Monday, October 25, 2010

Denied Her Right To Choose

If you believe in a “woman’s right to choose” then this story is for you.

By de Andréa
October 25, 2010

This story, about a woman named Gianna Jessen is so bazaar --- that it defies all logic, reason, and medical science. Gianna Jessen was denied her right to choose, and yet the logical, reasonable choice, was granted despite the law, despite the power of medical science, despite the attempt of everyone around her, to kill her. And she would have died anyway except for one nurse with a little human compassion.

This is the story of the Silent Holocaust
Gianna Jessen lives…Not without some residual effects of the attempt to murder her, she was denied the right to chose life, but God granted her life anyway.

She says she believes in a woman’s right to choose. But…she says: “then where was ‘her’ right to choose”?

She asks the question: Did our God and our Forefathers intend to guarantee the rights of the strong and the powerful at the expense of the rights of the weak and the helpless? Gianna answers her own question, she says: I think not…

You see --- Gianna is an abortion survivor. Despite the fact that she was not granted the right that every other woman has in America “the right to choose”, she lived to tell her story. And in the videos below she articulates her story in a way ‘so profound’ that all by itself it should change the law of Roe v Wade to include the rights of the weak and the helpless as our Constitution provides, but it won't.

In order to keep Freedom from self-destructing in America as is happening right before our very eyes, one must be mindful of a little known law, a law so basic, so fundamental that without it there can be no real freedom. It is simply called the “law of freedom”. It states that no one can exercise any right at the expense of the rights of another. If we could, or did, then Freedom would obviously… self-destruct.

This is what abortion ‘is’ my friend, and this is why it is murder. Premeditatedly taking the fundamental right of life away from the weak and the helpless in the process of exercising ones own right to choose to do so, it is the destruction of freedom, and in and of itself will eventually lead to the demise all of our God given rights.

This is why Gianna says, what about ‘my’ right to choose??? If only one of us is denied our human rights then none of us have rights.

Watch and listen to Gianna on September 8, 2008 tell her incredible story to an audience in Melbourne Australia.

Gianna Jessen Abortion Survivor in Australia Part 1

Gianna Jessen Abortion Survivor in Australia Part 2

Watch a video of Gianna on Hannity and Colmes

THE BOTTOM LINE: If you are a real American and believe in true freedom of choice, and agree that everyone has the right to choose, not just a few irresponsible elitist people who believe they have the right to even take away the most fundamental right of life from the weak and helpless, then pass this on.

The American doctor that tried to kill Gianna, brags about the fact that he is proud to say his clinics have killed more than a million weak and helpless American babies.

Is that really something to be proud of???

I think it defines a coward…

If you think that Gianna is just one of a few who have survived this horrible torture then you would be wrong. There are thousands that have survived the more than 40 million murders in America of the innocent the weak and the helpless by an arrogant group of elitists that believe that they are just a little more equal than the rest of us.

These same arrogant people will hypocritically point the finger at another elitist named Adolph Hitler who claims having murdered only 12 million innocent people, while they have in someway supported the murder of more than 40 million helpless babies. What cowards and hypocrites these people are.

Watch a video of Melissa Ohden telling her story.

I hope that you pass this on to friends and family in the hope that it might end up in the e-mail of just one so-called pro-choice individual that still may have a human heart of compassion for someone other than themselves. May God bless you!

de Andréa

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