Sunday, December 30, 2012

Public Schools Teach "Allah is God"

Public Schools Teach 
"Allah is God"

Texas public school curriculum is now teaching students "Allah is the Almighty God," which is beginning to catch the attention of critics.  The creators of that curriculum, however, claim critics are taking information out of context.  In what context could Satan ever be God?

By de Andréa
December 30, 2012

  I can’t decide which is the most dangerous, the loss of our Second Amendment rights, or the brain-washing of our children with the lies of Islam in public schools.  It probably doesn’t matter since both’ will eventually destroy everything’ we hold dear.  That’s everything my friend!

Obama’s Communist Islamic private brain-washing propaganda curriculum, CSCOPE, is now being used in 70 percent of  Texas K-12 public school classes.  The "comprehensive, customized, user-friendly curriculum support system" was developed in cooperation with the Department of Education and the Texas Education Service Center Curriculum Collaborative as an experiment.  This, or something like this, will shortly creep into all American schools Nation wide.

But critics like Ginger Russell, are finding that the program teaches, "Allah alone is the Creator" as fact…and without any opposing viewpoint.

"They had a PowerPoint presentation there on Islam, and it did say that, -- that 'Allah is the Almighty God,'" Russell accounts.  "It doesn't give any controversial view to it, or disprove of that."

In addition, portions of the Quran are handed out to children to accompany the PowerPoint presentation, according to Russell.

"The lesson that went with this PowerPoint asked you to hand out the verses of the Quran to the kids to go over," the critic reports.

CSCOPE, which is independent of the Texas State Board of Education, also teaches that the Boston Tea Party was carried out by a band of terrorists and that the Second Amendment, contrary to a supreme court ruling, is limited to state-run organizations, a typical tyrannical philosophy.

But because the program operates outside the board of education, public review of the content is not permitted.  Even parents are denied access to this online program.
CSCOPE claims that accusations its curriculum promotes "Allah is the Almighty God" are inaccurate and "taken out of context.”  My brain is itching trying to imagine in what context is Allah properly portrayed as God, none - except in Satan’s Quran, he has always wanted to be’ God.  Don’t send your kids to a school where you are not allowed to view the curricula.

As for the Boston Tea Party example, CSCOPE says the writer of that lesson -- meant to "engage students with an activity on perspective, over the topic of terrorism" and to demonstrate "how an act of patriotism to Americans could be perceived differently by an outside party ....”  Who bloody cares how others perceive our patriotism!  What they are really saying here is…”How ‘Islam’ perceives our patriotism”.  Americans shouldn’t care how Islam perceives anything.  This is what is contributing to our downfall, trying to be friends with the Devil.

THE BOTTOM LINE:  So’, Islam perceives our fight for freedom as an act of terrorism, and we should be understanding???  We should teach our kids this garbage?  The only thing we need to understand about Islam is that it is a deception of the worst kind; it is the religion from Hell.  Moreover, that Allah is certainly not God in any context…Allah is in ‘real fact’, none other than ‘Satan’, the Devil himself, who has disguised himself as a serpent in Eden then as an angel sent from God in Mecca, and now Allah disguises himself as God Himself in the Judeo Christian West. 

Our children’s heads are full of oatmeal; it is a big responsibility as to what we do with that oatmeal.  So far, the illegal Department of Education, as well as our State and local school districts, have been irresponsible.  They are more interested in making nice with the enemies of God and of this Nation than they are in teaching the truth and origin of freedom and the liberty of God, the real God.  Allah/Satan has deceived a nation, ‘and’… he has deceived the world.  

Because of our Ignorance and lack understanding of who and what Islam really is, we as a nation are deceived and will allow the sacrifice of our kids heads full of mush to enable and perpetuate the lie of Islam until the Judeo Christian Nation of America will not even be a memory.  The history of freedom and Christianity will be nothing but fiction.

If you can’t see this coming down the road, then it’s because you are blind Ignorant and deceived.  By the time you become aware of this, it will already be too late.  The time to wake-up is now my friend!  Don’t sacrifice your children’s future to the Devil…

Thanks for listening - de Andréa 

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