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Obama Hamstrung FBI And DHS Making Them Next to Useless

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Obama Hamstrung FBI And DHS Making Them Next to Useless

By de Andréa,
Opinion Editorialist for   
Published June 15, 2016

The FBI was forced by administrative policy, not to follow-up on information prior to the Fort Hood, Boston, San Bernardino, and Orlando mass murders.  And you know who makes administrative policy.

'Did anyone at the FBI investigate the available information and connect the dots?  No!  Policy prohibits it. Says former DHS investigator.
Former DHS official Philip Haney, who I have written about before, says it took him only a few hours to connect Sunday’s Islamic terrorist attack in Orlando to December’s carnage in San Bernardino, as well as the Boston Marathon Bombers, and he says the federal government’s active refusal to acknowledge reality is “handcuffing” efforts to keep the American people safe.  The FBI is forced to ignore evidence of possible home grown terrorists because of Obama’s policies.
Philip Haney served nearly a decade at the Department of Homeland Security after its inception in 2003. His responsibilities there included investigations for Customs and Border Patrol through its National Targeting Center. While there, he played a key role in vetting people connected to Tablighi Jamaat, an Islamic Terrorist Group with some 70 million members.  Something that is no longer a priority.
He is the author of the new book, “See Something, Say Nothing: A Homeland Security Officer Exposes the Government’s Submission to Jihad.” Which discusses the politically correct policy of no discrimination against the ideology of Islamic Jihad. Any mention of suspicious activity involving a Muslim automatically labels one as an Islamophobe and may cause one to be investigated for a hate crime.
In less than two days since the massacre at the Pulse club in Orlando, reports have surfaced that terrorist Omar Saddiqui Mateen was investigated multiple times by the FBI but was ultimately deemed not to be a threat, despite discovering a link to the Boston Marathon bombers and the terrorist group Hezbollah.  As well as his father’s link to the Taliban in Afghanistan.
Haney said that should have raised innumerable red flags, but he said the FBI’s own official training procedures, updated in 2009 and again in 2012, stopped common sense from taking the probe any further. Obama’s policy is hands off Muslims.
Has our own government already surrendered to Islamic jihad? Or is there an underlining agenda to create enough chaos in the U.S. to warrant Martial law.  I.E.  Jade Helm 15…  Hitler by the way did the same thing.

The FBI’s procedural manual says: “Just because an individual is affiliated with a known terrorist organization, we can’t automatically assume that the individual could be a terrorist threat,” Haney said. “That’s handcuffing. That is making it virtually impossible for basic law enforcement actions to be taken,” he said. “How can you develop a case if you’re trying to go to probable cause when you’re prohibited from making an association between an individual and the organization that he may be affiliated with that would warrant probable cause?

In addition to the stifling rules, Haney said one hand of government doesn’t know what the other is doing. He said all relevant government entities are supposed to be coordinated by a joint terrorism task force, but the idea works better in concept than in reality.  This was supposed to be enacted back in the Bush administration and the creation of the DHS. It never was.
The same thing happened with the Boston bombing,” Haney noted. “There was a disconnect in the transfer of information regarding the Tsarnaev brothers prior to that event. Apparently, there was a disconnect here as well.”
Reports that former co-workers were alarmed at Mateen’s angry rants are also chilling to Haney, especially the indications that the employer never followed up on the complaints with authorities out of fear of being politically incorrect and being labeled as an Islamophobe. Haney said, “it’s the same story America saw in San Bernardino, when a neighbor was suspicious of what was happening at the terrorists’ home but did not report anything out of fear of being labeled Islamophobic and investigated for a hate crime”.
Haney said the ignored warnings from co-workers also reminds him of another horrific case.
“The first thing that comes to mind when I hear about co-workers being concerned is exactly what happened with Nidal Hasan before the Fort Hood shootings. It’s like a tape recorder. We’re listening to exactly the same comments from people who raised concerns,” Haney said.
So while FBI Director James Comey says there was no basis to continue the investigation after Mateen insisted his pro-terrorist statements were just angry falsehoods expressed in anger to his co-workers, Haney said a few hours of work on Sunday not only proved Mateen was not a lone wolf but his network of influence can be tied to all the previous terrorists attacks and mass murders.
After learning that Mateen was affiliated with the Islamic Center of Fort Pierce (Florida), Haney quickly discovered a statement from the center’s imam confirming that Mateen worshiped at the mosque. He said that connection is important to establish before unraveling the rest of the thread.
“I always follow the same process,” he said. “There are individuals, and there are organizations. They are inseparable, and one always leads to the other.”
Haney then discovered the Islamic Center of Fort Pierce is affiliated with the Sharia Board of America.
“Then I find out that the Sharia Board of America is directly linked to an association called the Rahmat-e-Alam Foundation,” said Haney, who then found the foundation was linked to a very familiar group.
“I’m now realizing I’m about to touch a case that was related to the San Bernardino shootings, the case that the records were deleted from by my own government and a case that was related to the Tablighi Jamaat Initiative that I worked on at the National Targeting Center. Ultimately, the Tablighi Jamaat case was shut down by the State Department and the Department of Homeland Security out of concerns that the civil liberties of Muslims would be infringed.”
But Haney said the trail keeps going, as Rahmat-e-Alam is affiliated with the Darul Uloom in Chicago.
“Now we’re overlapping with the San Bernardino case because the mosque in San Bernardino was called Darul Uloom Islammiya,” said Haney.
But there’s more.
“It turns out that the Darul Uloom Chicago organization, which is a madrassa, is directly related to the Islamic Institute of Education case that I worked on as an active-duty officer,” he said.
“All of it goes back to the Tablighi Jamaat case that I worked on at the National Targeting Center,” Haney explained. “There was only one degree of separation from the Islamic Center of Fort Pierce and that entire network that I worked on back in 2011.”
If Haney could connect that many dots in an afternoon, why couldn’t the FBI do the same?  They could, but they didn’t.  Instead the DHS was ordered by the Whitehouse to shred hundreds of reams of Intel on known terrorists cells operating right here in the U.S.
“Did the FBI have access to any of that information? Of course they did.  Did the [Customs and Border Patrol organization] affiliates have access to this information? Yes, they did. Did anyone bother to put the picture together? NO.” Said Haney.
Haney stressed that these links are critical and meaningful because affiliation for Muslims is hugely important.
“In Islam, there is really no such thing as a lone-wolf individual. In Islam, the sense of community and family is an overriding awareness of everyone,” Haney said.
But none of that is enough for the government to remove its blinders with respect to Islam, according to Haney.
Because of his persistence regarding Islamic jihad threats in the U.S. Haney was investigated nine times while working at Homeland Security, eight times during the Obama administration. Three of those probes ran simultaneously. The government also refused to allow him to see the files relevant to his case and the cover-up of the Tablighi Jamaat investigation. He was forced to obtain them through Freedom of Information laws. He said emails among Hillary Clinton’s State Department, Homeland Security and other agencies told the real story.
“They said they had concerns about civil rights and civil liberties of these individuals, by the way, who are Muslim foreign nationals,” Haney said.
How did the priorities get so mixed up? Haney said it all goes back to one moment.
“Things really started going sideways after the Holy Land Foundation trial in November 2008, when it was irrefutably proven in federal court that groups like Council on American-Islamic Relations, Islamic Society of North America (and) the North American Islamic Trust were to support for Hamas. That point is the turning point in the history of counter-terrorism,” Haney said.
Note: Obama overturned the convictions in the Holy Land Foundation trial in 2009. Obama also stopped the investigation into (CAIR) the Counsel on American Islamic Relations. Another Muslim Jihadi terrorist supporting IRS approved 501 3(c) organization who now operates with impunity all over America.
“At that point, the administration had to make a conscious decision, whether to act on that law enforcement-based evidence and go forward and shut those groups down or ignore it and create a new hands off policy, And that’s exactly what they did,” he said. “So people like me, who focused on those groups, ran headlong into the administration’s policy. Many of us who tried to do what was right, suffered because of it.”
THE BOTTOM LINE:  Well we have come full circle.  Here is the evidence that Islamic terrorist are protected by Government policy.  Government agencies can’t even call them Islamic Terrorists.  If we can’t identify who and what the enemy is, then we can’t defeat them.  The only logical explanation is that this is the plan, the underlying agenda is as I said at the beginning, has our own government already surrendered to Islamic jihad? Or is there an underlining agenda to create enough chaos in the US to warrant Martial law.

Look for partial and then total gun bans in the near future.  Adolph Hitler did that as well.

Note: Islamism is nothing but Nazism on steroids. Moreover the Fabian Communists are using Islamic Jihad to bring about chaos.  “They are all nothing but useful idiots.”  Vladimir Lenin.     

In past articles I have proved that the entire U.S. Federal government has been compromised by Islamic Jihadi infiltrators. (It is part of Islamic Jihad) Moreover, some parts of State governments. And many local county and city governments have been completely taken over by Muslims who are using Sharia law to govern instead of local and federal law as Dearborn and Hamtramck Michigan have, among many others.

All the evidence points to an agenda to destroy America as we know it.  Do you think “We The People” will wake up from our politically correct slumber before it’s too late.

Probably not!

Thanks for listening - de Andréa

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