Sunday, May 17, 2009

Obama Says, Get Rid of Jesus Christ

Despite all the tap-dancing and excuses the Obama stooges gave for removing or covering every bit of Christian symbolic references at Georgetown, the status of his religious ideology can no longer remain a mystery. Connect the dots……………………………………………..

By de Andréa

As if in robotic iteration of the Notre Dame cover up, and or removal of Christian symbols, the Obama teem has done it again, better get use to it.

A more than interesting behavior for someone who said that he is a Christian”, of course he has also said that he is proud of his Muslim faith”.

So what is the status of Obama’s ‘Religious Ideology’? Let me ask you this: What kind of fruit grows on a fig tree?

If al-Obama totally had his way, he would cover, remove, or destroy every reference to Jesus Christ on the Planet. Why is this you might ask?

Obama was born to a ‘Communist Muslim Family’, he was indoctrinated into the Muslim faith as a child, in his teen years he was indoctrinated into ‘Social Communism’ by his Grandfather (his Mothers father) and at twenty years of age he went to Pakistan to study under the Islamic Madrassas, only to return to America to attend a left wing socialist University, and he spent twenty years under the tutelage of the ‘Black Muslim’ Pastor Jeremiah Wright and Louis Farrakhan who calls al-Obammah the “Messiah of Islam”. Then the icing on the cake, as ‘President of the United States’ he bows down in complete submission to the Saudi King: Abdullah Bin Abdul Aziz, the King of Islam, and now he is removing or covering up every reference to Jesus Christ everywhere he goes.

As I asked: what kind of fruit grows on a fig tree. The Bible says it this way. “…train up a child in the way you want him to go and when he is old he will not depart from it” Paraphrased.

Obama had a monogram that symbolizes the name of Jesus hidden from the backdrop of a speech he gave at Georgetown University last Tuesday.

The letters IHS are an ancient monogram for the name of Jesus Christ, according to the online Catholic Encyclopedia. They stand on a wooden archway above the dais where Obama gave his speech.

“The White House requested that all university signs and Christian symbols behind the stage be concealed or removed”, said Julie Bataille, spokeswoman for the Jesuit-founded school in Washington, D.C.

The Catholic University of America, also in Washington, might have handled the situation differently. "I can’t imagine, the bishops’ at the university and the national university of the Catholic Church that we would ever cover up our religious art or signage for any reason” Catholic University spokesman Victor Nakas told The Times,

“Our Catholic faith is integral to our identity as an institution of higher education,” he said.

But the Rev. Thomas Reese, a senior fellow at Georgetown, advanced a more warm fuzzy relaxed approach. “It is more for camera quality than anything else," he told The Times. "They don't want distractions that would make the eye wander. I don't think this is motivated by theology, but by communications strategy." God is a distration at a so-called Christian college.

THE BOTTOM LINE: The Reverend Thomas Reese may just be onto something, about strategy I mean. One must understand that Georgetown ‘U’ has accepted millions of American dollars, not from American philanthropists, but from the Saudi King Abdullah Bin Abdul Aziz. Yes -- the same Muslim King that al-Barrack Hussein Obammah bowed and submitted the entire Citizenry of America to, at the G-5 summit. You see, King Abdullah paid for Barrack’s education. Nice of Uncle King Abdullah wasn’t it?

How’s that for connecting the dots?

Need I say more???

de Andréa

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