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Trump Offers Private Jet to Save Another Child


But Jesus called the children to him and said, "Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of God belongs to such as these.  Luke 18:16


Trump Offers Private Jet to Save Another Child


By de Andréa

Opinion Editorialist for

Posted July 05, 2017

As a follow-up to an article titled:  “So You Want Government Health Care” When no one else would help a dyeing child, the president you love to hate, U.S. President Donald J Trump again stepped up.  

One of the most endearing instances that showed President Donald Trump’s true character was when he provided his private jet to a family whose child needed to be transported across the country, but for medical reasons was unable to fly on a commercial flight.
And now the British Government run by a bunch of Communist Nazis want to kill a child named Charlie Gard rather than allow the parents to take him to the U.S. for a promising treatment.  This reeks of politics my friend.
On Monday morning, Trump again showed how much he truly cares for people in need, particularly children, when he reached out to the family of another sick child on Twitter. What’ president has ever done this?
The president tweeted that the U.S. would be “delighted” to help Charlie Gard,  a baby from the United Kingdom suffering from a fatal genetic condition and whose parents have been desperately trying to keep alive. And the British Government has been desperately trying to KILL!
If we can help little #CharlieGard, as per our friends in the U.K. and the Pope, we would be delighted to do so.

Charlie Gard was born in August 2016 with a rare inherited disease called “infantile onset encephalomyopathy mitochondrial DNA depletion syndrome,” also known as MDS or MDDS, according to Heavy.
Although he was scheduled to be killed on June 30, doctors at Great Ormond Street Hospital in London where Charlie was being treated, but because of public outrage, decided to extend the life-sustaining care to allow parents, Chris Gard and Connie Yates, to spend more time with their son.
However, because of the British so-called Health care system the hospital has refused to release the baby into Gard and Yates’ care so that they can travel to the U.S. for the experimental treatment.
After endlessly researching and speaking to (doctors) all over the world we found hope in a medication that may help him and a (doctor) in America has accepted him in his hospital,” Yates explained on a GoFundMe site set up for her son.
The treatment was unavailable in the U.K., but the hospital believed it was “not in the child’s best interests” for him to travel to the U.S. and instead wanted to simply remove him from the ventilator and execute him. This is your Government run health care in action my friend. Just eliminate sick people.
The parents went to court over the disagreement, and on June 27, they lost their final legal appeal in the European Court of Human Rights, according to BBC.
Judges agreed with the hospital specialists that further treatment would “continue to cause Charlie significant harm.” What? Killing him won’t harm him???
That’s when president Trump stepped in and offered his help to the child’s parents, citing Pope Francis’ similar outreach.
On July 2, the Vatican issued a statement saying that the Pope “prays for (the parents), hoping that their desire to accompany and care for their child until the end is not disregarded.”
THE BOTTOM LINE: Trump can sometimes come across as harsh, but only in situations where a strong stance is needed. If you knock him down he will knock you down.    But in situations like these where a child’s life is at stake, his sincerity, kindheartedness and the true colors of his compassion shine.  One if the countless stories of Trumps compassion is this: Case in point is the story of former professional boxer William Campudoni, a Puerto Rican from Spanish Harlem in New York who found himself down on his luck early in life but received a helping hand from Trump that literally turned everything around for him.
In spite of the Communist media trying so desperately to paint a picture of Trump as a racists, woman hater, detesting the poor etc.  Donald J Trump cares just as much about the poor as he does the rich just as much about minorities as he does about the majority and he is in fact gender blind. I have followed up in every negative accusation that the communist left had said about him and found every one of the accusations to be just that empty accusations. The Deep State is desperately trying every rotten thing they can think of to destroy Trump so they can continue to destroy America.   
Isn’t that what makes a good leader? Someone who knows when to be tough, yet remains capable of having a heart. I certainly think so, and I am thrilled that he has reached out to the family of Charlie Gard.
Just to prove how wrong the government doctors can be take a look at a similar story of a little girl who they tried to kill but the three year old said no… As a matter of fact this is pretty common in the UK as the government health care system dictates killing people who cost the system too much.  That my friend is why the UK health care system appears to be successful.  It’s what they don’t tell you that’s important.
“Truly I tell you, if anyone does not receive the kingdom of God like a little child, he will never enter it.”… Luke 18:17
Thanks for listening. Now go do the right thing and fight for truth and freedom. 
- de Andréa
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