Friday, September 19, 2014

Obama Supports One Jihadist Against Another Jihadist…Why?

Obama Supports One Jihadist Against Another Jihadist…Why?

By de Andréa
September 19, 2014

What is the difference between the Muslim sects???  Well…at the end of the day…nothing!  They are all Muslim Jihadists.  A Muslim by any other name is…well…still a Muslim terrorist Jihadist.
Can we delegate our warfighting of Jihadists to…well…Jihadists?  Well…been there/done that.  And how is that working out for us?

The New York Times piece that makes for singularly depressing reading, and it illustrates that the Obama administration supports one Jihad against another, just what kind of Jihadists is Obama? We’re barely removed from a Libyan conflict featuring American air strikes in support of a rag-tag Jihadist army, and now Libya is a jihadist playground, where our former “Moderate Jihadist allies” kill our own ambassador and gleeful terrorists YouTube themselves swimming in our diplomats’ pool, all part and parcel of Obama’s strategy of World Islamic Jihad.

So, now, here we are again aiding rebel groups like the “Army of the Mujahideen” in a fight against another mujahideen while the World Nation of Islam who now calls themselves the Islamic State gathers its strength and mocks us with beheading after beheading.

Boy! Has the Obama Jihad got the American public fooled or what?  We voted him in as Commander in Chief, knowing full well that he was a Muslim, to fight against Muslims.  Then he arms Muslims to…do what? Fight against Muslims.  And then they fight against us.  Quite a strategy if one is a Muslim Jihadist wanting nothing but to promote the “World Nation of Islam.”  It’s just like the game of Chess you sacrifice your own to gain a better position to win the game.

Which moderate rebel terrorists will we arm next? Will it be the rebels who’ve reportedly turned previous arms shipments over to Islamic State fighters? Or how about the rebels who reportedly reached a truce with the Islamic State? Or perhaps we’ll give arms to the guys who  sold Steven Sotloff to his beheaders?

Are you a little confused about the strategy of Obama, that we’ll be able to do without’ putting boots on the ground in Syria and/or Iraq. When I was in Israel we were equipping and training local Sunnis in Jordan to join the “Sons of Iraq” that helped turn the tide during the surge. We lived with real concern that they’d turn against us…and guess what…they did.  Of course they did!  The strategy of Obama is that of any other Muslim Jihadists, and that is to promote the World Nation of Islam at any cost. 

Congress should reject any appropriation request that includes arming any Muslim Jihadists. Instead, it should tell our commander-in-chief that ‘our’ national defense is best left to the world’s best-trained and most professional fighting force, operating in conjunction only with proven allies.  And then carpet bomb the Middle East back into the Stone Age then put boots on the ground, then take over what is left and take a lesson from General Douglas MacArthur when he was dictator of Japan and rule it until there is no more Islam.  It’s What Works my friend.

Isn’t is becoming increasingly clear that Obama might not have Americas best interest at heart? But instead may just be a sleeper Islamic Caliphate
Thanks for listening – de Andréa
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