Tuesday, December 04, 2012

How ‘You’ Are Turning America Into An Islamic State

How ‘You’ Are Turning America
Into An Islamic State

One of the first things our nation’s founders did --- was to establish schools and colleges.  Why???

By de Andréa
December 3, 2012

Why was it so important to educate the population right from the get go, especially the kids?  Answer…because they knew that in order to pass the founding fundamental ideals of liberty, freedom, and greatness to future generations, they would need institutions of higher learning ASAP.

Ministers were often the only source of information in the colonies, no other thinker had such as wide and diverse audience as did the preacher in his pulpit, and his printed sermons were the staple reading matter of his parishioners.

“Dreading to leave an illiterate Ministry to the Churches, when our present Ministers shall lie in the Dust,” they for example conceived and built Harvard Christian University, because they wanted their philosophy, ideology, and Christian legacy to continue.  And when Harvard failed to carry on the American Christian Ideology, they built Yale Christian University, it also failed!  Both are now teaching the Communist Socialist Ideology!

Americans should be very proud of themselves, they have nearly in one fell swoop, undone everything that Americans have fought and died for, for nearly 400 years.

Liberal elitist politicians understood that education was a sure way to change a nation from the inside.  If you have control over the education of children and the content of the curriculum, you can takeover and change the direction of a nation without ever firing a shot.  It takes time; but it is very effective, hence the unconstitutional U.S. Federal Department of Education that brought this country to a dumbed down historically illiterate nation that is now being used by Islam to create yet another Islmic oppressive State to follow behind most of Europe, Canada, Indonesia, Lebanon, the entire Middle East and most of North Africa.

Muslim Jihadists are at least as smart as the brain-dead liberals that enable them, and they too’ understand this same methodology.  That’s why they are systematically taking over our schools one by one, setting up new ones in the United States, and using our freedoms and our God given rights against us, and what’s worse we are enabling them.

Among the now nearly 3 dozen public and private schools, Christian colleges, and universities that are now Islamic Jihadist training facilities is a recent example of yet another Christian School turned into a Muslim Madrassa.  The 66-acre former home of the Woodmont Academy, another Catholic school in Cooksville, Maryland, is now in the process of being purchased by a Muslim Jihadist group to build a Muslim indoctrinational center from kindergarten through college.  The goal of course is to have a long-term national impact on the culture of America and we just blindly follow in dhimmitude, (if you don’t know what that means, LOOK IT UP) and blindly enable our own destruction.  Out with the old and in with the new as they say! Change, Change, Change!

“We have to look at our community’s [Islamic] growth in terms of the next 50 to 100 years,” say the Muslim terrorist Jihadists, “not just 10 or 20 years down the road.  This is an investment in the future of the community [country], for the Muslims who are here long after we are gone.”  Check out the Muslim Link, Their own Muslim publicationit describes the new educational center as the “Largest Islamic Project in America,” with the expressed purpose of changing the culture of America.  This by the way is the same expressed purpose your Muslim president Barrack Hussein Obama, that you’ reelected, who promised in his first campaign speech in 2008, he said:  “I will fundamentally ‘change’ America”.  Well…at least he is keeping that promise.

Muslims understand that to put their children in a government controlled school without modifying it, or completely taking it over, would mean that a large percentage of their children would lose their Islamic ideology.  In order to reshape America and make it Islamic the process of Islamization must begin with the children, ‘your children’, and guess what…a large percentage of your children will lose their American ideology!  They will become little Islamic Jihadist, suicide bombers…but I guess you don’t care, because you reelected al-Obama the sleeper Jihadist so he could finish the job of his FUNDAMENTAL CHANGE IN AMERICA!

Year after year, more Islamic-trained young people will make their way into American society and begin to take over the centers of power.  We’re already seeing it.  Presently, there are already two Muslims in the federal Congress and one in the Whitehouse! There are close to 100 in local and State government.  What do you think they are doing there… well I can guaran’d@#*’tee you it is certainly not to promote the JUMBO JACK!

It may take a generation or even two, but it has taken Islam more than a thousand years to get where it is today.  Another 10, 20 years, or so is nothing!  And you can be proud of yourselves…because you helped in the demise of this once great country!

THE BOTTOM LINE:  One of the things our Forefathers longed for, and looked after was to advance Learning and perpetuate it into posterity and freedom; we did that --- now we are going to perpetuate it into poverty and oppression.  The liberal deadheads call this progress…and you ignorantly believe them…


Thanks for listening – de Andréa


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