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Guns, NRA, And Christians, Blamed For Mass Shootings

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Guns, NRA, And Christians, Blamed For Mass Shootings

By de Andréa,
Opinion Editorialist for     
Published July 29, 2016

The liberal Communists are doing nothing but enabling ‘Islamic terrorist Jihad’ by directing the blame on the very thing that could stop these continual mass murders.  It’s called “The armed citizen.” 
One armed citizen on the plane could have prevented (9/11).  One armed citizen could have prevented the mass shooting of Orlando.  One armed citizen could have prevented the murders in San Bernardino.  One armed teacher could have prevented 20 children from losing their lives at Sandy Hook. One armed soldier at Fort Hood could have prevented the mass murders there.  But we have GUN FREEZONES! Why?  So there can be more mass murders and absolutely no one to stop them.
The hate-America, freedom hating liberal Communists in our governments both Federal and state, don’t care about all those lives lost.  They figure it is just collateral damage.  At the end of the day-someone else’s dead children are a small price to pay, in their mission to disarm the citizens of America.
All in the name of safety my friend.  And Security?  “If you want good security, go to prison, you will have everything you could want except freedom” – Dwight D. Eisenhower.
Once again in the wake of the recent Muslim terrorist attack in Orlando, liberal anti-American despotic politicians are doing everything they can to take away our means of self-defense.
Barack Obama has willfully thrown open the gates of our country to hundreds of thousands of Muslim Jihadists.  Mass shootings are becoming a regular occurrence, and all the officials within our own government want to do, is disarm law-abiding citizens!
The time has come to once again, stand and defend our American God given rights.
Just minutes after another Muslim terrorist opened fire at a night club in Orlando, FL, the liberal America hating Communists were ready and waiting to assign blame for this tragic mass murder.  Did they point the finger at ISIS, who celebrated the shooting immediately after it happened? No they even tried to redact the cell phone conversation that Mateen had - pledging his allegiance to ISIS.
Did they blame Islam, and the ideology that motivated this murderer?  Of course not.
They demonized and blamed guns and gun owners, the NRA, conservative Christians and Constitutionalists for this horrific attack!!
These gun-hating America-hating liberals are laser-focused on twisting any and every opportunity into a chance to take guns away from the American people. They want to get rid of guns instead of Islamic terror.  I would suggest they enable terrorist attacks just so they can pass another anti-gun law that obviously does nothing to defeat or stop terrorism. But it does make unwilling vulnerable dependents, out of otherwise capable citizens.
The Fabian Communists and their useful idiots will stop at nothing until your Second Amendment rights are a relic of the past and every single American has been completely disarmed.  The only people throughout history that desire a disarmed society are tyrants.
We must stop them, and I need your help to do it. It all starts with your email to your Representative.
Liberal tyrants are trying to deny access to guns for Americans on their secret “watch list” that only they have access to. They took Omar Mateen off of the list, why?  Because he was a suspected terrorists.  For whatever reason, you might even be on that list. And you wouldn’t know until you try to board a plane.  Did you know that Senator Ted Kennedy was on that list, three separate times, and even he had a hard time getting off the list even though he had access to it?
The same government that targeted Tea Party conservatives for harassment just a few years ago actually want you to trust them to decide if you should have a right to defend yourselves and your family members!  Of course they do…
But that’s not all. They want to renew the federal ban on the so-called “assault weapons” (and they have absolutely no idea what an assault weapon is) a proposal that has been proven to have absolutely no effect on violent crime. Look up the FBI stats.
And meanwhile, they want to continue flooding our country with Muslim terrorists!
I resent being subjected to all the TSA intrusion at airports just so they can continue to flood the U.S. with these murdering jihadi sons of Satan.
This is a disaster in the making. Our nation is a more dangerous place now than any time since the Civil war.  Did the government try to disarm citizens during the First and Second World War.?  Of course not!  Then ask yourself, why are they trying to disarm us during the Third World War?  Oh! I forgot… Obama is covering up the fact that we are a war with ‘Islam’ – all over the world.
Our Founding Fathers gave us the Second Amendment for just such times as these. “…necessary to the security of a free state…”  They knew that a society can only remain free and protected as long as its citizens have the ability to defend themselves.
Barack Obama and his liberal Communists want to take your freedom away. Not theirs…yours! They are protected 24/7 by guys with guns.
The question is…are you going to let him do it?
Email your representative here, and tell them to stop violating the Constitution, and to defeat terrorism instead of freedom!

Thanks for listening - de Andréa

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