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Do You Feel Safe From A Nuclear Attack?

Do You Feel Safe From A Nuclear Attack?

You shouldn’t…


By de Andréa

Opinion Editorialist for

Posted July 12, 2017

If the U.S. is extremely vulnerable to a small dependent country like North Korea then what about Russia?
You probably remember President Reagan’s Strategic Defense Initiative, the visionary proposed space-based anti-missile system known as “Star Wars.” No such system was ever deployed my friend.
The system designed to defend American cities and towns against a nuclear attack by North Korea, China, Russia or Iran, is simply too old, inadequate and unproven to protect the American public.
This rocket interceptor at Ft. Greely, Alaska, is part of the Ground-based Midcourse Defense system, the nation's main defense against a potential missile attack by Iran or North Korea.

The system designed to defend American cities and towns against a nuclear attack by North Korea,  is “simply unable to protect the U.S. public” and will remain ineffective unless Congress exerts rigorous oversight, according to a new report.

The report, to be released by the Union of Concerned Scientists, recommends that the administration halt the expansion of the Ground-based Midcourse Defense system, known as GMD, until its technical problems have been solved.

“The story of this system is a cautionary tale about how the lack of appropriate oversight of a politically charged missile defense program has led to a system in tatters,” said the report, written by three physicists with expertise in missile defense.

“Despite nearly two decades of development and a bill of more than $40 billion, the GMD system is simply unable to protect the U.S. public,’’ the authors wrote.

In the event of an attack, rocket interceptors at Vandenberg Air Force Base in Santa Barbara County California and Ft. Greely, Alaska, would be launched from underground silos. Once in space, the interceptors would separate from their booster rockets and attempt to slam into and “kill” enemy warheads. Except it doesn’t work!

The report notes that in “heavily scripted” flight tests that are “set up for success,” GMD interceptors have mostly failed to hit mock enemy warheads. In the seven most recent tests, interceptors destroyed their targets just three times, the report says — a finding consistent with conclusions of the Pentagon’s operational test and evaluation office.

Personnel conducting the tests know the speed, location and trajectory of the target ahead of time, as well as when it will be launched – information they would not have in a real attack and yet the rate of success is less than 50 percent. The estimate of success in a real attack…Zero.

The report relies extensively on articles published over the last two years by the Los Angeles Times, along with a National Academy of Sciences report and the findings of federal auditors and the Pentagon test office.

The report said members of Congress and Pentagon officials insisted on deploying and expanding the system at a rapid paceat the expense of sound procurement and engineering.

Repeatedly,” the report said, “the Pentagon has sacrificed quality, shortened engineering cycles and sidestepped acquisitions best practices to meet a deadline imposed by political rationales rather than technical realities.”

Pentagon officials have also made “unsubstantiated claims about the system’s effectiveness,” the report says, calling this “both cynical and a disservice to the public.’’
In short…They lied.

The thruster, pictured at right, failed, throwing the missile hundreds of miles off course.

The finding dovetails with a July 6 Times article about a GMD flight test held in January. The Times revealed that a crucial component stopped working during the test, causing an interceptor to fly far off course. The U.S. Missile Defense Agency and two of its lead contractors nevertheless issued news releases that pronounced the test a success, with no mention of the malfunction and failure.

THE BOTTOM LINE: In the 1980s, the group opposed President Reagan’s Strategic Defense Initiative, the proposed space-based anti-missile system known as “Star Wars.”  No such system was ever developed or deployed, but efforts to create a missile shield continued. The GMD system was one of the results.  But alas it doesn’t work. So America is basically back in the mid twentieth century, in a standoff situation with countries like Iran and North Korea that don’t really care about mutual annihilation.   

It never occurred to the political robots running this country that by gutting the defense system of the U.S. we would become vulnerable.  Or did it?   At Best, our defense system is a flip of a coin. How safe does that make you feel?

And - has’ the Shadow Government/Deep State/Dark State of these United States gone to this extreme - to destroy America, the most successful country in the world?


And it’s happening because of the apathetic whiners who choose to remained ignorant, dependent, and be deceived, and enable these freedom despising, America hating Communist to replace the constitutional foundation of this once great country with Social Marxism.  The Communists march on while the American public sleeps!
P.S. you might think that what I have just said sounds vitriolic.  But what it really is my friend, is the truth.    

Thanks for listening. Now go do the right thing and fight for truth and freedom. 
- de Andréa
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