Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Israel May Face Armageddon Alone

Ever wonder why America, the great country from the west is not mentioned in the Bible in conjunction with Armageddon the great war of Israel?
Maybe this is why…

By de Andréa

One of my contacts at the Jerusalem post, Caroline Glick, deputy editor and also an op-ed writer, brings alarming news. As an expert on Arab-Israeli relations with excellent sources deep inside Netanyahu's government, she reports that CIA chief Leon Panetta, a puppet of Obama’s, recently traveled to Israel to "read the riot act" to the Israeli government, warning against an attack on Iran.

More ominously, Glick reports (likely from sources high up in the Israeli government) that the Obama administration has all but accepted as irreversible and unavoidable fact that Iran will soon develop nuclear weapons. She writes, "...we have learned that the [Obama] administration has made its peace with Iran's nuclear aspirations. Senior administration officials acknowledge as much in off-record briefings. It is true, they say, that Iran may exploit its future talks with the US to run down the clock before they test a nuclear weapon. But, they add, if that happens, the U.S. will simply have to live with a nuclear-armed mullocracy."

She goes on to write that the Obama administration is desperate to stop Israel from attacking Iran writing that "as far as the [Obama] administration is concerned, if Israel could just leave Iran's nuclear installations alone, Iran would behave itself.” (Bear in mind that al-Obammah the well trained Muslim sleeper terrorist knows that this is a lie). She also notes that American officials would regard any harm to American interests that flowed from an Israeli attack on Iranian nuclear facilities as Israel's doing, not Iran's.

Seemingly in classic ‘Stockholm Syndrome’ fashion, the Obama administration is empathizing more with the Iranian leaders who are holding Israel hostage than with the nation that may be wiped off the map if Iran acquires the bomb. Or is it a fulfillment of his Muslim obligation to abandon Israel in her hour of need?

Obama's end-of-the-year deadline for Iranian talks aimed at stopping its progress toward nuclear weapons is just window dressing without the threat of military action. But of course as a Muslim, al-Obama knows this all to well. As Metternich wrote, "diplomacy without force is like music without instruments.” By warning only of possible strengthening of economic sanctions if the talks do not progress, Obama is making an empty threat. The sanctions will likely have no effect because Russia and China will not let the United Nations act as it must if it is to deter Iranian nuclear weapons.

All this means is that Israel's life is in danger. If Iran gets the bomb, it will use it to kill six million more Jews. No threat of retaliation will make the slightest difference. One cannot deter a suicide bomber with the threat of death. Nor can one deter a theocracy bent on meriting admission to heaven and its perversion of 70 virgins by one glorious act of violence. Iran would probably not launch the bomb itself, anyway, but would give it to its puppet terrorists to send to Israel so it could deny responsibility.

Obama, bent on the fulfillment of Islamic prophecy, would not retaliate with nuclear weapons. And Israel will face Armageddon alone.

The sunshine Jewish patriots who voted for Obama must realize that we are now witnessing the possible Armageddon of Israel. And while that may be the way it is supposed to be as God steps in to annihilate its enemy’s, America will be charged with its abandonment. . We are in the same moral position as the Jews were as they watched Hitler’s rise but did nothing to pressure their favorite liberal Democratic, president, FDR, to take any real action to save them or even to let Jewish refugees into the country. If we remain complacent, we will have the same anguish at watching the destruction of Israel that our parents had in witnessing the Holocaust.

Because one thing is increasingly clear: al-Barrack Hussein Obammah, who has bowed in submission to the king of Islam, is not about to lift a finger to stop Iran from developing the bomb. Obama may have held the first White House Seder, but he certainly is not planning to spend the next couple of years in Jerusalem.

THE BOTTOM LINE: It is time people, to take off the blinders of social political correctness and connect all the dots. For years I have been wondering why Islam from the east, and Russia (the great country from the north) were mentioned in the bible as attempting genocide on Israel but nowhere is it mentioned that America (the great country from the west) will defend them.

Now I know that America will not only abandon Israel, but will pave the way for her annihilation.

More importantly I know why…

de Andréa

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