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How to Prepare America to Be an Islamic State

If you would like to know one part of the surreptitious formula of “infiltration” that Islam is using to prepare the citizens of America to accept a new American Islamic State, then you will want to read this.

By de Andréa
October 9, 2010

On July 10, 2010, I wrote an article titled School text book ALERT regarding how the Sarasota, Florida school district and the Florida Department of Education (FDOE) is responding to parents concerns about school textbooks provided by Muslim publishers. Has the schools or the districts responded? Well…not exactly, read on.

So what ‘is’ one of the ways that Islam is preparing America for and Islamic Jihad? Answer…By indoctrinating your kids.

Kids are cute and cuddly when they are young and innocent. I know, I have one of my own, and a grandchild. My grandson’s daddy is no longer cute and cuddly; he is a grown man with a cute a cuddly kid of his own and he is an image of his upbringing, culture, and education.

In preparation of a future Islmic Jihad, Islam is indoctrinating your kids not only to except Islam as a warm and fuzzy peaceful religion but as an alternative way of life. The market for this is already in place and the preliminary work has already been done. Our own public educational system is made to order for indoctrination saturation, or a less complicated way of saying it, just plain “Brain Washing.”

During economic hard times one of the hardest hit industries are the schools with teachers having to spend part of their own salary on school supplies just so they can do their jobs. When school districts are offered money from so-called Muslim Charities they find it difficult if not impossible to turn down.

Many American colleges and universities are now on the dole from Islamic organizations wealthy with ‘our’ oil money. Some are even Christian colleges now beholding to Muslim clerics and Imams. The handouts come with hidden strings, not clear at first, but money can be like an addictive drug to a school in need of it.

One of those strings is the purchase of textbooks written and published in Muslim countries like Pakistan or Saudi Arabia. These textbooks are written with a prejudicial bias to favor Islam and in some cases the history is just plain fictitious.

The questionable and frequently biased treatment accorded Islam in many public school textbooks is gaining increased national attention, in part thanks to the recent Texas state school board resolution warning textbook publishers about how they treat Islam in their books.

Next year the American Congress for Truth will be releasing an analysis of how Islam is falsely portrayed in school textbooks, which will be mailed to every school board member in America. We can’t allow our children to be spoon-fed faulty history and a biased, sanitized version of Islam that ignores Sharia law, jihad, supremacy, and the ultimate conquest of Islamic tyranny.

How is Sarasota responding to this issue? It is saying it’s the Florida Department Of Education’s (FDOE’s) responsibility, and FDOE is saying it’s Sarasota’s responsibility. Dr. Francis Haithcock, Chancellor of Florida's Public Schools, is the perfect example of a Catch-22, meaning a “double bind no-win situation".

Almost four months ago I wrote in my July 10 article about Aya Sewell, mother of two children in Sarasota public schools, and how she went to the School Board and requested that the textbook World History: Patterns of Interaction be removed from the district approved list of instructional materials. On July 20, 2010 the School Board held an appeal hearing to consider the request. The Sarasota County School Board voted to deny the appeal in large part because the subject textbook was on the Florida Department of Education (FDOE) list of approved instructional materials. School board members recommended that Aya take her case to the FDOE.

Aya did just that, and guess how ‘they’ responded? Aya received a letter dated September 17, 2010 from Dr. Frances Haithcock stating, "Considerations of whether a text is appropriate for a school district's students and the decision to use a particular text remain a local issue."

Aya is now in a perfect double bind or Catch-22.

But it gets worse. According to Chancellor Haithcock, "Although your letter to the Florida Commissioner of Education] identifies areas where you believe the content standards were not adequately addressed and areas where you believe the content standards themselves show an improper emphasis, the letter and its enclosures did not identify factual, historical inaccuracies in the textbook that would warrant an investigation pursuant to that section [of Florida Statute 1006.35]." On what does Chancellor Haithcock base this statement? Dr. Haithcock never says in her letter.

Aya however did presented the Commissioner of Education with a detailed study by Dr. Terri K. Wonder, a nine page forensic review of the textbook by the Thomas Moore Law Center and references to a variety of studies done in other states that show this particular textbook to be both inaccurate and biased. So either Chancellor Haithcock did not read Aya's complaint, including attachments, or she may have been predisposed to deny the case to protect the bureaucracy. You see… there are Islamic strings attached to all Muslim charity money.

While this is all going on in Florida, the Texas Board of Education (BOE) passes a resolution directly aimed at the publishers of textbooks addressing the bias contained in world history textbooks. The Texas BOE went on to warn publishers to “stop the clear and blatant inaccuracies” contained in social studies and history textbooks, specifically naming World History: Patterns of Interaction.

According the MSNBC: Among the assertions in the resolution are that world history textbooks currently in use… 1. “Dwell” on what Muslims believe are atrocities committed by Christian Crusaders during the Middle Ages while ignoring what led to the Crusades, which were atrocities of Jihad by Muslims against Christians.

2. Provide sanitized definitions of “jihad” and ignore Muslim practices involving sexism, slavery, and the persecution and murder of non-Muslim groups and individuals.

And 3. Devote positive and significantly more coverage of Islamic beliefs, practices, and [un]holy writings of Allah while casting a negative shadow on Christianity.

The Texas BOE, predicts that “more discriminatory treatment of the Jewish and Christian religion” may occur as more “Middle Eastern Muslims buy into the U.S. public school textbook oligopoly” — a reference to an investment by the Dubai royal family that gave it a stake in major K-12 Sharia compliant textbook publishers such as Houghton Mifflin Harcourt and Harcourt Education.” It is interesting to note that the Florida edition of “World History: Patterns of Interaction” is published by McDougal Littell, which was purchased by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt. Houghton Mifflin Harcourt publishes educational materials for the Middle East via their affiliate Education Media and Publishing Group International. Oh what a tangled web they weave.

It appears Chancellor Haithcock either did not do her homework, or… she may be hanging by the puppeteer strings of Islam.

So what is the next step for parents like Aya? Well, she has vowed to not give in to this Catch-22. She has approached Rick Scott, candidate for Governor of Florida, and provided his team with the documents that she has compiled over the past year. This issue is not going away any time soon and rightly so. The future of this country may depend on it.

THE BOTTOM LINE: In my opening line, I referred to the surreptitious formula that Islam is using to prepare the citizens of America to accept the coming new American Islamic State. Without using this formula of indoctrination or robotic programming which our public school system has become so accustom to, our enemies would be hard pressed to create an Islmic state of tyranny out of a once free America.

Unless you want your kids to be Muslims or Slaves of Sharia, you will want to debrief your children and keep a close eye on the misinformation that is being programmed into your kids heads full of mush.

The issue here is acceptance. You and I will never accept Islam as a totalitarian regime in America, but your children will. Unless ‘you’ stop them, our enemy “the Nation of Islam, will make little Muslims out of your children. ‘If not’, ‘at the very least’ they will be programmed to ‘accept’ Islam with all of its lies as just another “peaceful religion”.

And then Militant Islamic Jihad will begin…

de Andréa

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