Saturday, May 27, 2006



By de Andréa

Those that illegally invade our country for the expressed purpose of committing terrorism or to unselfishly "do jobs that no one else will do"; commit felony Social Security fraud, use forged Federal documents including false identity, and in some cases commit identity theft, and tax evasion; they are not prosecuted for these crimes but instead are rewarded and granted voting status. They can file for welfare programs including free medical care, food stamps, rent subsidies, free and reduced rate education, and Social Security Benefits, just to name a few. Moreover, they are pardoned from all felonious crimes and put on a fast track to citizenship.

If for example a U.S. Citizen would commit just Social Security fraud alone, it comes with a $250,000 fine and 5 years in a Federal penitentiary, while the illegal alien is pardoned. This kind of behavior by our own Government is encouraging some Americans to think about applying for Mexican citizenship, giving up their own American citizenship and then return to the U.S illegally, all to obtain eligibility for the same rights, exemptions and benefits as the foreign invaders who enter this country illegally everyday and commit federal crimes.

In Los Angeles County Aproximately 70 percent of outstanding warrants for felonious and violent crimes are for illegal aliens, they go unprosecuted because they are part of an elite group of voters protected by the Federal Government.

One can see yet another new religion emerging from the bowels of this Socialistic demagoguery that is surreptitiously replacing the American Republic, called Illegal Alienism. A religion, if practiced properly could exempt one from prosecution of any crime and lead to a carefree life of irresponsible Social dependency and leisure.

THE BOTTOM LINE: The Liberal Senate, again think they have successfully pulled the wool over the eyes of the American sheep. Moreover, they probably have, except this writer is a llama among the sheep who sees exactly what they are doing, BUYING VOTES. They are pardoning or granting absolution (one dare not call it amnesty) to a group of criminal aliens in exchange for the votes that keep them in power. Occupying a seat in the U.S. senate has become the Prostitution of the American Government, and the Rape of American Citizens.

de Andrea


357martini said...

Pandering to the lowest of the low because any handout to them will be seen as validation of their claims...legitimate or otherwise...and result in what .....votes....partisan politics at its absolute worst.

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