Monday, May 22, 2006


By de Andréa

One should not be as concerned about why the Henny Penny (Judith Miller of the New York Times) story about the sky falling did not see the light of day; as much as, if Ms. Miller knew about an attack on the U.S. at least two months before September 11, why didn’t the CIA know? According to the Pulitzer Prize winning Ms. Judith MIller, as well as the Able Danger documents, (a code name for a CIA undercover antiterrorism unit) they did.

It seams that all the right people knew that some kind of attack on the U.S. was imminent, yet because of the lack of communication, blowsier attitude, or possibly being told not to respond, in any event all involved, may as well have been benighted.

If Stephen Engelberg, an editor for the New York Times had decided not to run Ms. Miller’s story, why didn’t he turn it over to the NSA or the CIA? It seams that all the right people did all the wrong things. One cannot help wondering if the eight years of the previous administration gutting and altering our intelligence may have had something to do with the seemingly lack of coordination; or possibly the 911 attack was a coordinated effort.

According to Ms. Miller, the source for the information came from a CIA counter terrorism operative who tried without success to inform his superiors about the intercepted communication between two al-Qaida members. They talked about the October 2000 attack on the USS Cole in Aden Harbor in the Middle-Eastern country of Yemen, and went on to state that they were planning a much bigger attack on the U.S. This all went down before July of 2001 more than two months before the much bigger attack of 911.

Apparently, many of the so-called leaks to the press could be acts of desperation by people on the inside that cannot persuade their superiors to get off the dime and act on the very information that describes the job of the agency, it causes one to wonder.

Moreover, according to the Able Danger documents, a likely attack on U.S. operations in Aden Harbor of Yemen was known as well, and reported at least two days before the attack on the USS Cole, and a was ignored by superiors, one can only wonder why.

THE BOTTOM LINE: One can only wonder if the Clinton Administration had responded to the Cole attack, would 911 still have materialized??? Moreover, one would hope that our Intelligence agencies have improved and eliminated its selfserving corruption over the passed eight years. A lot of questions and not very many answers...

To read the full text of the Judith Miller interview, click on the Navy Seals URL If the URL does not function, cut and paste it to your web browser.

de Andréa


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