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There Are ISIS Predators In Our Hen Houses


There Are ISIS Predators In Our Hen Houses

By de Andréa,
Opinion Editorialist for     
Published June 04, 2016

The following is just one of the confirmed examples of the many hundreds, or possibly thousands, of ISIS terrorist that have infiltrated the entire Security System in America.  All because we are too blind to see that Islam is not a religion, but a ‘Political Ideology’ not unlike ‘Nazism’ bent on the destruction of America.

Is our government just plain brain dead, ‘or’ are they co-conspirators???  

Yusuf Abdi Ali, a confirmed Somali Muslim terrorist and war criminal, was deported from Canada and of course with your Muslin president Obama’s blessings, given refuge in the U.S., where he worked as a security guard at the Capital’s Dulles International Airport in Washington, D.C.  Feeling safe are ya?
The fact that a Somali Muslim war criminal booted from Canada could somehow land a job at Dulles International Airport appears shocking on its face – but more than six dozen, that’s more than 72 other employees with ISIS terror links have recently been found working at U.S. airports.  A fraction of those that have actually infiltrated our entire American security system.
A CNN investigation found that Yusuf Abdi Ali, pictured at right, who is accused of committing  according to a CNN report.
atrocities while he was a military commander during Somalia’s civil war, has been living a quiet suburban life in posh Alexandria, Virginia, for nearly 20 years,
All Muslims lie, it’s what they do, it’s called Taqiyyah!
Yusuf Abdi Ali was deported from Canada after that country found out about his past. But he found refuge in the U.S., which gave him a visa based on his marriage to a Somali-American woman who claimed to be a refugee fleeing war in Somalia. But even that claim also turned out to be bogus, as the woman had falsified her refugee application. Still, nothing has been done to remove either Ali or his wife from the U.S. As I said: “It’s Taqiyyah my friend!”
This is exactly the type of so-called refugee vetting that is going on here in the U.S.  Are you feeling safe yet??? 
As shocking as it may sound, this is not the first or only incidence of a so-called vetted immigrant with ties to Islamic terrorism or other crimes working security jobs at airports in America.
Documents obtained through a Freedom of Information Act request in March of this year revealed more than 73 people employed by major airlines at, at least 40 airports nationwide that were flagged for potential ties to Islamic terrorism.
Some of the Islamic terrorist-linked employees have been found at Boston’s Logan International Airport, Seattle’s SEA TAC Airport, Denver International Airport, Honolulu International Airport, Dallas Love Field, San Francisco International Airport, and Los Angeles International Airport, Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport, among others.
These employees were not properly vetted because the TSA said it did not have access to terrorist databases during their hiring, according to an Inspector General’s report.  Then they are not really vetting are they?
“Without complete and accurate information, TSA risks credentialing and providing unescorted access to secure airport areas for workers with potential to harm the nation’s air transportation system,” the report said.
In 2014, three Somali “refugees” with ties to either ISIS and/or al-Shabab were arrested after it was discovered they had plans to travel overseas and fight with the terrorist organizations. Moreover, all three had U.S. security clearances for jobs at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport that allowed them to go into areas travelers were not allowed, Fox 9 reported.
One of the men, Abdisalan Hussein Ali, blew himself up at a military checkpoint in Mogadishu in 2010.  Just four years earlier, he was serving coffee at the Caribou Coffee in Concourse G, right across from customs. One of the other two also later became a suicide bomber.
In light of the EgyptAir Flight MS804 that went down in the Mediterranean Sea a few weeks ago, it was already reported in November, 2015 that 57 of Paris airport workers were on a terror watch listSo France also knowingly hires ISIS Coyotes to guard the hen house.  What is the matter with these people???
And these are only the known ISIS terrorists that are your so-called security protectors.  One can only guess how many others are jihad sympathizers, supporters, or how many still work there and at other airports throughout Europe, Canada and the U.S.
As a result of CNN’s investigation, Ali has only been placed on administrative leave. In other words he is still free to bomb airports. 
“Most Americans would be shocked to learn that ‘refugee’ status vaults a person to the front of the job placement line,” former Congresswoman Michele Bachmann said. “What is puzzling is that so many of these jobs are in our nation’s airports. Coincidence? Why aren’t ‘refugees’ working in agriculture or in kitchens, or in nursing homes? Why in America’s airports, in charge of security systems? We will look back on the Obama years not as coincidences, but as goals met.” She Said.
Clare Lopez, vice president for research and analysis at the Washington-based Center for Security Policy, said: “The entire U.S. system for screening applicants to enter this country – whether asylee, immigrant, non-immigrant or refugee – is broken.”
She said: “It is forbidden to ask the kind of direct questions about a person’s ideological beliefs that a trained officer might ask to ensure the applicant honestly will renounce all other legal allegiances to live only under the U.S. Constitution.  Worse yet, we know from DHS whistleblower Phil Haney that even when derogatory information about individuals with connections to terrorist organizations is entered into the system, it sometimes gets deleted – on purpose,” she adds.
Haney, a 12-year veteran officer with U.S. Customs and Border Patrol, has co-authored a new book, “See Something Say Nothing:”  A Homeland Security officer exposes Obama’s support of Jihad, about the Obama’s focus on protecting the rights and liberties of Muslim jihadi terrorists, placing the protection of our enemy above protecting the American public. Isn’t that grounds for treason? Oh yeah!
“As any frequent traveler knows, there are visibly Shariah-compliant Muslims – with full Salafi-cut beards and mustaches, hijabs, and other clothing intended to communicate allegiance to the Islamic legal system called Shariah – at most major metropolitan airports in America,” Lopez said.
“Some of them even combine their Shariah-compliant clothing with TSA ‘uniforms.’ At a time when the threat from Islamic terrorism to the flying public has never been more dangerous, screening procedures for entry to the U.S. as well as for airport employment must be tightened.”
Some of them even combine their Nazi Gestapo SS uniforms with… Oh boy!
“Name checks with terrorist databases are inadequate for the thousands who don’t appear on such lists, or whose names are spelled in various ways, or whose documents are either fraudulent or non-existent to begin with,” Lopez said.
“As things are now, the potential for jihadist infiltration is a disaster waiting to happen,” she said.
The U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement told CNN it was aware of Ali’s past but refused to answer any questions about him, nor would ICE give CNN the terror suspect’s immigration status.

THE BOTTOM LINE: Are you willing to play Russian roulette with you plane ticket? I have literally been warning about this type of enemy infiltration in the U.S. government for years, and years, and trust me, it goes far, far beyond this my friend.  And now that it has been exposed by the main stream media, still nothing is done about it.  Congress does nothing about it. Either Congress is totally inept and refuses to act to protect this country from enemies both foreign and domestic, as they are bound to do by the U.S. Constitution. Or' they are part of the conspiracy to overthrow the American Constitutional Republic and turn this once free Nation into the tyranny of an Islamic State.


You decide my friend which one it is, and then please contact your representative (here) and tell them to do their constitutional job for a change.


With all this hullaballoo about airport security, which obviously isn’t working, it is just so we can accommodate and protect the so-called rights of the enemy of the United States of America.


I’m talking about the extinction of Western Culture my friend. Where is the EPA when you need them?


Maybe we should try as the Donald suggested, get rid of them…no, in taking a second look, that would require an independent thought.  Something the entire West has become incapable of.

Thanks for listening - de Andréa

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