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Send Your Kids To A Terrorists Training Camp


Send Your Kids To A Terrorists Training Camp


By de Andréa

Opinion Editorialist for

Posted July 20, 2017

Children’s summer camp conjures up all kinds of wonderful memories of comradery, competition in sports, and just plain fun swimming in the lake.
But if you are a so-called Palestinian, then summer camp for your kids takes on a whole new meaning my friend, watch.
Close to 120,000 Palestinian children will attend camps this summer run by the Palestinian Hamas, which gained control of the Gaza Strip 10 years ago. In addition, tens of thousands more will participate in other camps run by jihadi groups.
Children as young as 5 years of age will receive weapons and military training – including live shooting exercises as well as suicide bombing — in addition to  hate indoctrination against Jews and Christians.
As in previous years, graduation ceremonies where the children show off their “skills” will be held in front of Hamas officials.
Openly stating their goals to train the next generation of militants, Usama Almuzeyni, a Hamas official, said, “The movement strives, through the summer camps, to train an entire generation to work for the liberation of Palestine.”
The theme of this year’s camps is “To Jerusalem We Come.” Almuzeyni said this was “to make it clear that Hamas faces one direction, and that is Jerusalem and occupied Palestine.
Meanwhile, a recently-released U.N. report noted that under Hamas’ leadership, the Gaza Strip has become unlivable for its two-million residents — between lack of healthcare, education, electricity and fresh water and declining incomes, reported Reuters.
THE BOTTOM LINE: Fighting a war against terrorism is futile, we will never win, because Islam is not a religion of peace hijacked by a few radicals as you have been told my friend. It is a political ideology of satanic war and evil, moreover they just keep coming and coming and coming and coming, generation after generation.
And now hopefully, you can understand why…

Thanks for listening. Now go do the right thing and fight for truth and freedom. 
- de Andréa
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