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The FBI Connection Part II

Just as I expected, there was a lot of response to the article that I posted Saturday the 2nd of October. A lot more - than I expected --- Their was also a lot of flack from the FBI. This morning the FBI said that the story was a “fabrication” well… we’ll just see about that… Mr. Mueller

By de Andréa

I stand by what I write and it is solid:
I write this as an open letter to FBI Director Robert S. Mueller, III

This article is a follow-up and response to the original article posted Saturday October 2, 2010 regarding the FBI’s invitation of Sheikh Kifah Mustapha a Muslim terrorist with connections to terrorist Hamas and Islamic Jihad on a tour of an FBI top-secret counterterrorism facility as well as the sharing of top secret information with the Muslim terrorist. This article also contains enough evidence in other cases to call for a Congressional grand jury investigation into FBI treason and conspiracy to undermine the security of the United States of America.

The original article caused several of my readers and subscribers to call their local and national FBI office over the weekend.

But instead of thank you’s, many encountered belligerent FBI officials who berated them, and insisted the story was a “lie” and a “fabrication,” and in at least two instances made snide, derogatory and threatening comments about me.

After I received numerous emails and phone calls from my subscribers describing the shameful way they were treated, this morning I placed a call to the FBI myself and I was told the same, that the story was a “fabrication”.

Well, my friends, here’s the truth:

Again, I urge you to please take the time to click on all the blue highlighted hyperlinks that prove this is not a fabrication, as the FBI claims.

The FBI did in fact invite Sheikh Kifah Mustapha and others on a VIP tour of the top-secret National Counterterrorism Center. WLS ABC7-Chicago story (watch a video)
The liar, is the FBI…

Here is an FBI photo that shows the tour group that included Kifah Mustapha.

Sheikh Kifah Mustapha (third face from left) as well as other top Muslim terrorist operatives touring the National Counterterrorism Center (Photo: courtesy of the FBI)

Nothing speaks louder than a photo how about a Video , do you recognize the Imam speaking as the man (third face from left) in the photo? The FBI first said these were not Muslims, and then they said the man in the photo wasn’t Mustapha, then they said that this was a doctored photo, I don’t know! this is an FBI photo, I don’t even have photo shop, so if anyone doctored this photo it was the FBI. What do you think??? You can see the FBI counter terrorist seal in the background. And look at them, I can assure you, only a few of these people are dressed like us infidels.

A Department of Homeland Security official said Mustapha is on “the highest watch list they have.” THIS TREASONOUS ISSUE IS OUTRAGEOUS ON MULTIPLE FRONTS!
Why did the FBI invite Mustapha --- the number one man on the homeland security’s terrorist watch lists who failed an Illinois police background check among other things --- to go on a tour of a top-secret counterterrorism facility? Answer --- because the FBI is blindly deceived ‘and they must be stopped’, in Arabic it’s called “Taqiyyah”; this Islamic deception is almost like magic, in that, it is amazingly powerful and disabling.

And when this outrageous act of politically correct treason and so-called “outreach” was exposed, the response by FBI officials to concerned, patriotic Americans was to bully them and insist the story was a lie!

This flack continues as I write this in response to my original article titled “The FBI Connection” posted Saturday October 2nd concerning a known Hamas operative and unindicted co-conspirator in the largest terrorism finance trial in U.S. history. Sheikh Kifah Mustapha was given a VIP tour of the top-secret National Counterterrorism Center (NCTC) and the FBI training center at Quantico VA as part of a six-week FBI Citizen Academy arranged by the FBI Chicago Field Office.

Click here to do an FBI search cut and paste Sheikh Kifah Mustapha ‘s name in the search box. You will notice that the FBI has since deleted all trace of Sheikh Kifah Mustapha from their website. Now just cut and past the last name Mustapha you will notice at least three, all with different first names. Isn’t it interesting that Kifah, a Muslim with such notoriety, top man on the watch list, is suddenly no where to be found on the FBI Site. So unless one hacks into the FBI files, it looks as if this well known terrorist never existed. I’m thinking cover-up, what do you think?

Someone pulled the plug
A Homeland Security official (requesting anonymity for fear of reprisal by superiors) said that “the plugs had to be pulled on our system” in order to allow Kifah Mustapha to enter the NCTC and that “the NCTC has Kifah Mustapha on the highest watch list we have. “There’s no way from a systems point-of-view that this could be an accidental oversight, unless they didn’t bother checking at all as they are required to do.” The DHS official added, “It’s as if we haven’t learned anything from twenty years of reaching out to the wrong people in the Muslim community.”

Eye witness to FBI treason…but it went unreported as such
My report on Saturday was prompted by a WLS ABC7-Chicago story (watch a video) last weekend by news anchor Ben Bradley describing ‘his’ participation in the FBI’s Citizen Academy ‘with Kifah Mustapha. However ‘curiously absent’ from Bradley’s politically correct story, was any mention of his tour partner’s terror-tied Hamas background. Even more curious, ABC7 had aired an investigative report watch the video back in March about Mustapha, along with several subsequent reports about his de-certification by the Illinois State Police as a Muslim chaplain after failing a background check. What makes Bradley’s silence about Kifah Mustapha’s activities in support of Hamas all the more questionably conspiratorial is that one of his own ABC7 colleagues, Chuck Goudie, published an editorial three weeks before Bradley’s story aired about the FBI’s open embrace of the Hamas operative.

It’s Monday morning 4:35 AM, I have been up all night reading e-mails and taking phone calls. I finally had to just let my answering machine take the calls so I could finish this article. If you still have any doubts that the FBI courts, enables, and promotes terrorism in the United States as well as all over the world, then please read on my friend…

It is as if the entire counter terrorism agencies are disconnected from themselves, each other and from reality. I can’t say if the FBI is “paid off” by Muslim terrorist so-called charities, or if they are just blatantly stupid, but the bottom line is still the same, if we continue blindly down this crooked road we will no doubt lose our country.

The following are just a few more of the plethora of cases that point to FBI involvement of aiding, abetting, promoting, and enabling the enemy and other treasonous activities against United States. The stark contradiction of the NCTC placing an individual on a terror watch list (as represented by the Homeland Security) based on evidence collected by the FBI and presented by federal prosecutors in a terrorism financing trial; --- and then being granted access to that same top-secret NCTC facility by the same FBI, is that it becomes painfully obvious that our security agencies are totally disconnected from the reality of terrorism and that keeping this nation secure is not their not their primary agenda. The result is that our so-called security agencies are actually contributing in the long run to the future demise of this free nation by surreptitiously and incrementally enabling Islam to turn America into an Islamic State just as Islam has done all over the rest of the world.

In addition to the information I published Saturday, here is yet more damning evidence that shows there are not only Muslims sleepers infiltrated into our local police forces, into our own military in our colleges and in our White house --- but our own counter terrorism is ignorantly deceived by the Muslim terrorist that are organizing and training all over America for a future militant Jihad. Every Mosque is a potential terrorist training facility. And there are active terrorist training camps all over this country protected by the FBI. One must ask themselves…Why?

It should be noted that this is not the first time that Kifah Mustapha has been granted access to secure areas accessible only to Homeland Security personnel. Six years ago, in 2004 I sent the FBI information about CAIR’s connection to other terrorist organizations, they ignored me and called me a conspiracy nut. Then in June 2006, Mustapha was part of a group led by CAIR-Chicago officials that was given a behind-the-scenes tour of Chicago’s O’Hare Airport, one of the busiest airports in the nation. A report of the tour is still available on the CAIR-Chicago website, as are pictures featuring Mustapha at the secure area event hobnobbing with TSA officials. CAIR by the way, was eventually named as a coconspirator in the largest terrorist finance trial in history. The FBI was too busy holding hands with terrorist to listen in 2004.

You might recall the Congressional Muslim Staff Association invited Al-Qaeda cleric Anwar Al-Aulaqi to lead prayers on Capitol Hill after 9/11. Video of Al-Aulaqi preaching to congressional staffers was included in the 2002 documentary, “Muhammad: Legacy of a Prophet”. Al-Aulaqi was the spiritual advisor to at least two of the 9/11 hijackers, and has been the inspiration for the Ft. Hood massacre, the Christmas Day Underwear Bomber, the attempted Times Square bombing and the Mumbai massacre. He is currently subject to a kill’ or capture order .

In 1991, the first Muslim cleric to offer opening prayers in Congress, Siraj Wahhaj, was later named an unindicted co-conspirator in the 1995 “Day of Terror” trial of “Blind Sheikh” Omar Abdel-Rahman. The Blind Sheikh was sentenced to life in prison. Wahhaj served as a character witness for the defense during the trial. After NYC Mayor Bloomberg was told of Wahhaj’s past after meeting with the imam last year, Bloomberg later apologized for his involvement in the meeting.

The most prominent Muslim leader during the 1990s and immediately following 9/11 was Abdurahman Alamoudi, who was appointed a “goodwill ambassador” to the Middle East by the U.S. State Deparment and was the point man for establishing the (terrorist) Muslim chaplain program for the Defense Department headed up by one of Obama’s Czars. Alamoudi was the most frequent Muslim visitor in the White House during the Clinton Administration, and was courted by then-presidential candidate George W. Bush in the 2000 election. Alamoudi also bankrolled, along with large contributions from well-heeled donors in the Middle East, the establishment of the Islamic Institute by GOP activist Grover Norquist and Alamoudi acolyte to Khaled Saffuri. But Alamoudi is currently serving a 23-year prison sentence after his conviction in an international plot led by Libyan intelligence to assassinate Saudi Crown Prince (now King) Abdullah in 2003. The U.S. Treasury Department later identified Alamoudi as a top Al-Qaeda fundraiser in America, saying that “the September 2003 arrest of Alamoudi was a severe blow to al Qaida, as Alamoudi had a close relationship with al Qaida and had raised money for al Qaida in the United States.”

Helping Alamoudi hand-pick and train the Muslim chaplain corps for the Defense Department was Taha Jaber Al-Awani, chairman of the Fiqh Council of North America. However, his organization, the Graduate School of Islamic and Social Sciences, was raided by the FBI in 2002. Al-Awani was later named by federal prosecutors as “Unindicted Co-Conspirator #5″ in the terrorism trial of Palestinian Islamic Jihad leader Sami Al-Arian.

Congressional Representative North Carolina Sue Myrick chair person for the ‘Congressional Counterterrorism Committee’ called for an investigation into all the Muslim clerics after a czar appointed by Obama, appointed most of the military chaplains, he was found to have terrorist connections. She has also called for a taskforce to look into the Hisbala Mexican drug cartel connection on our southern border that Obama sued Arizona over, for trying to stop. This is another act of treason this time on the part of Obama for aiding and abetting the terrorist group Hisbala.

Muzammil Siddiqi met with President Bush just days after 9/11, which prompted the media to ask questions about his service as a translator for the Blind Sheikh just two months before the 1993 World Trade Center bombing, where the Blind Sheikh exhorted Siddiqui’s congregation to violent jihad, and statements Siddiqi made prior to 9/11 warning of the “wrath of God” falling on the U.S. One former Secret Service agent, noting Siddiqui’s close association with Alamoudi, told Fox News, “the intelligence community has known for sometime the association of Dr. Muzammil Siddiqi, and Mr. Alamoudi and their association with terrorist organizations.”

Earlier this year, a military contractor was suspended and an Army criminal investigation opened after Louay Safi was invited to speak on Islam to troops departing for Afghanistan at Ft. Hood less than a month after Army Maj. Nidal Hasan killed 13 soldiers. Safi was on base at Ft. Hood during the massacre. Safi had been caught on federal wiretaps talking with Sami Al-Arian about President Clinton’s designation of Palestinian Islamic Jihad as a terrorist organization and its impact on Al-Arian’s U.S. operations. Safi was also named in a federal affidavit by U.S. Customs Special Agent David Kane in applying for a federal warrant as part of the Operation Greenquest terror finance investigation, during which Safi’s office was raided by the FBI. Rowan Scarborough has also reported on statements made by Safi encouraging violence against infidels and advocating for armed violent jihad.

The point of all this is that the FBI continues to classify all Muslims as warm-fuzzy moderate peace loving middle of the road American patriots until all of them are eventually found to be plotting terrorism against us. Tantamount to, if we had invited warm-fuzzy peace loving Nazis into our top-secret think tanks during the Second World War until we found out that they were…well… would you believe… ‘REAL … NAZIS’.

Einstein said, “The problem is - that we continue to make the same mistake over and over again expecting a different result.”

"No man is entitled to the blessings of freedom unless he be vigilant in its preservation." General Douglas MacArthur

"But you must remember, my fellow-citizens, that eternal vigilance by the people is the price of liberty, and that you must pay the price if you wish to secure the blessing. It behooves you, therefore, to be watchful in your States as well as in the Federal Government.” Andrew Jackson, Farewell Address, March 4, 1837

Those words mean more now that at anytime since Einstein, Andy Jackson and MacArthur said them. It’s time my friend for concerned Americans to blow the whistle on the FBI and get Congress to create a taskforce and investigate these outrageous treasonous acts, instead of wasting time making more laws that take away more of our rights and freedoms. Please contact your Member of Congress’s Washington, DC office TODAY to inform them of this, and insist they take action that will lead to a congressional investigation.

To contact by phone, dial the ‘Capitol Hill’ switchboard, 202-224-3121, and ask for your Senator or House Member of Congress. To email, click here, look for the “Get Involved” tab on the right, and you’ll be able to obtain your Member’s DC office email address.

THE BOTTOM LINE: So… FBI Director Robert S. Mueller, III, is this still all fabricated? You flatter me sir; I once wrote a fiction novel it was not really very good. I am better at the truth. It seams however that the FBI is better at fiction than I am. Maybe Mr. Mueller you should get out of the security and investigating business and write espionage fiction novels instead, it might be more in keeping with your aptitude.

Director Robert S. Mueller, III, as a patriotic citizen of the United States of America, I Antonio de Andréa, am making a citizens arrest and charging you and your FBI with fraud and treason, with aiding an abetting the enemy of the United States of America in time of war, with conspiracy, and fraternizing with the enemy, and promoting the overthrow of the government of the United States of America, and with the attempted destruction of a free nation with the promotion of Islamic theocracy and tyranny.

And that --- Mr. Mueller, is no fabrication…

de Andréa

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