Tuesday, May 16, 2006


By de Andrea

Starting in about the year 800 AD it took approximately 300 years before the Christians came to the point of comprehending the agenda of Islam. It was of course the same as it had always been, and still is today. Time will stand still for Islam, until its mission is complete.

The reason why getting ones mind around the mission of Islam is such an arduous task, is because this is as much a spiritual war as it is a physical war, and the human mind alone cannot grasp the magnitude and the unconscionable enormity of this flagrant plan to achieve world domination.

This mission given to Muhammad, the Muslim prophet, started in 610 AD by their god Allah the ANGEL OF DEATH, AKA Lucifer AKA Satan, was to establish the Global Nation of Islam and to raise up the caliph (the supreme leader) in total control and domination of the earth. This of course has always been the mission of Satan, the fallen angel of the Christian and Jewish God Jehovah.

The fact that Allah the god of Hell is in control of the Nation of Islam, is the reason why the extremes the Muslims use to achieve this goal are so inhuman, heinous and incomprehensible. When one is led by the god of Hell one acts like the god of Hell. This is why the Muslims worship DEATH; their god Allah is Satan, the angel of DEATH.

Has America lost so much if its Christian foundation, that we again cannot comprehend the mission of Islam, moreover, that this mission has not changed, and it never will? This world does not have another 300 years to spend ignorantly romancing the Devil.

If the Muslims are not stopped now, it will take less than two decades for Europe to be controlled by Islam; moreover, as this article is being written Islam is now, and has been infiltrating America by the thousands. (Not emigrating and assimilating, but infiltrating, and in some cases entering this country illegally.) Like in Britain and in the entire world, the Mosques are the training facilities for a world jihad.

One may wonder, will Islam take over the world totally by force? Not necessarily, there will obviously be some violence and war; these are a violent people led by the god of Hell. However, Satan is also devious and the master of deception. For the most part, Islam is now incrementally and surreptitiously taking control of our cultures, societies, education and Governments; moreover, we are helping them.

The Islamic religion of DEATH is the only religion that is allowed to be taught in our schools today. Under the deception of learning to understand why they hate us. What’s to understand? Satan hates everybody including the Muslims; this is why he kills them as well.

The question is, is America discerning enough to see through this deceivingly warm fuzzy self-identifying peaceful Nation of Islam? One would hope so, because this is not the first millennium any more, we now are being threatened with nuclear weapons instead of arrows, spears and swords.

THE BOTTOM LINE: Should America start a modern day Crusade against Islam? If we do not then one should prepare ones children to be Muslims and or ruled by Islam. But then, our Public Schools are already doing that for us, aren’t they?

de Andréa


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