Saturday, December 15, 2012

The Coming American Gun Ban

The Coming American Gun Ban
As a follow-up to the Sandy Hook school shooting massacre, I just have to tell you what is now coming.  If you think this was bad, and it certainly was, but what is coming will be a thousand times worse.  How can anything be worse than dead children?  More dead children…

By de Andréa
December 15, 2012

I briefly touched on the moral philosophy of this incident in Connecticut in my last article titled Sandy Hook, but I just couldn’t leave it there.  When I say what is coming will be a thousand times worse, it is not an exaggeration.

Be sure to look for a new thrust in gun control by the hate America irresponsible legislators in the local, state, and federal governments in the coming weeks/months. 

I’m not going to preach to the choir here, I am going to talk to the brainwashed programmed robots that have stopped thinking altogether, and not to worry, you will know who you are when I am finished.

When the President said that “there have been too many of these tragedies” he was correct, but what this Communist Muslim Terrorist, that ‘YOU’ reelected as president, is going to do about it, is what is going to be a thousand times worse.  What will take place will compound this tragedy by thousands. 

Despite the phony nonexistent tears that Obama tried so hard to show on Friday, since 2008 Obama has been praying to Allah that something like this would take place, well…  Allah has answered Obama’s prayers.  If you think I am being cold and insensitive, then tell me how cold was it for Obama to give thousands of automatic rifles and ammunition to the Mexican Drug Cartel which killed thousands of people including several Americans in the criminally illegal project called Fast And Furious.  The sole purpose of the project was to use it for the same purpose that this tragic incident will be used for, and that is to violate the right of every American and ban and confiscate all arms in America.  

One must ask oneself, what is the purpose of gun or antigun laws?  Do gun control laws actually control crime?  Or!  Is that even its purpose? 

There are those that ignorantly believe that laws stop crime.  Or more specifically, that gun laws will stop gun crime!  Well hang on to your wig my friend, I am about to shatter your brain-dead robotic world.  Law’s…. period…. do not stop crime!  Whoa!  I’ll give you a chance to go to the bathroom and clean yourself up…  I’m sorry if I blew a hole in everything that you have been brainwashed with… really?  No, not really. I MEAN I AM NOT REALLY’ SORRY.       

Now listen…the purpose of law is not’, and has never been, to stop crime.  Oh!  Wow!  Then what is it for?  Now’ my robotic friend, listen closely and read my lips, because this is profound…  The sole purpose of Law is to condemn people after the fact.  The law is not prophylactic. 

Proof that even our legislators don’t have a clue about what the law is really for, even though most of them are lawyers, is the following.  Now, I am going to ask you to do something that you might be unfamiliar with.  I am going to ask you to think and remember…Columbine.  Columbine High school in Columbine Colorado, and yes for those of you robots that don’t have that program installed, that is’ part of the United States.  After the Columbine massacre, three US Senators said, we need to call a special session of congress and pass three more laws, which will prevent this from ever happening again.  Never mind the fact that the two gunman had already broke 17 local, State and Federal laws before they even entered the school building and then several more while they murdered their fellow students.  Why didn’t those laws prevent that crime?  Well… let me ask you this…if our elected officials passed a law that said that breathing was banned would that stop all this bloody breathing?  No!  Most of us would continue to breathe anyway.  You wouldn’t???  Well I said most of us!

Did the Congress pass three more laws that would prevent a Columbine from ever happening again?  Well…yes they passed three more anti gun laws alright!  And in the weeks following there were a half dozen more school shooting incidents.  The poor brainwashed teachers waved paper copies of the laws in the faces of the gunmen believing they would protect them from the bullets.  Now I am going to blow your programmed brain right out of your tin can head.  Paper and words are not an adequate protection against guns with bullets in them.  In spite of what your programmer told you, paper laws do not stop bullets or prevent crimes.

If laws prevented crime my friend we would have no crime in America…THINK!  

So what is it’ that’s coming, that is a thousand times worse than what just happened in an elementary school in Connecticut?  What could be worse?  Thousands more of these massacres are going to take place because there will be more laws against guns in the hands of potential protectors that could’ stop or reduce the chances of a threat turning into a mass murder.  I know that just went right over your deadhead.

Think now!  Try real hard you can take an Aspirin later.  What if the personel in the school administration office had guns in their desk drawers or strapped to their leg or what ever.  Well I can come pretty close to what would have happened my un-American brain-dead anti gun friend, the principal may have been shot, even killed but the gunman would have been dead before he could continue unabated throughout the school, killing masses of innocent children. 

It was because of the gun laws that this happened.  Not only is the gunman to blame for this insane act of the human slaughter of innocent life.  But the person or persons who tacked that sign to the wall that says THIS IS A GUN FREE ZONE and then runs away from the responsibility of just what it means, is just as much to blame for all these dead children.  Have you ever asked what a gun free zone means or did you just ignorantly make an assumption that it means this is a safe place to bring your children, because there are no guns here, come on!.  Think my friend!

If you really what to know what the result of gun control laws are’, then continue reading.  But if you want to remain robotically programmed and walk around in a zombieatic trance, just spewing out the ignorant indoctrination that you have been brainwashed with, then close this article and never read THE BOTTOM LINE again because you are just wasting your time.

The truth is, that criminals don’t obey laws - that’s what makes them criminals folks!  So the purpose of law is only to condemn criminals, it will not stop them, ever… 

So what does law do beside condemn criminals.  Unfortunately law also condemns people who obey them.  It condemns law abiding citizens to a life of slavery to unreasonable laws.  Further, laws of this kind cause a false sense of security to people like you that unfortunately have been ignorantly led to believe, that there is safety in a place where guns have been banned.  I remember when the lawmakers banned alcohol, only law‘breakers’ had alcohol, making them criminals, and it didn’t stop the consumption of alcohol, it actually increased it.  If guns are banned, as Obama will try to do, then all law abiding gun owners will become instant criminals, not stopping crime, but creating more criminals.

If the law abiding citizens give up their guns according to a gun ban law, then isn’t is reasonable to say that only criminals will have guns, because criminals by their very nature do not obey laws.  Is this really what you want?  This my friend, is why I said, what is coming will be a thousand times more horrorifing then what just took place in a small elementary school in a small town in the state of  Connecticut.

Dr La Pook interviewed by Scott Pelley said parents should reassure their children that they are safe, that their school is still a safe place.  Got some obvious news for you there Doc, that school was never a safe place, still isn’t, and it never will be a safe place, the reason?  Because it was and still is, a GUN FREE ZONE, it’s only a safe place for criminals that intend to shoot your kids.

THE BOTTOM LINE: There are three states in America that have no Gun Control Laws whatsoever.  Those states are Vermont, Arizona, and Alaska and they have the lowest violent crime rate per capita in the nation.  Oh!  Didn’t the Communist alphabet soup media tell you that?  Every two years, the FBI comes out with the crime statistics…look them up.  The media will tell you that the crime rate has gone up since the so called “Assault Weapons Ban” was overturned…  It’s a LIE pure and simple, over all’, the crime rate in the U.S. has gone down since more law abiding citizens than ever before in history own guns.   Since the gun ban in the UK, violent crime has increased more than 300 percent, the same is true for Australia and Canada.  Statistics reflect that every time more gun laws are enacted, more Americans buy guns and when more American buy guns the crime rate goes down.  But when Obama said: “we must act decisively and ignore the politics,” He really meant, we must pass a notional gun ban and ignore the people. 

Obama will ignore the statistics, and the truth and he will ignore you.  He will do everything he can to take advantage of this tragic murder and ban the only way we really have to protect ourselves our family our children and our freedom.  Obama doesn’t care about your children, he doesn’t care about your freedom, and he doesn’t care about you.  The only thing he and others like him care about is power and control.  Control over you and your only source of protection.  

I am warning all of you…if you value your freedom, your family, and your lives, do as our Forefathers suggested…arm yourselves, take your children out of public schools, and steer clear of dangerous GUN FREE ZONES that’s where the gun toting criminals are likely to be.  

Thanks for listening – de Andréa   


Falling on a bruise said...

The deaths yesterday were by legally held guns, even the owner was killed by them, so your solution of instead of regulating the guns you have, is to increase the number of them sounds a bit foolish.
In your world then there would just be more guns available for the lunatics to get hold of and go on the slaughter with. If there were no guns in the Lanza house yesterday, would the son have been able to grab one and go on his killing spree?

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