Tuesday, May 30, 2006


By de Andrea

THE Boarder Fence the Government cannot build to Protect Americans From a Foreign Invasion.

Our Senators should be glad that they have a Government job, because most of them could not survive in the real world. Moreover, some of them may actually be candidates, not for office, but for patient at a state mental institution, where one of the requirements on their résumé would be that, they must make the same decisions over and over again expecting a different result.

In 1986, the U.S. Senate passed an “immigration” bill almost identical to the one being batted around in the arena today. It did not solve the illegal alien problem then and it will not solve it today. The rest of the Inmates in the Senate need to listen to Senate Majority leader Senator Bill Frist a Doctor of Medicine who knows at least enough to first stop the bleeding, protect the wound, then and only then do you do what else might be necessary for the victim. In this case, the victim is America and the wounds that bleed are our borders, wounds that go almost totally unprotected.

One would have to assume, that because of these Senatorial shenanigans, either the Senate does not want to solve the illegal alien problem, or they are too incompetent to do so. The solution is actually very obvious and elementary.

As mentioned in earlier articles it is most likely a lot of both, the longer a Senator remains in Washington the more out of touch with reality he or she becomes. Moreover, these new voters pouring illegally into this country are what is, and will be keeping these rascals in power.

While the Senate is playing juvenile politics in Washington, the citizens are giving first aid to our sovereign nation. Mr. Simcox and his Citizens Militia, appropriately named The Minute Men after the original Citizens Militia in the late 1700’s, are putting a tourniquet on our bleeding border, building 10 miles of razor wire fence along the Arizona Mexico border. Something the American taxpayers have already paid for and have never received. Yes every time one pays Federal income tax, one has a reasonable expectation of being protected from a foreign invasion. Tax paid + Constitutional law = protection

THE BOTTOM LINE: I have this to say to President Bush after calling the Minute Men a bunch of Vigilantes. Yes, Mr. President our forefathers told the citizens of this sovereign nation to remain vigilant. Moreover as the Minute Men, the Citizens Militia of 1776 won our freedom ( then;) it will be the Citizens Militia the Minute Men of the twenty first century that will preserve it ( now.)

de Andréa

To read an article written by Mr. Chris Simcox President of the Minute Men click on this:


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