the United States will not yet be bound by its language. 

The real battle is in the United States Senate - the body that does have the power to ratify and adopt international treaties.  If the Upper Chamber of Congress accepts the Arms Trade Treaty then, and only then, will we be bound by the globalist language that the treaty contains. 

If we want to remain a sovereign and free independent nation under Constitutional rule, it is absolutely imperative that the U.N. Arms Trade Treaty be rejected at all costs. 

Should Barack Obama's signing spark 
Majority Leader Harry Reid to bring the treaty to a vote in the coming days, we must urge the Senate right now to vote against it! 

Just like
the United Nations Small Arms Treaty,(sign petition here), this Global Treaty is incompatible with the Second Amendment to the Constitution... despite what its criminal advocates claim. 

The Treaty would provide the United States Executive sweeping powers to regulate which guns can and cannot enter or exit our country.  Further, this treaty is a stepping-stone to a mandatory international gun-registry and future total confiscation. 

Senator Mike Lee of Utah, one of thirty-four Senators who voted on a resolution in April opposing the Arms Trade Treaty, says that he will block the anti-gun U.N. effort "as long as he is breathing in the U.S. Senate." 

In a statement, Sen. Lee said: "I have great concerns that this treaty can be used to violate the second amendment rights of American citizens, and do not believe we should sign any treaty that infringes on the sovereignty of our country." 

Senator James Inhofe has committed to oppose this treaty's ratification.  The Oklahoma Senator says, "The U.N. Arms Trade Treaty that passed in the General Assembly ... would require the United States to implement gun-control legislation as required by the treaty, which could supersede the laws of our elected officials.  It's time the Obama administration recognizes it is already a non-starter, and Americans will not stand for internationalists limiting and infringing upon their Constitutional rights." 

Senate gun-grabbers are not a small minority - in fact, we have already witnessed their full-fledge assault on our right to keep and bear arms this year!  We know that there are plenty of lawmakers on both sides of the aisle that lack common sense and think that increased gun-control is "common sense" and that ignoring our God-given, constitutionally-protected liberty is acceptable. 

When the
"Safe Schools, Safe Communities" gun-control bill was tabled in April, we remember that Mr. Reid said that it's only a matter of time before he brings gun-control legislation back to the Senate floor. 

The fact is, Senate gun-grabbers are far from retiring their agenda, and this dangerous U.N. treaty - which so many falsely claim is innocuous - would greatly aid them in their illegal and unconstitutional cause to disarm the nation and bring about their despotic regime. 

The Senate needs a 2/3 majority to adopt this treaty, and as Barack Obama adds his signature of approval we must make sure that we are doing all we can to stop the Senate from doing the same. 

Like the United Nations Small Arms Treaty, this Arms Trade Treaty can and must be defeated!  Will you  
call Senate offices, and sign the petition to stop this attack on our right to keep and bear arms? 

Remember, gun control in not about controlling guns, it’s about controlling people!

Thanks for listening – de Andréa

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